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Disappointed to see so many people see the word "feminist" and become immediately and arrogantly defensive.  
The game is filled with tired tropes that don't put women in the best light. The two biggest female characters are, at many points, overpowered and rendered helpless, essentially used as pawns at a certain point in the game. The purpose for one female is purely to make a baby. Don't forget that the game literally opens with Dante heading to the club and taking some scantily clad women home for a one nighter, as if that is they sole object of their desire.  
Now, I don't believe the game is written by malicious misogynists, but these are tropes that should be given more attention and not just written off by a defensive, childish community. Stop and think, no one is trying to take anything away from you. A large and important contingent of the population only wants to be treated with respect. Imagine that.

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I whole-heartedly agree with the guy. Again, just an opinion, but no less valid than any other.

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Wow, I feel as if I'm the only one who really likes Crysis 2.

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It is probably my favorite game of all time. Why? Because everything it does/is appeals to me. If that doesn't appeal to you and you don't enjoy it, don't play it. Reverberated opinions do not equal empirical truth.

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A bit of a pretentious "theory" to say DAII wasn't more of DA:O. Regardless, I agree with a lot of what you say. 

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I'm preloading the game via Steam now on my PC. So, I guess I have the game early too, but in a much more teasing, painful kind of way.

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Not to fan the flame, but it is the only way I play fighting games. Sure, there is plenty of watching, but it's a very social experience. Not having it in there is a maaaajor bummer.

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Preordered on Steam. Now I have an extra copy of the first Portal if anyone wants it. Just let me know.

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I knew the movie would be...wellllll....not good? going into it and I think that helped me enjoy it as much as I could. It's pretty cheesy dialogue and the characters fall into some deeeeep, deeeeeeeeeep stereotypes, but as a means for filling in some smaller gaps and fleshing out an important DS2 character, it wasn't worthless. 
Also, scary anime boobs.

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Stasis the monster IMMEDIATELY. I had the same issue initially, but you should have time if you complete the hacking fast enough.

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