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Old thread... Anyways, I always name them my name.

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Vertical. Everyone says horizontal is better, but from experience, that's not necessarily true. Two 360's I bought in the past broke as they sat horizontal; I have the current one vertical, and it's been good for years now. I've even after a long while set one of the "broken" 360's up again, and set it up vertical, and what do you know, it works! I don't use it though, but still, all systems are vertical from now on, unless a company says that I have to set it up one way or the other. Also, it's the way I have it set up because it's the best way I can do it for how I have my consoles placed.

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No, I don't see a lot of console wars anymore, or at least not around here, GameSpot, IGN, or Game Trailers, than again, I don't really read that many comments on any of these sites except for here. It's more about die-hard PC players crapping on consoles. Even if there was stuff like that going on, I wouldn't really pay any attention to it. I'm not one with bias when it comes to video games, every system has something great, so there'd be no purpose for me to view that stuff.

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It seems like it's always Patrick, and I think it is a yes to this below.

@MooseyMcMan said:

Is this secretly just a way to poll people on their least favorite member of the crew? Aren't threads like that frowned upon?

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No, it doesn't really have any affect on the purchase, 'cause I'll want to play them as soon as I can, but I do fear that the next gen, as with almost all technology, certainly consoles, that something will go wrong, even if you take the best care you can with them. I've had two 360's die before, but luckily the one I have now is doing fine, and has been for years now. Also, I hope you're joking with the "do you remember?" part.

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B, but maybe it's E, so I chose E. I've only played (and have) Silent Assassin and Blood Money. I don't think Blood Money was ever that good. It wasn't until recently (I believe since March) that I knew Contracts was a sequel to Silent Assassin. It's weird, 'cause knew of its existence, but I had always assumed it went, Codename 47, Silent Assassin, then Blood Money. It was either that, or it was that I mixed Codename 47 up with Contracts, or I thought Contracts came out after Codename 47, but before Silent Assassin, I don't quite remember, but I just know that game wasn't set up correctly into the series for me.

The thing that interests me most about the series is Agent 47 and his skill set, and I also like Diana for some reason. She just seems like a respectable character, although she's only ever been the person to give him intel and what have you as far as I know. I'm somewhat interested in the series, but to me, it's not as good as other stealth games, and there are reasons behind me not liking them as much though. For instance, I didn't beat either one of those games, and considering I didn't even play all of them, that may factor into it, and the last thing is, I just don't like the game play quite as much as something like Splinter Cell, or Metal Gear Solid, although I'd rather leave MGS out since it's less comparable I think. Splinter Cell and Hitman are similar, but are also in a way, total opposites.

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It's just more Alan Wake, and I don't consider that a bad thing. Plus, one is free. I wouldn't consider them disappointing, and I'm sure it did what it sought out to do.

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Yeah, it's just something that'll help someone live for a certain amount of time after they're not breathing oxygen, it's almost like a video game aspect where when you get shot in multiplayer, and instead of just dying, you have to bleed out first, and possibly another chance at living if you get revivied before then. You switch some of that around, and it's not an analogy.

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Bothell, WA. And if I jog for about 30 seconds east, I'll be in Woodinville, WA.

Sheva: Destination coordinates?

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I'm sorry... you keep saying "sic-fi". Well, it seems like you got Star Trek covered, unless you haven't seen the original series. Here are two that I'll mention, both of them having one season, and neither of them have I seen once, but I have a DVD set of one of them, and that one is Called Earth2. I didn't really want to watch it after I looked at the case and read what it was about on Wikipedia, but I read it did pretty well. And another is Firefly, that's also a show I didn't ever watch, but I hear it was great.

I just mentioned both of them because they both only had one season, but they both did alright, Firefly better though. I mention Earth2 because I doubt anyone else was going to. Also, I don't know what's up with people loving Battlestar Galactica, but the one thing I absolutely hate in that show, that makes me not want to watch it, is the acting. It's not so much the actors, I like them for the most part, but the acting is overly dramatic, even when it doesn't have to be, or it simply doesn't seem to be as real as other shows that depict emotions, like Star Trek: TNG, so I couldn't at all get into the characters. The story I'm sure is fine, and the ending to it all is very interesting.