Its not the destination, its the Journey that Counts

Yesterday I played through and finished The Journey on Playstation 3. A game never sticks in my mind after playing it. Games are just a source of entertainment for me. They aren’t “art” and they certainly don’t ever hit me on an emotional level. I didn’t have a second thought for the little sisters in Bioshock, I just wanted that Adam. I don’t ponder on the loss of comrades in Call of Duty or Halo Reach and I know it sounds heartless but losing my dog in Fable 2 meant fuck all to me.

Why on earth then am I still thinking about Journey and the connection I had with my co-op partner? I didn’t even know this person. I have never spoken to, seen or know the person I played through the game with. The total amount of contact I have had with this other person is a few beeps and boops to get his/ her attention during the 2 hours of game time i spent with the person. But for some reason that experience. That 2 hours is sticking in my mind as the best co-op experience I have ever had in a game.

That is a real achievement for That Game Company, they have made a person who plays games without feeling have a real emotional attachment in a game. That is something that will stick with me forever. The thing I am wondering now is why? Why is it that this game has stuck in my mind so much? What is it about Journey that sticks it in my mind as a very emotional, artistic experience?

The answer to that question is I don’t honestly know, it could be the lack of contact with the other player. Just the one note that you can press or hold to get your partners attention. The fact that I cannot hear my “friend”, can't hear the person calling me a fag or dick for getting caught by the monster and losing all of my scarf. In the scenario he is not being a dick to me verbally so I never really have a negative opinion of him. Or is it the fact that it is just the two players alone in the wilderness helping each other out. Does it create that bond that stuck in my mind. A bond that worries me when I think I have lost my partner because I have been pushed off of a platform by the wind. Only to later be relieved seeing my “mate” sat waiting for me on the same platform chirping away looking for me.

No matter what it is Journey has stuck in my mind and will forever stick in my mind for being the game that actually made me feel emotional about a game. In Journey I was not just going through the motions I actually had feelings for the game. I don’t think I will ever play Journey again. I don’t want to spoil my memories of the game.



Busy week.....Busy fucking week. I took the week off of work for my birthday. Me and my girlfriend decided to make some big plans.

The biggest plan was a trip to London. I bought it way back in January for Our anniversary. The trip consisted of 2 nights in a hotel and the train ride to and from London from Nottingham. We Decided to take a late....iiiiish train on the way down on Tuesday. We got there for 2 o' clock. Went straight to the hotel checked in and chilled for an hour or so. I bought us tickets to Mamma Mia for Tuesday night. In all honesty I expected to be fucking bored out of my brain. I have seen the film...well I lasted about 40 minutes anyway. But the play was actually very funny and entertaining. The singing was great and although the acting was cheesy as fuck it just worked. That however could have been the few pint I had before the play and man is beer expensive at the theatre. We also went to TGI Fridays for a meal before the show. All I have to say is Jack Daniels Sauce ROCKS!!!!!!

Wednesday we a bleeding packed day. We went to both the natural history museum HE HE Dinosaurs and the Science Museum. It was awesome. Really interesting. I could see they were boring the missus though so I did rush through them a little quicker than I would have alone. After the museums and lunch we went to the London Eye. It was fucking crazy. You can see for miles around. All the way from the Houses of Parliament to Tower Bridge. I really enjoyed the experience. I think it would have been better without the weather ruining pictures and shit. It was pissing it down I mean I bought some new converse the day before....ruined fucking 1 day. The rain did stop however for our short boat trip up The Thames. Seeing the sights by the river is great and introduces a few goo photo opportunities. Finally we went on a tour inside Tower Bridge. All the way up to the walkways above and down to the engine rooms. My girlfriend especially loved it. She has a strange affection for the bridge and became really excited upon seeing it. That was basically it for our London trip. I think we fit a hell of allot in our 2 days there and it was bloody knackering. I loved it though and we hope to go to Paris soon.

Friday. My Birthday. 24 WOW, that's depressing. I'm in my mid twenties now. WOW. Anywaygot a few good presents. Clothes, games, blu rays and a hella lot of chocolate. Also I went to see The Avengers in iMax 3d. Fucking great film. The best depiction of Hulk I have seen outside of comics ever. I really wanna go see it again. Saturday I went to a pool Party at a friends. It was fun I suppose. I'm not really a fan of swimming. Its just not fun.

