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Did anyone else catch the news about this being on consoles as well, and if so, why hasn't anyone until now reported it here? Was it not worth it, or did people not catch it?

It's because Witcher 2 exists. Witcher 2 is popular, pretty, has good combat, and Mass Effect 2 narrative. Which turned the masterpiece The Witcher into a niche piece of shit to people because it's the older game, because it had some jank, and because it didn't aspire to being Mass Effect-popular and wanted to do its own thing with narrative and level design.

It's like this: Imagine Crysis 2 was also a PC exclusive like Crysis 1, and that a year after its release, it gets ported to consoles. All the focus will be on it because it's the new game. If Crysis would've been ported to consoles after the sequel was, no one would pay attention to it. Either way, The Witcher is literally one of the greatest games, one of the greatest immersive experiences, and one of the greatest stories I've ever played. I hope it well sell on consoles and I hope you console guys enjoy it.

Crysis 1 is on consoles, I bought it sometime in October of 2011 sometime after Crysis 2 came out. Thought you ought to know.

Yeah, kind of weird. Unless this is not what he was saying.

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@believer258: Yeah, that was back in 09 though right?

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@AhmadMetallic: oh my god! Do you come into every witcher related thread and shit on witcher 2? jesus christ man, you don't like it, let it go.

Ok my turn: "Oh my god, do you not get sick of talking absolute bullshit everywhere?"

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Witcher 2 is popular, pretty, has good combat, and Mass Effect 2 narrative.
That ^ is called praise.

Alright, calm down.

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@AlexW00d: They said they wouldn't.

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I love it when they take songs that aren't originally 8-bit, and turn them into one. And while I'm not really one of them, I think there are a lot of people that like the Uncharted Worlds song in Mass Effect, so here's that in 8-bit.

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I was somewhat hesitant to make this thread, as I just wrote a bit already but erased it. Anyways, I'm just wondering, did anyone else catch the news about this being on consoles as well, and if so, why hasn't anyone until now reported it here? Was it not worth it, or did people not catch it? That's what I'm wondering. For me personally, I don't have a powerful enough PC to play many games on anymore, so I can't really play either of the Witcher games on PC as I would have preferred, and even though there were quite a few people that told me I don't need to play the first to understand and/or enjoy the second, I would like to do so, so I never really cared to try and play the 360 version of The Witcher 2. I'm going to put links here and see if anyone else had seen this, if so, is there something I don't know, like they already denied such a thing. I don't know, here.





Alright, I think that's enough. I just Google-d it and got these few, and sorry if it's too many, but I just wanted to post it to show that there are a lot of game sites that got this, and I find it a bit weird how no one here has had anything to say about it. Maybe it's not news worth talking about, if that's true, sorry about this.

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Cool. Gears of War is still fantastic, but it's hard to say if it's among my favorites interest-wise, but I do feel like the world that was established from the beginning to the end of three would benefit if it was shown off even more. If you think about it as you go through the games, it's pretty melancholy as you wonder what exactly was going on or what it had looked like when the war wasn't going, and how all of it will soon be under water, to then find yourself in a grand but hardly a place you can yet call home (which is Azura). In certain context, it makes the whole setting and story very sad.

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Too bad it's an abomination

Close to it, more so on console than PC though. I think Crysis 2 on PC could have been a whole lot better if it just had better voice acting, prone (as minor as that sounds), and the A.I. that was promised, but instead we got one of the dumbest.

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@NTM: The co-op aspect is a turnoff if indeed you have an AI partner w/ you the whole game. Were fans really clamoring for co-op in a game that's supposed to be built on isolation and tension. DS2 belied those themes already; DS3 seems to be sliding down the action slope even more. I don't know what to think til I see more info, but not too excited at first blush, and I really enjoy the sci-fi/horror genre.

I think they said that you would be able to play by your self without an AI partner right? I"m not sure about the details, but they said you would experience hallucinations when playing by yourself, but those hallucinations would be absent if playing co-op.

Anyways, I like Isaac's beard. If you're in the arctic fighting undead space monstrosities, you best be sporting a Kurt Russel "The Thing" beard.

Yes, this is all true.

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Dead Space 3 is definitely a game I'll be looking out for when E3 starts.