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@koolaid: I don't think Suchong figured it out; him and Fink were both having that same problem, which is why it came naturally as Elizabeth helped Songbird, and The Little Sister helped the Big Daddy. Perhaps I didn't get it though, with the whole 'thorn in lions paw' thing.

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It is, the only thing is how bringing back the Little Sisters ten years after kind of ruins Elizabeth's whole "I changed something!" I read some people brought up the point about Suchong's death, and if you play the Burial At Sea 2, they make it seems as if people didn't know if he was dead or not, and that's why Gil Alexander took his place. I think it makes sense as to why it wasn't mentioned, I mean, for one, it takes place ten years apart, and two, if we consider Lamb, she took a backseat to Fontaine in terms of being against Andrew Ryan and so the focus wasn't on her. I don't think of it as alternate universe, everything, if you really think about it and connect it, fits.

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The first and second are just as good as one another, but for slightly different reasons.

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I feel like this thread should have been made in 07 at latest.

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@pweidman: I hope you enjoy The Last of Us. To me, the story, characters and gameplay (whether that be action, stealth, or simply exploring) are fantastic, but what I loved most, which goes hand in hand with exploring, was the story of the places you go and visit, and the stories you can conjure up in your imagination of what it was like to be in those places when the problem happening in the current in-game world hadn't occurred. There was only one moment in the game that took me out of the experience with that in mind, and it's an otherwise minor thing to even notice I think.

To me it's a story about humanity, years after a natural disaster began, and how we cope with life then, as well as an environmental story, when humans are no longer there to keep it up the way they like to live in it, or how animals thrive even as we're not doing so well. I find it to be pretty realistic. I don't at all agree with people that say "it's a good movie", because it's way more than that, at least to me.

@jojojimmeny: Well, my point was only that I never personally mentioned anything about the game overstaying it's welcome, or vice versa. That wasn't my response, or what I meant. Someone else had said something about overstaying its welcome. My response was that the game wasn't short, since it was 15 to 20 hours, and had nothing to do with overstaying its welcome or vice versa, that's all. So, as for misunderstanding, like I had, you misunderstood my post :P. That's fine. Your post was fine, I don't need to ignore it.

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@wemibelec90: I didn't really look at it as much as a western setting, but more of a period piece. I'm not a huge western fan, some are alright, but Red Dead Redemption's setting to me was fantastic (same goes for The Last of Us).

@jojojimmeny: I know what he was saying in the end. As for the 15 to 20 hour thing, I never said anything about overstaying its welcome, I simply mentioned that a games length is a games length, whether there's good in it and bad, that was my point. I've already brought up the point of things being subjective. My main problem was with his sentences, "You don't measure length in hours. I'm not even sure you measure it in numbers at all." Just the way he worded some of it.

Perhaps he feels the same way, and we're not talking about the same exact thing, but I just meant that you say the overall time it takes to complete, and then say what parts were good, and what parts were not so good. Other than that, if he still argues with that, then I guess I don't really get it. From his replies, it seems he misunderstood me too. If I go back to the first reply, it says from one person "The Last of Us never overstayed it's welcome" then he replies "That was one of the game's major problems!" I think I may have taken that the wrong way, since I thought at the time he meant that the games problem was that it didn't overstay its welcome, as if it were a short experience, when in fact it wasn't.

I'm just now realizing that...

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@ll_exile_ll: I don't really need it to be accurate overall, but just what people thought here that had played it. Polls can never really be 'accurate'. Though, I feel like I should have added some more choices, such as "I didn't play The Last of Us, but did play Red Dead Redemption", or vice versa.

@video_game_king: But when it comes to length, it's not about the quality, nor does that matter since quality of a game is subjective and I'd rather not include that as a factor to how long the game is due to that. That's entirely separate to me. The way you do it can work for you personally, but otherwise I don't see it working.

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@hunkulese: But you can say which one you liked better, which is what I asked, not "what comparisons can you draw between these games?" I don't think it's as random as you say, but I also don't think the games are entirely similar, which I never said were, but I did feel they were similar enough in spots for me to think back to Red Dead when I played the Last of Us, and that was mainly do to how you approach the gun fights, and how qualitative the rest of the experience is. Some of the third person mechanics are similar as well.