Thats all. Bloody busy week. Not much chance for gaming. I haven't even touched most of my game related presents. I did play:

The Witcher 2

I have heard and read allot about this game since its release last year so I thought I should check it out (+ it was a present from my girlfriend). The problem is the game has an issue on AMD cards. The game just stutters along. No matter how I play it. I did find a fix on the official forum that helps but doesn't entirely eliminate the problem. The game is fun really good. I have only really played an hour because of the problem. I am really hoping for a patch soon.

The Walking Dead

I played through the first chapter in one sitting. Its great. I don't generally like adventure games but I think my love for walking dead sold me on this.

Back at work now Not much going on this week. I pre ordered Diablo 3 and look forward to checking that out. My first attempt at the series. I hope to play more Witcher 2 this week. Going to see American Pie but that's about it.


20/04/2012 - Waiting in Anticipation

Another week, another blog post on the long side. I have to be honest and let everyone know that I have fuck all to talk about this week. Absolutely nowt has happened of interest. I cant even say I have that much to talk about wise.

Errrm...well...oooh yeah I did start watching Psych. A procedural cop show about a bloke who pretend to be a psychic to get a job with the police. It is a fucking dumb show but its amazing to zone out in front of. Its currently on the 6th season and I am on the 3rd at the minute. It reminds me allot of Monk and I used to love that show....errrrm....see that is really all I have to talk about this week. Slow week.

Okay I think its better that I move on to games instead of padding this out even more. I haven't really put much time into games this week. I have just played bits here and there.


With all the buzz about this game I had to try it out. I have to say it hasn't really clicked with me yet. I am not really a big puzzle guy but at 800 points I have to try it out.

Super Monday Night Combat

Gave it a try. Sucked ass. I think I need to read up a little on SMNC before jumping in again


Read above copy and paste below here.

Trials Evolution

I loved Trials HD. Fucking loved it. It was a no brainer that I would buy Evolution on release day. This game is so good.....yet so frustrating... I just turned the game off (angrily) after trying to beat a friends time for an hour and half. Finally losing out by less than half a second

Well thats it for games...see nothing. On to next week. A whole week off work and I have some bitching plans lined up. Monday, a super awesome lie in and lazy day. Doing fuck all. Nothing but gaming and sleeping. Tuesday, me and my girlfriend are going down to London until Thursday for a short break. As for plans while we are there. Tuesday night. The Mamma Mia stage show (boring as fuck). Wednesday, London eye, River Cruise, Tower Bridge Experience, National History Museum and my girlfriend is buying me a birthday meal. Thursday will more than likely be a meal and then the train home. As for Friday the 27th, that my birthday. Me and my girlfriend are going into Sheffield (my local city) to watch the Avenger in iMax 3d (cant fucking wait). Then Saturday Night is a lads piss up with the boys (obviously) to see the week out in (a drunken mess of) style. Then Sunday is a relax day again, recover from the hangover in front of Hollyoakes omnibus (because it has no plot just pretty ladies) and more games. WOW BUSY WEEK ahead.



16/04/2012 - Horror Week

Another week has gone by, mainly uneventful. But I may as well write something again. Well you know it passes the time (god I'm bored) Well its been another week of doing nothing much more that work and gaming.

I did manage to get to the cinema again last week. The initial idea was to watch the Battleship film but as soon as I found out that Joss Whedon's (old) new film Cabin in the Woods was released I suddenly changed my mind. Needless to say I loved the film. I went in to the film expecting to see a horror film. I was pleasantly surprised while watching the film I found out that the film was actually a Monster flick with hints of horror and even some sci-fi thrown in to the mix. The film is fucking amazing go watch it.

Nothing else much happened last week. I eat a shit ton of fas food. I also went to the gym a total of 0 times. Yep that's right not once did I work out. If you could see my face right now you would see the definition of shame (sad face).

As for what I have played:

The Darkness 2

Finished this up last week. In no more than 2 sessions (not played a game like this in ages). I fucking loved the game. I think...nope I know this is the best game I have played this year and will be there or there about's on my game of the year list at the end of the year. (SPOILER ....minor) I especially loved the section on the ghost train. The lack of control gave me a real sense of dread and tension. The game only lasted 6 hours (so steam tells me) which is a fucking short game. But I would much prefer playing good quality game like this than a long ass boring or even average game. Quality over quantity.


