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This was only unexpected if you haven't followed anything about Minecraft for the past few months. They had a competition to intergrate Kinect on the PC a little while back.

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Me and my PC laugh at you and your PSN.

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I reckon it's amazing tbh, AI is a lot tougher than ANY other Empire game. I've been battered in under 5 years playing it so far because I focused on my infrastructure too much. Closest I've had in any other TW game was playing as the Dutch in Empire + attacking Spain straight off, ended up getting owned by them + France in under 5 years because of it once :P

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tbh thank fuck..... I'm still pissed off that consoles get games MONTHS before they're released on PC. *points at AC:B in an angry fashion*

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Game companys are fuckin PC owners over left right + centre. Fable 3 PC release un-announced...  Assassins Creed Botherhood set for release 4 fuckin months after the consoles + now xbox exclusive DLC for New Vegas. You'd think they were tryin to get rid of PC Gaming they way they're goin about shit.

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Companions was the hardest. Didn't help that I'd played all of 10 mins of Fallout 2 :P

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Gunna play this in a min :P

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Been signed up for the beta for nearly a year now :P
Roll on EU testing!