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The first is my favorite; I didn't like it all that much on my first go, but on hard on my second and subsequent playthroughs, it turned out to be one of my favorite PS3 games, and then the Festival of Blood due to the atmosphere and mostly great music. Two was good, but it was pretty 'meh' compared to the original, and Second Son was okay, but nothing special to me. Plus, I wish it would have taken a more Google map route with its Seattle, because as it is, they could have just named it something else, and changed a few places looks. It doesn't look like Seattle at all to me. I played two late, and I was glad I finally played it, but it wasn't great, that being said, Second Son is my least favorite; it wasn't bad, it just didn't do anything particularly interesting or exciting overall.

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This is super old, so sorry for the bump, but I was just listening to them all, and I like all of them, except for Can't Say Goodbye to Yesterday.

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@gonmog: ... Hm, you could be correct. Like I said, don't like to keep any apps open and always shut them down when I'm done with them, I'm just saying I heard. For instance, I won't want to run the store app while I'm playing a game or what have you. Oh, one thing I do want to say however is that I wish both the One and PS4's had more options for customization such as wallpaper.

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It's not bad. You can put the achievements on your list of what you want to see on the left side of the screen, your pins, so it's accessible easily. The only problem I have with the whole interface is that you have to manually quit out of stuff, and I've never tried it, but I hear it can slow down if you have a whole bunch of stuff going on.

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I shut it down, but I keep the One on standby. On standby for the PS4, it turns on fast. I'll only put it on standby if something takes too long to download and I don't want to sit there with the system on.

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It depends on how it is, but I said no.

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I got tired last night so halfway through I went to bed, and now I'm finishing it, but yeah, he's doing a good job and I wouldn't mind if he did it again.

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@corruptedevil: Yeah. The song itself isn't bad, it was just the woman singing it that didn't sing it well in most spots in my opinion.

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@corruptedevil: I was just thinking of this... It was weird to me, I just thought some of the singing was tonally bad, and I'd feel like I have to turn it down for it. Some of it I like, and some of it I find grating.

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@hh: My brother and I were just disappointed because the night stage looked so cool setting wise, and then you get the day time one. I was disappointed, but after a while I liked the look of what we got in the final game as well.

Wow... Weird. This looks much worse than I remember it being. I thought it was night time before. What the heck.