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Eh yeah, I guess so. Not if you're referring to meeting someone online, and then in real life, that has never happened, nor do I care to do that, but many of my friends I have gotten to know due to the mutual interest in video games, and the ones that have still kept in contact with me are the ones that like to play games just as much as myself. They're all from high school.

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@dussck: I won't disagree with that. I just don't think it looks like the best game visually I've ever seen, and I wasn't really blown away. I wasn't saying in my comment it looked bad anywhere, only that it wasn't as amazing to me as some people make it seem. I've heard more than a few times people go "Holy shit! This almost looks real! Wow, these are some of the best visuals in a game I've seen." Or something around those lines. Just that reaction I didn't get from it. I think it looks great, as I said, but it didn't blow me away.

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Yeah, the game isn't really about its jump scares, at least it wasn't to me. I haven't played a scarier game in, I don't even know how long. Within about five minutes of the game starting, to the end, a lot of it almost became too much to me. Starting fresh and going in not really knowing what the heck it is other than it perhaps being some horror game could have perhaps helped too. There were moments I quit when I couldn't find where to go, and it wasn't even out of frustration since it hadn't even gotten to that level, it was simply out of the sense of fear that hit me becoming overbearing, and no game has ever really done that.

If you go back and play it again, it's not as scary since you know what's happening obviously, but the sounds and visuals do an incredible job at doing what it's supposed to. It wasn't until the very end I finally found out how to get away from that ghost lady, which while still scary, made it less frightening. Almost the entire experience was less about things actually happening, and more about the feeling that something will either jump out, or be sitting there around a corner or behind you, which often times nothing was actually there.

One thing I can't agree with people on though is how fantastic it looks. I mean, I'm not going to argue it looks bad, because it looks great (even when Kojima says he had to tone it down), but some out there make it sound like they believe it's the best visuals for a game they've ever witnessed. Oh, and I can't say I really 'enjoyed' the experience, more like found it really interesting and wanted to see it through, but enjoy isn't necessarily the correct word for it, though I guess there are aspects of it that I enjoy beyond simply being in that world and experiencing it.

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Oh, dang. I am instead watching a walkthrough with all cutscenes of Silent Hill 2 instead of finishing it, just so I could go onto three faster as I am already near the very end. This makes me want to finish the original and know the characters better, and what Harry did to his daughter...

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Would it take place in Silent Hill? Because I'd just stay right the fuck away from that place and be just fine.

It finds you...

Who *would* choose Silent Hill? Those zombies are killable or you can hide from them or avoid them. I'm not sure exactly what Silent Hill is - because my time with the series amounts to me playing 2 for a couple of hours and being too much of a wimp to go on, watching the movie loosely based on it, and watching a couple of let's play videos of the first, second, and Wii Shattered Memories - but it kind of seems to be the absolute worst place to be because it's playing off your own worst fears. I guess you could eventually confront them and escape potentially, then go on to live a completely normal (if scarred emotionally) life?

People whose fears don't involve guilt stemming from murdering their family or something equally psychotic.

Like I said, we've only ever seen Silent Hill be scary towards people who obviously deserve it (outside of Heather who was tied to something there). Most people probably wouldn't even have the choice of going there. Either it wouldn't want you, or it would just be an empty town.

I'm not going to complain of spoilers here, because it was somewhat welcome, but now I kind of know how it works. I haven't personally finished any Silent Hill games, but if I see it this way, this would mean that Harry Mason, and James Sunderland killed their family? Wow... That's interesting and messed up; how am I supposed to like the characters now? Unless it's a bit more complicated than that.

Edit - Never mind about the 'liking the characters' thing.

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My brother and I found both two and three at Value Village for a dollar in perfect shape, and since Silent Hills, I started playing through Silent Hill 2. It's good, but it's not really that scary even though I do feel it holds up well enough mechanically; it doesn't feel overly archaic in my opinion that is, and I like the visuals enough, so I'm not sure if that's why it's not that scary to me, but the game is, as Silent Hill always is, extremely depressing in its atmosphere, which is good and bad.

I bought the original Silent Hill two years ago I think, on PSN, and I played that for about five hours or so until I stopped to play other games, but I liked that too, and it feels really similar to two to me. My brother and I had rented these games, including The Room, but I didn't play them around release as he did except for The Room. I'm just excited to almost be finished with two - or so I think I'm almost done - and then jump into three.

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@corruptedevil: Eh, I wouldn't really say you're safe as long as you're not part of those. I mean, Racoon City, Terragrigia, and other places were subject to catastrophes which anyone of us could have been a part of, and then the threat of it simply happening to the area we live.

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@pr1mus: @arbitrarywater: Sure, but what about the potential death of your family if you survive, as well as the threat of those bio-terrorism bombs being unleashed where you live? Just saying, those are some cons to it, though yeah, like I said, I'd rather take my chance in the Resident Evil universe.

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I'd say yes. To me, I haven't played Twin Snakes since its release, but I know I like the original more. Something that changed which I felt was inferior in Twin Snakes is its soundtrack. Twin Snakes is okay, but not nearly as good as the originals in my opinion. That being said, I'd love to give Twin Snakes another chance. I do dislike it when people talk as if Twin Snakes is the definitive version when they haven't even played the original though.

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I think it was Patrick who mentioned in a long-forgotten podcast, "Remember Perfect Dark Zero." It hasn't even been a year. Chill out.

Perfect Dark Zero actually looked decent, definitely the best of the launch lineup. It's among the best looking pre-Gears of War 360 games.

Relative to the release window, but as you said, it was pre-Gears. Post Gears you can be forgiven for thinking PDZ looks like crap.

Of course, but I was only saying that it's maybe not the best comparison to this situation. Perfect Dark Zero was an exclusive launch game that looked very impressive at the time of release, only to be outclassed later. I'd say the game most likely to be comparable in those terms is Killzone Shadow Fall, which was also a rather underwhelming game with impressive visuals that will be (and already have been) surpassed graphically as more big releases start hitting the new consoles.

The explanation for Wolfenstein isn't so much "it's only been a year," but rather that it's a cross-gen multiplatform game originally designed for last gen systems and simply ported up (as opposed to games like Destiny and Titanfall which seem to have been designed for current gen and ported down to last gen).

I guess I'm in the minority, but, while it didn't look realistic, I thought Perfect Dark Zero looked good years after its release. The thing that has always looked less than great is the character designs. The city nightlife in the second stage has gotten considerably worse as well after some years, but overall I went back almost exactly last year, and I thought it looked pretty good in some cases, and I wasn't all of a sudden like "Oh gosh! This is shit!"