I also bought and started WWE12 this past week (I know I said no more purchases last week but I watched Wrestlemania and kinda got back into wrestling). I really dislike this game. The road to Wrestlemainia mode is fucking shite. Its a real shame because I used to love the old Smackdown games. Playing a year as my created superstar taking him to wrestlemainia and winning the belt was amazing. The story mode in this game sucks in comparison.

This week? Nothing much going on this week. Work. Games and more work probably. It will more than likely drag on like fuck because next week I have a full week of work and some big plans. More on that in the coming weeks.


9th April 2012 - Not so 3d

Yesterday I was dragged to see The Titanic in 3d by my girlfriend. Surprisingly the Cinema was full even though it was Easter Sunday. I want to start this out by letting you know that I think The Titanic is a good film, before I start shitting on it. The thing is the film is just too damn long. Fucking 3 hours and 15 minutes that is not including the pre show adverts. I was basically sat in that cinema seat (that fucking uncomfortable cinema seat) for 4 hours. 4 fucking hours on a film I have seen twice before. I wouldn’t have minded much if the 3d would have brought something new to this film but its barely existent. Me and my girlfriend paid and extra £1.50 each to see this 3d film. I know it doesn’t seem like much but when there is barely any 3d (that is noticeable anyway) what is the point. There are moments in the film where 3d would have been perfect. When the ship goes under and the water splashing up (oh I must say spoilers…..Guess what The Titanic fucking sinks) or when the water is rushing in to the bottom of the ship. There could have been so many moments where 3d would have just worked, but it never happened. All I could tell were bubbles popping out at the start of the film in the submarine sections and the title card popped out a little. What a fucking waste. Don’t get me wrong though the film is a great iconic film, just a very disappointing 3d experience and damn too long to be sat in an uncomfortable seat. I would recommend watching the film. Just maybe get it on blu ray. Sat in your own home, warm and comfortable where you can relax and maybe stop the film to go for a piss or some food if it is needed.

My feelings on 3d have really changed recently. At first I loved it, the gimmick. I went to see bad films just because they were in 3d (my bloody valentine). But I have to say for the past year or so I have really got 3d fatigue. I feel it is actually to a films detriment in most cases now. The screen is dark, you get eye ache. I really cant be arsed with it any more.

As for games I have been playing recently. I finished Syndicate the other day and man was that game surprisingly good. At first I thought it was a mediocre first person shooter that reminded me allot of the new Deus Ex game that came out last year. But about an hour in you start opening up major powers that really mix up the combat, and make the game play feel a whole lot better. I especially like the persuade power that lets you take control of the enemy making him turn on his allies. When all his allies are finally killed he will then turn his own gun on himself. I also think its is worth mentioning the final boss which is tense as fuck. My palms were sweating facing off against the dude, and my heart was pounding for the whole fight. Also generally I cant fucking stand Dubstep but when that battle is over and the Dubstep starts playing over the credits you cant help but love it. I would recommend any one buy this game and I can legitimately see it ending up on my games of the year list for 2012. Also right now the game will more than likely be fairly cheap so go on go out and buy this shit.

After finishing Syndicate I immediately moved on to The Darkness 2. As of right now I have beat the first boss, saved and finished there. I bought the game on PC and my initial thoughts where that the game is fucking impossible with a mouse and keyboard. The way the quad wielding works means it is a perfect fit with a game pad but in no way works with a mouse. Its also worth mentioning how fucking beautiful it looks on PC with the graphics turned up full. Fucking awesome game so far.

That’s about all I have to say for now. Noting going on in the week really. Back to work Wednesday and more Darkness 2 is about all. I do wanna get out to see Battleship at some point, that comes out Wednesday. It looks SHIT!!!!! Seriously it looks really bad. N27


My Week – March 23rd

I decided to start a blog about what I have done in the week past, and my plans for the coming weekend. It probably won’t be the most interesting read. Allot of work, game, work, game. But I suppose it will be cool to look back on in a few years and reminisce about how fucking boring my life is. I mean come on I am blogging on a Friday night….what a party animal I am.

