What is the best or craziest Collector's Edition?

I've been thinking about this for a while and I can't really think of a legitimate good one.  But the one's that come to the top of my head is probably the prestige edition for modern warfare 2, the helmet for Halo 3, and just recently announced for dead space 2, is the replica of the gun used in-game.  Probably the only thing that I like about collector's edition stuff is the steel book case for the game.  But barely any games do that anymore.  I really don't care for the art books or soundtracks.  But what is the best that you guys have or heard of? 
EDIT:  Also, post what game the item is for.  And I think the Dead Space 2 gun replica is only available for the EU.  
EDIT: I guess it would've been better to post pictures of these Collector's Edition's too.  So post up picks if you got them or can find them. 
That's a pretty sick gun, probably the most awesome thing I've seen or heard of for a collector's edition. 
The all popular Prestige Edition 
 And the Legendary Edition Spartan Helmet.  I don't own a 360, but I thought this thing was pretty cool when it came out.


Game room is the TRUE Endurance Run!

Man, seeing Jeff play the game room games every week just makes me pity the guy.  The man has spent over $400 on this thing.  But sadly for Jeff, now I can't stop watching these Quick Looks.  It's now become one of my anticipated features every week, mainly because of how awful it is, and listening to Jeff's anguish "Fuck you Game Room" makes my soul feel so good, hahaha.  Anyone else feel the same?  Sorry Jeff :(


Is anybody liking Castlevania?

I've been playing it for the past three hours and I'm just not feeling it.  I don't like how it's split up into missions, and I could care less about the story.  I just feel really bad because I spent 60 bucks on this and I'm so done with it already.  Is there anyone out there that's having a good time?  And why?  I would like to know because I would like to see it from your perspective, that way my 60 bucks doesn't go totally down the drain. 
EDIT: I've never played a Castlevania game ever in my life, so I'm looking at this like it's a totally new IP, world, or what have you (which is a very good thing).  Only games I've played that I feel like are similar to this is God of War, Bayonnetta, and maybe Demon's Souls.


Kotaku's Brian Crecente puts a ton of people in the cornfield.

If you guys don't know already, but Kotaku.com has a wierd comment policy.  You have to make a comment and it has to be accepted by a staffer, and then you will be allowed to comment on their site.  It's a little annoying but whatever.  Anyways, they came out with an article the other day, which showed a real-life pale zergling.  It was herrendous in my opinion and I said in a comment that I was going to hurl.  That comment got me banned, and I found out that it got tons of other like-minded people banned too.  Anyways, I bring this up so that you guys could have a nice laugh, giggle, or what have you.  The first link is the article posted by Kotaku.  And the second link leads to the comments that people made that got them banned.  Take a look at the pic, and then look at some of the banned comments, it's so funny, and some of them are so creative.  It goes to show that nerds can spit some harsh words too.   And make sure you take a nice gooooood look at that thing.
One of the comments are like:  "She looks like Edward Scissorhands' normal handed sister"
EDIT: Also, you would think it would be common sense to not show something like that on the site, did they expect some type of good-will from the community.  I MEAN COME ON! Look at it. haha


You've been Moderated?

When I look at the community Quest challenge thing on the homepage, the entire box is in red and it has in big white bold text "You've been Moderated."  Does everyone else see this because it didn't look like this for me yesterday for the community quest, so what exactly does this mean.


Battlefield Bad Company 2 PS3 Demoltion Man Trophy Adventure

This is the last trophy I need, and I'm willing to help anyone get this trophy as long as you are willing to help me as well.  I guess were going to have to exchange phone numbers as well.  And I guess the more people the better, or probably not.  We can work out the details in this post, and work stuff out.


Bad Company 2 Points Issue?

Has anybody gotten points in Bad Company 2 and not received them while your dead?  I blew up two tanks (two separate occasions) and died as the rocket was flying towards the tank.  But after the rocket hits, it says, 100 points destroy vehicle, 50 points killing an enemy, and so on.  And I would hold down select to see if I get the points, and I don't, I check later in the game and see that I never receive them at all.  There are countless other times when this has happened too, like when I blow up an M-Com station and I died trying to stop someone from disarming it, the screen shows me the station blowing up and says that I got 100 points for blowing it up.  But then I hold select again, and to no avail, I still don't receive my points.  Does anybody know if DICE will be fixing this bug, or if an update is coming out soon, or is this actually supposed to be part of the online experience.  Cuz it absolutely sucks!!!!

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