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See you around Scoops, I hope sooner than later!

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@therealmoot: Get Windows 8, I can get an OEM version for the same price as a new console game and a medium whopper menu.
In desktop mode I enjoy Win 8.1 more than Win 7. OEM versions have strict limitations with upgrades, but my Win 7 Pro key went bad after a few upgrades anyways, so I'm not going for the pricier options there anymore.

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When I was younger and a game had to last me a while, then sure. Silent Hill and Resident Evil 2 were some of my favorite PS(1) games. Games like Suikoden and the FF's also were amazing games solely because of good length, not to mention they were enjoyable in several playthroughs building on the knowledge of previous tries. These days I have close to 1 TB of installed PC games I've yet to play for more than 1 hour, a ton of console games I've yet to finish etc. I just can't imagine playing non-mp games trough multiple times.

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Have a joyous day my fellow norwegian duders! Remember there's no shame in eating a hotdog or an icecream less if you feel like you're about to burst! (I can't believe the weather was so good this year.)

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If you have a desktop PC upgrade it every so often and always stay in the mid to high-end. Once every 5 years or so should be fine these days, maybe even less so this console generation, since PS4 and Xb1 are relatively weak. A beefy PC might serve you well for almost a decade if you don't have to play everything maxed out. Unless the marked changes and the consoles suddenly "die out", I imagine they will hold back PC gaming even more this time around unfortunately.

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I'd take FF X-2 HD over FF X, it's more fun for multiple playthroughs, then again Dark Souls 2 might be enough on it's own in that regard.

For the 2 week person thing, I'd spread it over 6 hours a couple of times a month, a bit more for the last month.

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@deathcrush: But we use the same rating system as the UK for games. Thinking about importing a used copy, because I'm not very keen on handing them any money for it now.

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Does this mean the end for the Persona 4 endurance run?

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I promised myself I wouldn't cry...

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RIP Ryan Davis.
He will be missed by his family, friends and fans. :(