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ooooh I see :O. kewl.

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Thank god!

I always thought that locking a topic because it was more blog-wise was the stupidest reason to do so ever. The (blog post) doesn't look so good, but it's a solution anyway.

So, is this like a driver license? Which means, when you check a topic that is more blog-wise, as an officer would stop a car driving too fast, do you ask the OP to have his (blog post) title just like the driver should have his license, or you will lock the topic and the driver goes to jail?

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Soap said:
"Keyser_Soze said:
"Nude_Dude said:
"Well, tough luck. I don't lime my town layout either, but I can't give away my 999,999,999 Bells stored at the bank, or all the Models I have collected, or all the upgrades of my house and Nooks' store, or all the Feathers from green to rainbow, or all the Golden Tools I have, or all the Animal Pics the villagers have given me. I just can't erase 3 years of my life."
Dude.... take a step away from the game."
don't step away to long though or you'll do what I did, and come back to a weed infested town that will take about 12 hours of solid work to fix up... not worth it."
Oh, and don't think I am playing this every day. That was all I accomplished in one and a half year, and then I made very little progress. Last time I ventured through the town was about a couple of weeks ago.
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One of the new fads of this site?

I leave for one month and things get worse by the minute...

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Vaxadrin said:
"This is a close-up shot:

Holy shit! That's the most awesomest computerz! You wouldn't mind lending it?
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OmegaPirate said:
"But Fail has no 'e' noise in it...."
it does. fAil = feil as "e" in lemon or legend. not as "e" as in sweet, that would make it "fiil" or "feel".
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There's also no E in "Fail".

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Did a mod just edit this? If so, he could lock the topic as well, as now there's nothing to talk of.

I wanted to see that prank :,(
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svarog said:
"I typed words "I HATE THE DARK KNIGHT" just after ive seen the movie. Only kids and the dumb can be impressed by this rubbish. The first movies of Batman were great but they found a great way to earn money by remaking the story with Joker (the guy who had the role of joker was the most pathetic in the whole thing) and putting some awesome special effects in the movie. Of course they counted on the stupidity of lots of people and the dozens of kids who are easy to be impressed with special effects and some pointless cheap statements of the main characters. Its just like the Terminator 3. It is an exploatation of a great movie, but it itself is rubbish."
That's your opinion, don't force it around...and, judging from how many people like the Dark Knight in comparison to how many people don't like it, some may as well say that your opinion sucks.
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Looks like somebody just found out about it....