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It is Monopoly, but it hurts to play it. 0

Monopoly: Here and Now Worldwide Edition is a decent game. It plays like your Monopoly board game that you stashed in your closet because no one wants to play you in Monopoly, and really, you don't want to play anyone in Monopoly either. Monopoly is a slow, painful board game in which the last 20-30 minutes or so of each game involves one person crying as he slowly hands his money to his opponent.  Monopoly for the Xbox (Sorry, I'm not going to use the huge title, nor will I shorten it to Monopo...

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Original and addicting. 0

Mirror's Edge is a weird game to me. I enjoyed the idea of it since it came out and only recently got my hands on it and played through the game. I have found myself strangly addicted to the game and, now that I've actually been working on time trial runs, I find myself trying to perfect what I can do in it.With a concept that basically could be worded as "jump on stuff with style," Mirror's Edge sticks out of the general game categories in a way that I find very compelling. The best parts of th...

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It reminds me of Phantasy Star Online. That is one good thing... 0

Phantasy Star Universe was a game that I was originally excited for on the 360, but once I played it for a little while I realized that the charm and the addictive properties of PSO were dead and gone.I tried playing PSU online, but without set classes that actually worked, I gave up on that quest very, very quickly. Therefore, basically all you get is a review of single player's story mode.The story in PSU is pretty pathetic, all things considered. The SEED are evil aliens or something and they...

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A Brain Smashing Good Time 0

When the Giant Bomb crew was discussing Braid for possible game of the year, I thought they must be crazy. An arcade download? Game of the Year? They talked about it enough to get me to download the demo and by the end of my demo run I couldn't wait to buy the rest of the game.Braid starts off slow and is a basic platformer at first. But within a little while of playing around with it, you will find yourself staring at some puzzle piece that you just cannot get to. Some of Braid's puzzles will h...

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Four Player Fish Slapping Fun 0

The Beat 'Em Up genre faded away near the end of the SNES and Genesis era of video games, now simply walking down the street doesn't hold the attention of gamers long enough. However, as I found out quickly, if you add a sweet arsenal of weapons, little pets that help out, experience and levels, and some quality humor, you can get an addictive and fun game that is nothing shy of awesome.Castle Crashers is a Beat 'Em Up at its core, but it is covered with all the above versions of delicious frost...

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Throroughly Entertaining, But Not Outstanding 0

The Project Gotham Series has entertained me since I picked up PGR2 way back on the original XBOX. PGR2 was one of the first few games to utilize online play through Xbox Live, and it did it fantastically well. When I got PGR3 at the Xbox 360 release I was pumped for more fun like that online. The game stayed awesome for single play throughout the arcade mode, but the online championships killed the casual fun that PGR2 had going for it online.PGR4 has a high quality single player mode. In fact,...

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Yep, I'm Totally Thinking With Portals. 0

Portal is a brilliant puzzle type FPS that uses some sweet gameplay mechanics to keep you thinking. Also, GLaDOS, the computer voice that talks you through your tests, kept me laughing most of the game. It has a surprisingly awesome story shoved into a game that really didn't need one, and I think the story is what makes the game excellent instead of good. The Weighted Companion Cube is another "character" that I have to mention as well. While I am not completely attached to it, I find it very a...

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Grade A game that fell a few steps short of perfection. 0

Here is a review for Assassin's Creed, available on XBOX 360 and PS3. I played the 360 version, however I have heard of very little difference between the two. Assassin's Creed is an overall quality game. I have nothing at all to complain about in the ideas of how it is structured and what it entails. This game excels at many points that make it stand out above the rest of the open world adventure type games out there.First off we have control. Control is one of the most important aspects of gam...

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RE4 Builds Constantly, Peaking at 'Awesome' 0

RE4 is one of my favorite games ever for multiple reasons. 1: It boldly marches into a new style of gameplay. The 3rd person view and the overall setup is completely new. The number of puzzles in the game have been reduced to a minimum. Resident Evil 4 is not your big puzzle based game. Instead it is all about shooting people. Some people played the older RE games just to shoot zombies, and that is what RE4 caters toward. 2: Graphics make this game awesome. RE4 is definitely among the top few ga...

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Dude... Audiosurf! 0

There is a demo out for a reasonably recent game called Audiosurf on Steam at the moment. I bought this game simply because of Jeff Gerstmann's (Giant Bomb) various quotes during podcasts, "Dude, Audiosurf is awesome!" He is totally right.While the game lacks a direct story mode or anything the reason is because the music library that the game uses, is your music library. Audiosurf is a game that will never suffer from people wishing these songs or those artists were in the game. The idea of the...

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Smash is great, but it still has my Wii collecting dust. 0

Super Smash came out a while ago, and I held off the review until after I had played it with friends over break. Since this is a pretty broad game I will give a very brief talk about the basics of the game, and after that I will speak as though you have played a previous version of Smash.Smash is a fast-paced, pound-your-friends-in-the-head game that stars your favorite Nintendo Characters. SSB:Brawl has 35 characters or 39 if you count Zero Suit Samus, the other two Pokemon that Pokemon Trainer...

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Rockstar Exceeds the Hype for GTA4 0

GTA4 does everything to the GTA series. It fixes the control issues that I had a serious issue with in the GTA3 games. It is graphically more real than any other GTA game, and its graphics are up to par with some of the best games in the industry. And, most of all, the story is alive. Everything in the story feels real. Real characters, acting like real people do, and feeling like real people would in that situation. With those large things out of the way, I shall list off notable flaws in the g...

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