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Has there been any movement on this? Would love to see/hear this panel if possible.

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@numbbaby: PAX is just around the corner...anyone ready to sing?
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Much like Tim Robbins trying to get prison library books donated in "The Sawshank Redemption," I will write to Giant Bomb once a week until PAX in the hopes that it bugs you enough to actually sing the song at the event.

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For some reason, every year I listen/watch the GB PAX panel, I always, ALWAYS expect someone to lead the entire crowd in a rousing rendition of the "I Love Mondays" theme song. Everyone attending the panel is sure to know the words by heart.   
Perhaps even getting one side of the room to do the 'rhythm' "Monday" section, while the other side does the 'chorus' "Monday" section.  Then everyone doing the explosion sound fx at the end.
I feel like it has the chance of being epic, and I hope this idea I can't seem to get out of my head finally sees the light of day.

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I've always wanted hulu to be on Xbox, to fill in the holes left by Netflix, so I really hope this pans out.  I've used Netflix streaming 10x to 20x more since I can watch it on TV.  I'm not sure how much I'd be willing to pay for it...probably not much, since Netflix is eating pretty much my entire 'streaming things that I used to watch on my computer but can now see on my TV' budget. 
SIDE NOTE: I really feel for the PR people who can't keep secrets locked would be nice to have genuine big surprises at an E3 like in the days of old.

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If it was intended as an open for an unfinished documentary, I wonder if the reason it's on the Pong so long in the beginning is for a narrator (that was never recorded) to talk about video games and how simplistic and innocent they were when they started, etc.  The rest of it is so tight, that would explain the slow open.

It's the little things that help, too, like the fake CRT horizontal rolling during the Pong section, as if it were taped off an old TV.  And I absolutely LOVE the old-school-like animation of the body falling apart after being chainsawed.  Brings back memories I've never had.

This was not a small amount of work.  Nice going, Germany!