You got Mail!

Came back from lunch to find a parcel waiting on my desk. I had mail and it come from the US. Opening it up I found my Whiskey Media t-shirt! Just in time for Casual Friday.
pages added? Whiskey and Tshirt. Hope you don't mind Mr Tshirt


Saw a real iPad with my own eyes.. maybe a month to go :(

The iPad hasn't been released in Australia yet so I ihaven't seen much in the way of a real iPad. We haven't had any ads on tv or in stores. The only way to get near it is through the internet. Before launch the net was completely flooded, over saturated with information on the iPad. After launch the hype died down and there isn't much in the way of new information on the iPad. Not having much new information is a little sad because I'm still hyped about the iPad but the wait is still a month away. But then.. today I saw one!
Walking to dinner, my wife and I passed a hotel and there it was. A lady was looking at a site and passed it over to her friend. With a swipe of her hand the page changed and right then... I wanted one. I wanted to stay and stare but I knew that would be stupid so we walked on. I can't wait to get one so I can chill out on the sofa and read up the latest news or catch the latest video on the Giant Bomb! My iPhone is too small and my laptop is too heavy and hot to sit on my lap. An iPad will let me relax and enjoy my digital media without having to worry about a laptop stand or squinting at a screen.
So a month out (maybe) the iPad will be released. A month of waiting. I'm pretty sure with the wait so long that by the end of it I'll be sick of waiting. A month of waiting and there'll be no new news but I'll still want one.


Just Cause 2 Demo

If you have a 360 (or PS3) you owe it to yourself to download the Just Cause 2 demo. The game is basically a GTA game where the fun and destruction that you normally get sidetracked by becomes the focus of the game. You earn money causing destruction. Money gets you bigger and better weapons. Bigger and better weapons lets you cause more destruction. It's the cycle of life.
The demo gives you access to a large chunk of the world map and you can do as much as you'd like within 30 minutes. There are cities, towns, construction sites, military bases and much, much more for you to explore and free the population by blowing stuff up. After your time is up you'll be taken back to the title screen and from there you can restart your adventures. Once you're out of the first location your time starts. You'll be given a way point and told to do some objectives but you essentially have free reign to do whatever you please. 30minutes isn't much time and there's far too much to do that once your first 30minutes is up you'll be back playing it a second, third and fourth time.
Did I mention there was a grappling hook? You can get around the island by bike or car but where's the fun in that? You've got a grappling hook and a parachute which is the preferred method for contract missionaries. Shoot the hook up a mountain, let yourself go flying and then release your parachute. You now have enough speed to speed through the air. From above you have greater access to the buildings and objects around you which allows you to cause greater destruction and have way more fun.
Can't wait to get my hands on the full game.


watching the original batman

boy this movie is bad. it was alright when it first came out but since then it hasn't aged well and really shows how poorly the movie was made in comparison to the latest movies and even the animated series!


Romatic Weekend Away

I went away for the weekend with my wife for a romantic weekend away to house sit.
We left Friday night and had a relaxing few days away from improving the house or going to the parent's place for dinner.

Before returning home on Sunday I left Mrs Nunami to hunt for cheap games while she watched some tv show she bought. I managed to find Guild Wars Eye of the North and Trauma Center: Second Opinion for $10 each. I was looking to get some PS3 games but was unsuccessful.
I'm trying to hunt down Heavenly Sword under $20 but so far no luck. The trouble is it's hard enough to find a copy and when I do it's either full price or close to it.