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Dead Space... DEAD SPAAAACE! I don't know, I think EA (other than their sports games) puts out some decent games.

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I couldn't believe it, when I went with my family to the store, I went to the electronics section and Rage was in the bargain bin for $19.99. Do you think that was a good price to pay for such a game? I wanted it, but I don't currently have money, but I'm sure the price won't change. Do you think this is a good purchase, or would you say no? Spend a little more cash and buy another game. Currently, there are some other games that are at $30.99, like Uncharted 3, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, and a few more that I'd like to buy. Anyways, just wondering.

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I think some people on this thread aren't thinking hard enough. Anyways, yes I would, but as everyone jumped, I'd have a parachute (though it was originally a bungee cord) on so I wouldn't die. I'd probably die soon after though, unless I really got clever quickly. Also, why would I be the only one that chooses not to jump? Is this if they were somehow possessed, and I'm the only one in the world that wasn't? And, like others have said, the bridge would have to be really high. I don't think there are any in this world big enough. We'd just stack up on each other.

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Yay for Dead Space!

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Wait, I'm ignorant on this one. What's the purpose of the two year subscription? I'm just thinking about how most of the stuff on 360 that doesn't have to do with games is pretty worthless (to me at least), and if that's the case, is this even a good deal? Also, if it's not, I hope this doesn't convert over to the next Microsoft console.

Edit - Never mind, I read about it. So, if someone were to do this, and keep up with it, at the end of two years, they would have payed $360 (ha, funny), while if you would just buy a new console (from the time it came out) it'd be $399 or $499? I think if they were to adopt this way for next gen consoles, they should at least give us a choice which way we'd like to pay, 'cause I think different people will only be able to pay one way or the other, and some may want to pay the other way even if one were to cost a little more. Shoot, as long as I can play games, I don't care.

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@Dany said:
Who would answer no? It's our super bowl!

I'm not going to assume everyone will watch it. I don't think just because you love games, you're into E3. I think there are a lot of people that do, but not everyone. Also, there are some people that don't care to watch it, but those same people will probably want to read about it.@StealthRaptor said:

Why is there no "Yeah, but I won't enjoy it" option?

People always ask the "where's this option?", that's why other is there. I nor anyone can make every possible choice. So, sorry.

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No, I don't think it is. I mean, the story isn't huge in the Metroid Prime games, but I think it'd be a huge mistake to play it first. Metroid Prime 3 is a great game, but it's neither a great Prime game to start on, nor the greatest Metroid Prime game. The reason it'd be a mistake is because you need to (or should very much so) experience the first two first, then this, because if you play the third, and don't like it for certain reason, those reasons may not be present in the first or the second and may hinder your opinion of Metroid Prime altogether. I won't lie to you though, as much as I loved Metroid Prime, and I really mean love (love, love!), I didn't get all the way through the second.

I have all the Metroid Prime games including the Wii trilogy, so I should get through it on the Wii, but I just never have unfortunately. Ironically, it's the only Prime game my best friend got through, or at least believes he got through, but I had witnessed him get through the first as well. I think you should think about getting Trilogy, 'cause the first two (especially the first) should not be missed. My only problem with the third was that it became repetitive from a boss stand-point. Not only do you fight a few of the same bosses more than once, the areas you fight them in are the same or are very similar each time. And the reason I didn't get through the second completely was because I didn't really care much for the Dark Aether world, but it wasn't bad.

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I picked A. I really enjoy watching it most of the time, like two years ago, but last year it was on and off. I hope it's good this year, but it's almost kind of F and A for me.

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