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I am an atheist. But If there is a god, I believe he no longer exists.

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Half Life 3... just kidding.

I thought Twisted Metal Black 2: Harbor City sounded awesome. Free roam Twisted Metal would have been the best thing ever. But they cancelled it due to the limitations of the PS2, I think.

Star Wars Battlefront 3 is another one that sadly ceased to be.

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Doom II and Minecraft.
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Mass effect 1 and 2 is terrible if you were planning on playing the GAMEPLAY part of it.


Gamepads are more fun although less effective to use.

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I bought a PSP and a PS3 just to play the new Twisted Metal games, own every one.
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Thats not what I said at all. I said people will use any reason to harrass people and alot of people will get very offended even if it is a dumb insult. I know people that will get just as offended for making fun of little things like that as a person would getting called a racial slur. Don't rip things out of context.
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I don't see the point of this thread. People will look for reasons to be make fun of/harrass people. if you're short, bald, blonde, black, fat, female. trying to get sympathy because the reason you're getting harrassed happens to be common is kind of dumb. i get harrassed all the time for living in alaska for example. unless you are joe-every-man who has a job, girlfriend, lives in new york/califonia and have no strange traits you WILL be harrassed. just ask gingers, they will tell you ALL about how people will be jerks for any given reason.
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Duke Nukem, Bulletstorm and Mortal Kombat: KICK PEOPLE IN THE FACE.
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Single player: Mass Effect. Multi player: Halo 3.
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"The hairs are not while teleporting horribly away from Mr. T, because singers are sometimes gay. " yep, im done after that gem.