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At least my main gripes here are all software based for the most part. They could still pull a Microsoft and back down from these things if they are as weak-willed as Microsoft has been this year.

I'm excited for new consoles, but neither is either selling me on it or making it worth anyone's time to stop playing their PCs

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Random trolls on the internet is one thing, but to have a guy from gametrailers talking smack like that is a bit steep. Have rage-inciting trolls really become so common that podcasts have people complain and stuff on them enough for that? I hope not.

On all this, I really don't come from a place like Patrick. I'm a dude who has done almost nothing on the internet, and what I have has been a joke from the beginning, but I don't look at what people said about those things. I liked them at the time, and that's what mattered to me.

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When I first saw this, everything in my being would have preferred this to be the worst joke Giant Bomb had pulled than what it really was. I refused to believe the sincere news as it was posted.

I had almost caught up with my second run through listening to the bombcasts, too. I might have to listen through them all again now.

We will all miss you, Ryan.

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My inbox claims to have three unread messages in it as well. I cleared it out, but it still says three messages are there.

Joining the crew saying this is going on.

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@l4wd0g said:

Being a male nurse, you can easily have that reversed. It's a societal normality issues.

A nurse is a woman's job.

Construction workers is a man's job.

Then there are the unisex jobs like a lawyer, doctor etc.

It's not they can't do the job, it's just different form what "it should be."

*EDIT my iOS device made that into a narrly looking paragraph. had to fix it.

Good point. As a society we need to get rid of that thought that "it should be" a certain way. Who cares if it is what you want to do?

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@Hailinel said:

Journalists are blowing the delay of these features out of proportion.

Sure, as it won't really bother the people who will have a WiiU right away. This just shows how little Nintendo was ready for the Wii U though. I find it embarrassing for Nintendo, as I would if the new Xbox or Playstation would launch without something they were saying they would have.

After this generation, where consoles had tons of stuff added to them that they didn't expect to have at launch, I think it is a sign of poor planning if you can't have everything promised at launch. If you can't have stuff at launch, what can I expect you to add later? At least this shows that they can add stuff later. I'll count that as a win.

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This is nice. I hope that I can purchase these through my PS3 so that I have a library of stuff for my Vita when I get it.

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Mine is something like A-D. I support these guys because I watch most of what they do. I really enjoy the dumb premium things, including some of the live shows' archives. I don't get much chance to watch them live. And also for the ability to download the videos.

Also GB is awesome.

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I wonder if this happened after the fact to combat reviews... What if they were planning to charge but fell back on that after the reception?

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I just did this as a test, it worked fine for me. Nothing is missing.

I did start up one of my old characters first though, just in case it was caused by jumping right into Mechromancer. No idea.