I won’t go into too much detail about work because, well I have a shitty boring job and by no means will it be exciting. I have been trying to get back into the whole fitness bull shit again this week. I will tell you now I failed I went to the gym a total of 0 times and eat a hell of allot of fast food. I did however go swimming a few times. I generally do not like swimming, being in a body of water that a good few 12 year olds have more than likely took a piss in is not my definition of fun. But my girlfriend likes it and because I am whipped I decided to join her. Plus I couldn’t pass up seeing her in a bikini now could I. So yeah that was it swimming 3 times but it’s a start right…..right?

I do expect to hit the gym a few times next week. I have set myself a target of 3 times a week for an hour and then swimming twice a week. Also maybe…only maybe if I can be bothered to cook, eat a little healthier.

It was mine and my girlfriends 2 year anniversary this week. 2 years…wow that has gone so quick. We did exchange gifts nothing major just a little bit of something to celebrate the day. Oh and she treated me to a McDonalds, Aren’t I a lucky man. Yeah anyway I bought her a bear and some chocolates and paid for a trip to London for the both of us in April for 2 nights which should be pretty awesome. She bought me some Ferrero Rochet (my favourite chocolates), a couple of iPhone 4s cases and most importantly 2 awesome games. The first Syndicate and the second SSX. Both games are awesome but probably more on those later.

So on to the games that I played; let’s start with the two that I have already mentioned:


I used to love the SSX games. Tricky being my favourite. Actually in all honesty I can’t really remember the games too much it has been so long. I do remember the Wii game (deadly descents?????) which I have to say I didn’t like at all. Not one bit waggle to do moves FUCK OFF!!!!! Anyway this game. I fucking love it. The autolog is awesome. It was great in Need for Speed and is perfect here, being able to see and be notified what a friends time/score is on any slope adds a certain addiction level to the game. “I have to beat that time”. “I need to fucking beat his score”. Also the global challenges are fucking awesome. Basically I can pay (in game money) to enter a competition and the winners get in game money back. The winners are split into certain brackets depending on score. The story mode does seem a little short unfortunately but there is so much more to do than that, so it makes no fucking difference. Great game. Get that shit.


To be totally honest I haven’t put much time into this at all. I started it earlier today. So far I really like it. It reminds me allot of Deus Ex (the new one) and maybe a little of F.E.A.R. It seems good and I can’t wait to sink a bit more time into it.

Diamond Dash

I generally hate iPhone games. They aren’t fucking games! But this has got me addicted. If I have 5 minutes spare I will play one or two rounds. Diamond Dash is at its core a match 3 type of game. You combo up moves to add a special power for a small amount of time. The game only lasts a minute and your score is compared with your friends on Facebook. The leader board aspect makes the game really addicting. I would say though that I am done now. Because of cheating bastards. Some of my friends have stopped the time using a Firefox plug-in making it impossible for me to beat them. The game is ruined.

Draw Something

The game that has shaken the world in the past week. Everyone is playing it. The only way to describe it is co-op Pictionary. It’s fun. Try it out. Another Facebook game… Honestly I hate Facebook games.

Mass Effect 3

I Finished the Mass Effect 3 story the other night, and even though it isn’t the greatest ending. The fact that everyone gets the same ending no matter what choices were made is a real ball ache. But come on the game is great. It’s near on 30 hours of fun not including multiplayer which is also amazing. People need to get over there selves they don’t have the right to demand a new ending. You either like it or lump it and if I had any say I wouldn’t have backed down like Bioware did keep the ending fuck the mardy bastards.

That’s about it for the week. Looking forward to the next few days. I hope to play a lot more Syndicate and maybe drop back into Call of Duty a little for the double XP weekend. But on Sunday I am going down to London, to Wembley stadium to watch my local team Chesterfield play Swindon. It should be a good day and I can’t wait to see the great stadium.

Well that was my week and my weekend is looking good. Thanks for reading sorry for boring. x


My Final Thoughts of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

The original Halo: Combat Evolved was the reason I purchased an Xbox at the time it was amazing. Visually and in terms of gameplay it was second to none. So whether or not I would purchase the anniversary remake was never really in question for me. The question is, does the game still play today, is it still fun. Will it just be nostalgia carrying me through the game?

