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Sucks vag' pubes.

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What you have to do is take the game out of the system, and put in the first one, because the game is trying to tell you that it bugged so much that the only way you can go on in three is to start from the beginning of the series. I know, it sucks, but it's just something you have to do. :D

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@bearshamanbro: I never heard that, was it just some person putting out theories? Doesn't matter, it could be, and that's an interesting take on it. I was actually thinking about that earlier.

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If in-game graphics look like the picture three to the right, then that's great, the rest not so much.

@Benny: Also, agreed. That was one of my favorite things when it came to new consoles actually. I mean, of course the game has to be good, but the graphics are what get me excited for new consoles at first. The new power, and in return, most likely a new experience. Maybe it's not a huge difference, but it'll seem new. I mean, why would I want to buy a new console if the games are only going to look slightly better? I mean, something even the current consoles can push. Maybe this is a bit much, but imagine what it would be like to go from the original Halo, to the first Gears of War, that would be great. I'm not expecting that, but just saying.

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@mordukai: Could be. A little trivia, not sure if it's canon if they were to make another film, but from a book point of view, since there are sequel books to the film, Gaff dies in the sequel.

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My question is, if Deckard is a Replicant, why would you implant a memory of a unicorn into him? What human was thinking about a unicorn? I surely don't, and don't believe I ever have. That's just a little weird. No, I know it's a symbol.

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@mordukai: Ha ha, no, I was talking about the comment (person) you were replying to.

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@PatchRowcester: I think Crysis 2 had some really good qualities to it, but I also think some of it was kind of bad, and overall, the game was pretty disappointing. The one thing I disagree with though is, maybe PC gamer's felt a little bit betrayed because Crytek chose to put the game on console as well, but I can assure you that most of the focus is still PC.

They gave a huge update to that, but the console versions were left cold. Especially the 360 version, people begged for Crytek to fix this one bug that hinders the entire experience, and they never fixed it. It's this nasty grain bug that pops up whenever it wants to. I mean, if you intend on also making a console version, at least give it the attention the PC version got.

I am almost entirely dissatisfied with the game for the most part. I loved the first, and when this came, it just shocked me how much I didn't enjoy it. Here and there I did, but I mostly didn't. I mainly play it on 360, but I have the PC version (though can't play it due to lack of a powerful PC anymore), and I've played it on PS3 for a little while. The PS3 version has its fair share of bugs, but since I didn't finish it, all I can say is it wasn't quite as bad as 360's.

Now, since I've played the 360 version most, my complaints are going to come mostly from that version, but there are aspects that aren't good across all systems. One thing I hate, which is in the 360 version are the few, but major game experience ruining bugs. One of them is the grain bug that just makes the game look really bad, another is the sound bug. It's both sound and music, the music can overlap other tracks, and there are some nasty clipping-like sounds.

And aside from those bugs, there's enemy A.I. that we were promised to be one of the greatest (or the greatest), and what we get is actually one of the worst. That's not even a joke. There are threads of evidence of what could have been, but then we see one guy run around in a circle around another, then eventually trip over the other guy and kill him. Or they just love walking into walls. I disappointingly am not exaggerating over that. The voice acting is not very good for the most part either, it's not even laughably bad, it’s just annoyingly bad.

I mean, I could pretty much go on with a few more huge mistakes. The only thing I pretty much liked was that the soundtrack was pretty good. Also, I mostly agree with you, but I feel like you're lacking a lot. Then again, since you're mostly referring to the PC version, it may not. I am also very cautious about Crysis 3, Crysis 2 really turned me off, and seeing as this is coming out so soon after two, it doesn't seem appealing. I don't know though, I'll probably getting it anyways.

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@mordukai: Yes, but he said, twice, that regardless of evidence, he'll imagine Deckard as human.

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@BoG: Yeah, it kind of was. Although I really just love Blade Runner, and I've been thinking about watching it.