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Sorry to revive a dead thread but i think this quest is now broken. I'm stuck on #5 and #6 and with the help of this thread I'm pretty sure I know what the answers are but they're not triggering for me.

Has this quest been retired or is it still possible to complete?

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Hiya Jumbs, just wondering if you ever got the pro guitar? I'm looking into buying one and still trying to figure out what's available. Amazon is my primary place to look but it looks like I can get any midi guitar and then get a midi controller.

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Now I have a reason to own a 3DS

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sad panda. I definitely agree this shouldn't have the BiA name

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Thanks for posting some of the analytics. It must be nice for the web devs and designers to have users who are using newerish browsers. It's Interesting to see some of the stats especially compared to some large corporate websites who still have 10-20% of users accessing their sites on IE6!

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are the videos going to be uploaded to the site?

I know it's bandwidth thing and I'm sure it takes time but I really do like to be able to download videos and take them with me.

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Great post and love your reply to @KaosAngel
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An interesting read. Before clicking on the article link I was thinking, "How could Nintendo do such a thing?". Now at the end I'm more comfortable with the T&Cs and can see how the language used might not be pleasant to read it is somewhat justified.

It was great to see a news post being more than just a press release with some background information and research along with a tone that is expected and loved from theGiantBomb.
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