Last night I completed the Campaign of Halo and to be honest towards the end I was getting bored. The last, say 3 levels are fucking tedious. But, and there is a big but. The final section of the game is awesome. It was awesome 10 years ago and it’s still fucking amazing today. The race against time to escape the ring before it blows up is one of the best, if not the best vehicle section in a first person shooter. I actually feel that section saved the whole game for me. The game looks beautiful too, the fact that you can see how much has been changed by pressing the back button shocks me every time. Another shock for me was the difficulty, as of Halo 3 I have played these games on Hardcore so it was a given for me that on this one I would do the same…Nope this game is bleeding hard. After the 3 level I decided to knack it back down to normal and pussy out (shame on me).

Anyway the whole point of this post is did I have fun with Halo. The answer is yes. But nowhere near as much fun as I can remember having years ago in the original version. I would not recommend this game to Halo fans that do not have the nostalgia for the original (too young to play, never owned a Xbox) but if you loved it back in the day, I expect you will at least like the HD version of this classic.


OK so Mario Kart 7 Tipped me over the edge

Last year I was adamant....I was being down right stubborn. No I am not buying a 3DS no way. There is no game that will make me purchase it. Nothing. I guess I was wrong....oops.

As you can probably tell from the above paragraph, just this second I have ordered a 3DS (aqua one it looks nice). I guess I have Ryan, Brad and Patrick to thank for my purchase. Well them and their quick look. Was it the wrong decision? Probably. Will I play it? I doubt it, maybe on my holiday next August. But even then I have a kindle coming on the 25th.

It wasn't that bad really £130, it will arrive Tuesday along with Mario Kart 7. I guess the only question to ask now is. What games should I get? This and Super Mario Bros. are a given but what else? Maybe Zelda? Suggestions please.


I WILL NOT BUY A VITA....NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.P.S Uncharted: Golden Abyss looks pretty good ;)


Thoughts and Feelings of Battlefield far.

This blog will focus mainly on the multiplayer aspect of Battlefield 3 because...well lets face it. That's the game. I would however like to start with the single player. I have played probably about 2 and a half hours of this so far. After reading reviews and comments on forums about the games campaign I expected to hate it. But I have to say it is surprisingly fun. I have noticed a few scripting errors here and there but over all I am impressed with the campaign. If there is one thing to mention it would be that it seems like a massive Black Ops rip off even down to how the story is scripted (flash backs from an interrogation...come on).

Anyway on to the real subject of this blog. Battlefield 3 multiplayer. Lets face it, the game has issues. Issues that will hopefully be fixed through patches but at the minute these problems are annoying the fuck out of me. Firstly. Connection problems. Quite often I will play for an hour or so. Going amazingly on a server, owning fools (okay well I will be doing okay) and suddenly be pushed back to the battlelog having lost connection to the server. This is then raising my disconnects and is not really recording the match. This is my main annoyance with the game actually. This seems like a serious problem to me and definitely needs to be fixed soon. Another annoyance is Origin. Oh My Fucking Gawd I hate Origin. Its not needed. It doesn't work and it is clunky as fuck. I am really glad that as soon as you launch the game that is the last moment it is actually used. I know its EA's shot at a steam like service but seriously do it better.

Well they are my only annoyances with the game (at the minute) I actually love every other aspect of battlefield 3. I am glad that Dice didn't try to imitate Call of Duty in playing style and stuck with the slower paced large battles with vehicles. I surprisingly love the fact that battlelog is your server browser too. It allows me to check twitter or giantbomb while I wait for the game to load up. I actually hope more games take this on.

Overall I love battlefield 3 and I can actually see this becoming my prominent multiplayer experience for the next year or doesn't help that the game looks fucking fantastic (seriously is the best looking game I have ever seen).


Pre-Dark Souls Journal

I bought Dark Souls today (maybe not the best idea for my sanity. What have I gotten myself in to. I have never really been a fan of fantasy RPG and typically I am not skilled in those types of games but for some reason this game has intrigued me.

I love a challenge and beating Dark Souls will be a great personal accomplishment for me. Never having played Demon Souls I really do not know what to expect from this game. I hear it is going to be a hell of allot of grinding and trial and error (not my favourite gameplay elements).

I have never been a patient gamer. I generally tend to run in and not think through my options. This game will be a fresh style of gameplay for me. I am not sure that I will actually like Dark Souls, but only time will tell.

That being said I decided to share my noobishness with you guys and blog my way through Dark Souls. At the end of each week I will blog my quests in the game here letting you guys know what I have done, how far I have gotten and my general feelings of the game so far. I hope people find this interesting If not journaling my way through a game really seems interesting to me (something to look back on later).