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I don't have any suggestions for you, but I just started playing Revelations again too due to two's announcement, and I may have just stopped again (though I have it out, so maybe not, I don't know). Have you seen the new concept images for two? It's the stormy island and inside jail-like area. Maybe they're on this site already, I haven't checked.

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@gokaired: My last reply was about saying I was going to buy it on Friday :P. That's okay though, I don't expect people to read every comment. X is a game my brother really wants, I'm not as interested, though if it's like Xenoblade, it should be good. I saw the most recent trailer, and I wasn't really too keen on it. Something nice about Xenoblade was that it didn't look or sound blatantly Japanese like some other RPG's (Star Ocean... etc.), while X kind of did, but maybe in the end that won't matter, or it'll be different. I don't know. I suppose Xenoblade would look the same on the same hardware though.

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@hailinel: That's weird... Thanks for the reply. I'm am going to just assume it does work, since I'm getting one on Friday, and if it doesn't, then I'll be disappointed. I guess since I have decided, I should say, thanks to everyone that took the time to post!

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Does the console support 5.1 Dolby Digital, like the 360/PS3, and now the One and PS4? I've been looking into it just now, and I can't really get a straight answer, or at least I'm not sure I get it. I do HDMI from consoles to TV, and optical from TV to receiver, which is the only way I can get 5.1 surround sound DD. I'm just hoping it has that, that is actually a big problem if the console doesn't...

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Do you have to connect the Wii sensor bar for any of it, other than going back to the Wii games? I mean, I know you have to or can use the Wii motes for co-op, but do you need the sensor bar for it? I really don't want to have it in. This isn't a make or break thing, I'm just curious.

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Bump. As I haven't got it yet, and want to know what people think now. My brother has said he wants it now, and I've been thinking about it. I may want to buy it today. What's everyone's opinion on this now? Is it time to jump on?

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I'm not going to count the games that had come out previously, like The Last of Us or Metro. Something I really liked, and would certainly include on my favorites list of the year, as well as I title I haven't seen anyone mention and think it's worth mentioning, is Valiant Hearts. It's light on replay value, unless you wanted to see it through again, watch someone else play it to see what they think (which doesn't technically mean it has added replay value), or to get the collectibles, but overall I thought it was a really great game.

I've been finding it hard this year to separate what games came out this year since I've played so many games that have come out in the past in which I never played, so by comparison it seems like not very many games have come out, and a lot (though not all) of the ones I have played, which are on my mind, weren't that great to me. There are more games to come though! So, great.

Oh yeah. Okay, so right now, I can think of Second Son, Wolfenstein and Watch Dogs. I wouldn't put Second Son on the list anywhere, though I would probably put the other two on it, even though I wouldn't want to consider them some of the best this year. There were also smaller titles, like Child of Light, though I don't think I'd add that... Hm. I can't really think of a lot. Oh yeah! I really liked Ground Zeroes, though it surely lacked content despite what I felt was an otherwise really high quality game for the most part.

I've played most of the games that have come out on consoles this year, though not many of them, as I've already said would make my list of top five.

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@do_the_manta_ray: I feel like Alan Wake is something we'll see again, which is why I don't have it on my mind that we'll never see it coming, but it'll probably be a while for sure.

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Freedom Fighters; Republic Commando; No One Lives Forever... There are more, but those are the three I have in mind. TimeSplitters we'll have to see.

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@rongalaxy: In WA (about 20 minutes away from where PAX is going on right now). Maybe I didn't see those, though I saw a lot of Miyazaki films there, and was pretty sure I saw Spirited Away. I have Castle in the Sky on blu ray. I know for a fact I saw My Neighbor Totoro there, Ponyo... A few more; there were about five in all. Now that I'm looking it up and seeing the case and everything, I don't remember seeing Princess Mononoke.