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@Clinkz: No, it's just that I wouldn't yet consider anything this gen a classic. Even years down the line, I'm sure I personally won't be able to call it a classic. Or, it'll be hard to. When I think "oh, that's a classic" Call of Duty 4 is not a game that comes to mind. Now if you said the original Call of Duty, then sure. I don't know, whatever impact it had, like the way it influenced other developers to use the same controls, or how good the multiplayer was, it just doesn't make me think classic.

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Are you considering Call of Duty 4 a classic? Ha ha.

Edit - In the title, it should have said "Visiting a modern classic." Then I probably wouldn't have laughed at such a thing.

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Why has this thread gone on for so long? Jeeze.

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I just found out the other day that this takes place 24 years after the second. That seems like a huge jump.

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Once you walk into the party, pull your shlong-dong out and walk up to the prettiest girl with a grin on your face. Push her head down and rub one out on her face, then say "Free drinks for all the women!" You're an amateur, my advice is good for you. Just kidding. I don't know, I don't go to parties. Also, you should be the one that takes the lead and show example, you're older than these people. You seem very insecure, don't be. You may not say stuff, but it doesn't really matter, I do think you'll find something to talk about though. Be yourself, and that's all that matters, that goes with anything.

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I think it's different since it's not necessarily applicable to reality. I think the question should be, what's the speed of life? I've asked myself this, and I wonder if it's the slowest thing known to man, or the fastest. I mean, they say the speed of light is, but is whatever makes life go at the rate it is faster? If it didn't go as fast as it did, nothing would exist correct? I mean, is it time? It's very hard to explain since I have a loss of vocabulary on such a thing, but I find it very interesting. While I think this question too is interesting and have seen it elsewhere, and thought of it myself, I don't believe it can be applied in the same sense. Well, I know it can't.

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All I'll say is, while we get along, and I have more in common when it comes to interests as I my dad than my mom, it's far easier to talk to my mom for some reason. I don't know, I kind of just don't want to sound like an ass (as in, make an idiot of my self) in front of my dad, but with my mom, I can be more open and say whatever's on my mind. I'm sure I can do that with my dad, but I don't. I also sometimes struggle when saying stuff to him. Anyways, in short though, as with the whole family, it's all a good relationship, but I think my dad's not quite as open and more prone to argue over little things he may or may not agree with someone on. I don't care for arguing, or debating.

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@TheFakePsychic said:

and could care less

Here we go again. Just kidding.

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TV, GameTrailers, Giantbomb, GameSpot, and maybe IGN.

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