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I picked A. 
The boss battle is pretty damn easy.

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It's more convenient than pulling out a phone every time you want to know the time (derp) and it makes you look classier haha.

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@LiquidPrince: HERETIC
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Promiscuity isn't restrained by sexual orientation, so... yes?

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@Brad said:
" That cutscene might have been in the third map of the campaign and not the first. I was half asleep the first time I played through it. Give me a break.  The game randomizes the dialogue you get from the original survivors, though, so that line I got from Francis about "we lost a good man" won't be the same for everyone the first time they play it. I didn't hear much from Zoey. "
Yeah, you're right.  They always infer that Bill died though.
BONUS: You can give Louis pills when you see him.  Greedy bastard doesn't thank you though.
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I started out watching both but I find myself wanting to watch BR more.  VJ are way behind and I don't watch them daily, but I do catch up on their episodes eventually.

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