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@MB: Ok thankyou. And I just always have done it - signing off and everything. I'll stop if you'd like me to?

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Hello, this is Nukacherry.

Hi guys. I've been trying to install Windows 7 on my Mac and I'm having issues. Because I have an Air I have to install from a USB which I can do, but every time I try it says it has to be installed from a USB formatted in NTFS. I have formatted the USB using Tuxera as NTFS but this doesn't seem to have worked. I have Windows 7 32-bit on the USB and have tried multiple times with BootCamp Assistant but I get this same issue. Any Mac/USB experts out there who can help me with this issue? I just wanna play PC games on my Mac! I can provide more info if needed.


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@deathstroke75 said:

i think they are all winners. i think the last one has a nice clean tight look to it. looks like it belongs on a old 50's classic car. the first two also look very nice. maybe make the battery the light source or something on the first one? just spitballin' an idea. nice battery logo and the blue is a nice hue. the aged one has a prominent brush mark...didn't know if that was by design or not. if it is, it is very subtle and blends well, if not...just age it out to match up. check the text reflection on the word "cherry" on the last one, needs to be flipped to match up...or didn't know if that was by design. and the third, the text is clean and easy to read, that is something you want to make sure you get across on all your logos. once shrunk down you can lose some of that recognition.

all of these look great, you have a nice eye. keep up the good work.

Thanks for your reply. I totally didn't notice that on the reflection on 4th photo, wouldn't have noticed!! :/ And yeah on the 2nd I was kinda just messing around with brushes and I thought it looked cool as is, so yes it is part of the design. :) I am, like most people it seems, a fan of the 4th one more than the others, and it did take me the longest time to complete. Thanks for the advice anyway, I'll fix that reflection now!

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Hello, this is Nukacherry.

I've been experimenting with Photoshop recently and I think I'm getting better! I made 4 icons for my YouTube channel. Tell me what you think is the best? These are in chronological order. I made all of these myself with no assistance.

Fallout-Inspired Attempt 1

Aged Attempt 2

Hitman Absolution-inspired Attempt 3

Floating Attempt 4


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To be fair, this is kind of an obvious choice. Sleeping Dogs looks excellent and new. Transformers is Transformers. n_n

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@Napalm said:

I don't think saying "X game number in franchise hasn't been made, therefore it is 'new'," constitutes as a "new" game.

I'm not sure what you mean here. Do you mean if Ep. 3 was released it wouldn't be new because it is an expansion?

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Hello, this is Nukacherry.

There are games that need to be made, because they have not already been made, and are surely to be awesome because their predecessors were frickin' awesome. Here are 2 of my suggestions:

HALF-LIFE 3 / HALF-LIFE 2: Episode Three

Half-Life is one of the best video game series of all time. It is undoubtably influential to the rest of the industry, as are most Valve-created games, and have inspired many, many other modern day games, not even necessarily FPSs. The series so far, in my opinion was epitomised by Half-Life 2 - a Top 5 Favourite of mine - a game which seems to have no flaws. The gameplay is superb, with great enemy variety and powerful weapons. The story and characters are deeply involving with the whole story experienced through Gordon's eyes. You care about the characters; even though you remain silent throughout the entire game, and have little actual interaction with them, they are all unique and feel empathetic. But Half-Life 2: Episode Two - one of the last 'Expansion Packs' in a traditional sense - left many questions unanswered. Fans of the series, and mostly the gaming community at large have been waiting patiently, or at least waiting, for this game for a long time now. Waiting for a conclusion, and an epic one at that.


Bully is another personal favourite of mine. I loved it back in its PS2 days when I wasn't quite old enough in my parents' view to be playing it but I did anyway, and I could empathise with little Jimmy Hopkins at his time of rebellion. Being from the UK, school was entirely different from that (and I'm sure it's entirely different from US schools too), but even so the freedom to skip classes, to make a potato gun and fire it at teachers...that was just so cool. In my opinion it was Rockstar at its best, even beating GTA: SA. I just spent hours in that school with all the minigames in class which let you do more outside of class - a basic unlock system that was just...perfect. The changing seasons too, being able to throw snowballs in Winter for example and find all the pumpkins on Hallowe'en; this was an entirely new concept for any game that I had seen. A sequel would be a brilliant decision for Rockstar to target those who have been denied GTA: V because of naive parents and are looking for something slightly less violent, but still totally awesome and rebellious. A new Bully game would fit just that.

Hope you enjoyed this short 'article'. Post a comment and say what games you would love to be made and why. I know Half-Life would be a big one, and one I want too, so give your opinions on that as well!


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Hello, this is Nukacherry.

Hey guys. I last posted about my recent Mac purchase, and wanted more information on Mac gaming. Now I wanna ask...what is PC gaming? Sorta. I mean I know what PC gaming is, and I know why people love it, and I kinda wanna jump in to it. But I have no idea what games to get, just...PC basics I guess. I know I'm buying CS:GO soon, and of course Minecraft etc. But I mean things like WoW, TF2 etc. I feel like I can't get into those sorts of games. Inspire me. Tell me what the essential purchases are for PC if someone has never really played PC before. If possible, mention games that are also available on Mac. :)


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Hello, this is Nukacherry.

This is really addressing anyone who has any sort of career within the games industry, be it QA Tester or Level Designer, Animator etc. There doesn't seem to be much information out there on how exactly you can enter the games industry and what qualifications you need, what background work or whatever you need to have the be able to start within the industry. I have always wanted to know but no one has ever been able to tell me.

There are 3 things that I, and a number of other people want to know.

  1. What are the qualifications/courses I need to take to get into the industry?
  2. Is background work necessary and if so, what sort of work?
  3. Is a degree even necessary, or can you apply with relevant A-Levels/US Equivalent?

Also, any further information would be very helpful! Again, this is addressed to people within the industry already in some way. Thanks in advance.


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Book of Eli was pretty good!

You mean it was AWESOME! :)

@SexyToad said:

Hey, Minecraft buddy! Welcome! I am SexyToad the sexiest!

Yay Minecraft! Thanks for the welcome, and I'm sure you are the sexiest! ;)

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