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Did anyone see this game in the EA press conference? I think it looks great! And also Crysis 3, I'm very surprised. Also, for Dead Space 3's cover, it's not so much a cover system as it is just crouching behind cover, which is fine. The evasive roll looks like any other evasive roll, which is great as well. I'm really liking the way it looks, and the co-op isn't looking bad either.

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In what way do you mean liar? Is this like, "Oh, I slept with that lady over there so I'm not so loyal to my wife" kind of lie or "You go get sent over there and believe me, you'll survive" kind of lie? I think if he can get the job done, and it makes people happy, then that's all that really matters. As long as people don't get fucked over, then it's fine. I think all politicians lie to a certain extent, or at least leave something out, and I do find that pathetic, I've had enough of that.

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@ez123 said:

They should switch the right analog and the A,B,X,Y buttons.

That's what I was thinking.

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@Dragon_Fire: There was a hefty patch last year, one on PC, and one on consoles. On the consoles, I can't tell at all what good it did. It may have fixed some stuff for the multiplayer, but I wouldn't know 'cause I don't really play MP, as for the campaign stuff, it said it was going to fix A.I. problems and some other stuff, but it really hasn't. I tried playing a bit yesterday on 360, and I got bored of it again very quickly, but I think that's also due to the fact that the game isn't very challenging no matter what. No game has been entirely perfect, but if this game had been updated so we don't have nasty bugs in it, it would have enhanced the experience a lot I believe.

I mean, bad A.I. and bad voice acting aside, the console versions, though they do have different bugs, are hindered with a load of them; sound and graphics alike. It's really too bad. If these few major problems were fixed and improved, I probably would have loved the game a lot. Also, when it comes to A.I. the thing is, Crytek had announced that Crysis 2 will feature the smartest A.I. a shooter (or video game in general) will ever see, but something in the process went horribly wrong. They're not complete idiots, they'll look around and stuff, but it's just certain things that they can do that make them seem like some of the worst. I was really hoping that the sequel to one of my favorite shooters ever made, had at least brought an A.I. as smart as what we've seen in 2005's F.E.A.R.

I would cautiously recommend the game, 'cause I think there are people out there that do really enjoy it or would if they played it, and you may be one of them. I do think there's quality to it. I'm just one of the people that didn't find it all that entertaining, and I was just really disappointed in it. If you do end up playing it, and have a PC powerful to enjoy it, go with that. Then the only thing (if you're like me), that will bother you more than anything else, is the voice acting and pretty dumb A.I. I don't have a powerful PC to play it anymore, but last year when I did, I didn't notice any bugs, or none were major that was detrimental to the experience. Oh, and trust me, it's not path-finding problems, no matter what game you stick them in, the A.I. aren't good.

I still like Crytek, and I still like the Crysis series, but I am very cautious about the upcoming Crysis since I was disappointed in two, and it seems to be announced very early, or far earlier than I was expecting. Anyways, sorry for the long reply, I guess I could have just said, am was and still am very disappointed in two, I don't think it's worthless, but I don't approve of it.

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Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs, blah blah blah. I'm John McClaaaane. Dehhh, mehhh. And yippykayyaymudduhfucka to you!

- John McClane.

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@Zlimness: I want to see it because of the connection, and if it doesn't clearly connect, I'll be kind of disappointed. Like if in the end I'm thinking "OK, how the fuck did this happen? And that happen!? What the hell man." I'll be mad until the sequel. I don't really watch the Alien films because of the monsters, they're just there to make it more interesting and intense. I care for the characters, the setting, and the story, not just because it's a monster movie, a horror movie, or an action film. I do watch it because it's a great sci-fi though.

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@hoossy: It's out in the UK I believe, it's comes out here in the U.S. after.

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Yes I have, it's not exactly a rare movie. It was also on TV a while back. Also, it's not really one of those nostalgia shitty movies you think is great only as a kid, it's actually a good movie. Well, to other people it is, I didn't much care for it (meaning, I didn't dislike it, nor did I really love it).


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@MariachiMacabre: Hm... I guess. Also, I liked the other two Modern Warfare's more than the first, but that's besides the point. When you say modern classic, I guess I agree. I still don't see myself saying years ahead "Oh yeah, Call of Duty 4, that's definitely a classic!" but that may just be because I didn't really care for it. I'm unenthusiastic about it being named a classic. I also don't necessarily think influence has much to do with it for me in this case, 'cause I'd much rather call Bioshock a classic than MW. You're right though.