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@drbroel: When you get the flame thrower, I found it to be way less threatening. It was still a bit intense, as you didn't want to accidentally run under a vent and have him get you, and you always wanted to watch your back and listen to where he could possibly be, but the experience of facing a xeno early on is way different than later.

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@mason: Eh... Trust me, the xenomorph isn't around you the entire game, nor are you simply sitting around in a locker for most of that time; it's actually quite a small part compared to the rest of the game, even though you do do it for hours. The game actually changes things up a lot, so you're not going to be constantly stocked for 20 plus hours. The save system is well integrated as well, you just have to save as often as possible when you think is an opportune time. I have never had to go back far because I saved often, nor have I died when I tried saving. I just beat it today, and never once did I think it was cheap. I think everyone here that is playing it will just have to go through the game and see, as it may not be what you're expecting. It certainly wasn't what I was expecting... I loved it. There doesn't need to be any kind of mod fixing, that is drastic.

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@stryker1121: The equipment you use is actually useful, though a lot of the time (early on) it's unneeded as you'll get around easy enough without them. Weirdly, the game is less horror focused later on, and yet you'll want to experiment more with those items as it'll then make it easier to get to your goal, There are some things that I never needed to use, and when I did try them, they didn't work on the particular enemy. The ones you're referring to though do work. You throw a flair to an area, an enemy will go there, you use a noise maker when the xeno is around, it'll go to that area and perhaps kill guys if they're in the room. You can't put a xeno against a Working Joe though, so don't try. Good enough answer, or were you talking about something else? I just want to talk about the game now :P.

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Dang it, I just tried to make a spoiler thread as I had just finished it, and really, really liked it, but then it didn't load properly and I didn't copy it all down as I thought I did! GAH! The game however I didn't find scary, but intense early on for sure. This is probably my favorite game of the year so far. Darn, I want to discuss it with others that finished it and see what they're favorite moment or moments were, or just what they thought. I don't like bringing up reviews so much, but I have to say that most of the 'problems' that were mentioned, didn't affect me, or much at all.

The biggest problems were honestly some of the character animations from a facial and body perspective, as well as clipping of objects and some objects that at times float in the air. I also thought some of the voice work was flat. While not really a problem for me, I do think it may be hard to recommend for everyone, as it's not just a 'horror' (I'll say horror, but it's not really scary to me, just intense that'll keep you on your toes). As to not spoil it, I won't go further into the reason. I loved it and think the time it took to beat it was filled with a lot of variety (more than I thought would be in there) to keep me going.

The visuals and sound are superb for the most part and really helped the atmosphere. I will say this, I think those that find it scary early on, once you get the flame thrower, it'll become somewhat less intense from there on out. The whole hiding in lockers from the xeno is actually a very small part of the gameplay overall, even though you do spend hours doing it. I'd say later in the game, there'll be a point where you probably won't be using the lockers or hiding spots that much at all. It wasn't a problem to me, but I think some may not like it if they were expecting to be in it for just horror the entire time.

I can't wait until people start finishing it so it can be discussed. I just hope enough people enjoy it as I did so it's worth discussing to others. I'm pretty excited. Oh, and though no one had asked, yes, the xenomorph can kill you in the vents... I don't know if it can always happen, but near the end it did it twice, the first time when I got out of it and it jumped out behind me, and the next time when I went back in and mid way through it was scurrying behind me. I didn't die too much in the game, but that was a surprising moment because it was unexpected.

Now I feel like I'm spoiling an experience. I'll shut up.

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@trophymunchers: Hey, if you did what I suggested already (with or without reading my most recent comments), then you should already be playing again.

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@trophymunchers: Yep, you unfortunately have to just wait it out. Turn your console off on standby (I don't know for how long, as I left the house and did other things for a few hours), and then come back later to play. That is unfortunate, but at least it's worth playing after, at least I'm thinking so.

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Alright, never mind. It was just the install. I don't know how long it took as I turned the system off (on stand by) and left for a while, came back just now, picked up the briefing and am now on the Sevastopol. Great.

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I'm pretty sure it is a bug, or just really, really slow downloading to a level that's not acceptable, as I know it can't be my internet. I bought the game on PlayStation store on PS4, and once you arrive on the deck at the beginning of the game, your objective is to pick up your briefing, but when you try to, it says "Required content is not yet available." and then below it in smaller text "Please wait..." Usually, this is what happens when the game is still installing, but the game has fully downloaded campaign wise, though when I go select over Survival Mode, it says it's still downloading there, except it isn't, as it permanently sticks to 31.0%... This really sucks as I want to move on. I read that this has happened to others as well, for those that bought it on Xbox One too. I read this, and it seems others got it to work for them, as if it is just downloading, but the campaign doesn't have any percentage of it downloading for me. So far I'm liking it just ten minutes in, but I just want to move on. Anyone else have this problem?


Then again, it seems some are having the same problem... Guh.

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@mustainium: Eh, yeah. I have to agree. Terrible may be a strong word, but it's certainly dull. The game is pretty dull overall other than the sneaking around to kill guys; simply getting into combat, or just anything that has to do with getting around in combat really, like shooting the hives and such, that stuff was fun enough. I also don't care for the nemesis system at all, it just seems like another new game thing, though not really that interesting, and I find it to be repetitive, as if it's a good excuse to keep going, but to me it isn't really. I spent about 20 hours playing it, and it was fun, but nothing special.