Mining Ships, Why do Aliens Target Mining Ships.

This week I decided to crack open Dead Space. I bought this game about a year ago and never really took an interest in it. With the second being released last week and seeing all the coverage, videos and reviews on the sequel I decided to give the original a try. I am currently on the 6 chapter and I love it, I am starting to wonder why I never played it all this time. The game did leave me to wonder why are these type of games and movies always set on mining ships. There was Alien and the doom games just to name a couple. Just seems quite strange of a general setting to me. 


 Come on just a little kiss

I have also been a little ill lately, nothing too serious. My asthma flared up and I was finding it hard to breathe last Tuesday but after going to the docs and getting a stronger inhaler and some steroids things have gotten better. I haven’t been able to go to the gym though which is really annoying me as I like to do at least 3 sessions a week. I am going to try and build that up next week. As for the steroids oh how I hate those pills. 6 a day as soon as I get up. Taking them at 7 am still kept me awake till around 5 am the next morning. They also gave me crippling head aches every so often and I tended to have a shorter leash while on the pill. At times I seemed quite angry over nothing at all. But everything seems to be back to normal now so it’s all good.

That extra time awake did help out over the weekend though as it was double xp weekend on Black Ops. I spent all Friday night a little Saturday (girl friend duties on Saturday) and most of Sunday grinding Black Ops to get to the 2 sweet prestige. I managed to get to level 48 from level 22 which isn’t bad and I suppose in a few days I will blast through the last 2 levels and prestige again. I also played a little of Ilomilo. It’s a quirky little puzzle game, its allot of fun and quite challenging later on. I am now on the 3 chapter of 6 and slowly making my way through the game.


My First Strike Experience So Far

I Love the Call of Duty: Black Ops, I have played this iteration of the franchise a hell of allot more than the previous ones for some reason, of which I am not quite sure. Anyway a map pack was released yesterday with 4 new multiplayer maps and 1 Zombie map. As I do not really play the zombie mode i will focus on my initial opinions of the 4 multiplayer maps in this pack.  
First I would like to start with the price 1200 points which equates to £10 or $12 i think. I have to say that is a little steep for 4 maps, no matter how good infact compare it to another product i bought off of live this week ilomilo which is a fully fledged game for 800 points and I have to say I may have played that a little more than Call of Duty recently anyway on to the maps: 
Stadium: Based around an empty Hockey arena, this is the smallest of the 4 maps but still a fair size, I like this map so far lots of small corridors for intense fire fights.  
Berlin Wall: A little more open than stadium, there is an area in the middle of the wall which is no mans land with turret aimed to shoot down anyone who steps in that area. 
Discovery: Fairly big map based on a later level of the campaign, on this map there is an ice bridge that can be blown up making it harder to get from one side of the map to the other. I found that there seemed to be a high level of sniper play on this map which isn't really my type of game but we'll see. So far this is my least favorite map. 
Finally there is Kowloon: Based on the mission numbers, it has a zipline for fast travel across the map which can be quite risky, This gives the map a risk/ reward output, do you walk all way round to the fire fight maybe missing it or do you zipline straight there maybe being seen and shot down while doing so. I like this map its quite fun and I love the rooftop jumping. 
Well thats about it from me I played a little more brotherhood and allot of that game. 


Theres Wally....No, wait...he's there.

Last night was a close friends 23rd birthday night out. He had the clever idea of dressing up as wheres wally. I am not usually one to dress up but he insisted. So there we were around 10 of us dressed as wheres wally. We looked like proper idiots. It was fun though. Getting the outfit was a bit of a pain i couldn't find a red and white striped top for the life of me. But today I went into town and saw them in every bloody shop i went into hell i think they even had one in Gamestation. 
Anyway onto my gaming, I have played a little more Assassins Creed: Brotherhood and I still love that game, it is so much fun I have got to a point where I am barely doing any story based stuff and just focusing on the side stuff...which I never do.  I also played a little of the 2 demos that came out on the 360 this week, crysis is good but it can no way live up to black ops multi player. I may give it a try when its released and Bulletstorm.....WOW I have played that demo over and over (still cant get more than 2 stars) I really cant wait for this release....I JUST CANT WAIT. I also bought the Back to the Future Box set and me and my girlfriend are gunna marathon those soon :) Thats about it.  

Can you figure out which one of the 3 is the real Wally/ Waldo?

First Time In The Big City

So I have never been to London ever...I live in the north of England, always have. More than likely always will. I have never thought to head south and visit our capitol City....until today. 
Today me and my girlfriend decided to take a trip to London, and I have to say I like it and I cant wait to go again. Hopefully for longer, maybe a weekend trip next time, catch a show, do more sight seeing and I guess I could let Kate do a little shopping too. 
So anyway back to my day. My alarm went off at 7a.m (Kate told me "5 more minutes) so 1 hour later we were up and dressed and ready to go for the train to Nottingham. Got on the train at half 9.  
Got to Nottingham at 10 and managed to catch the connecting train to London straight away. The train journey wasn't too great we just chatted and listened to music. Me Kanye West and her probably Glee. I have to say even though West is a major cock, you cant hit his music, it is bloody wonderful. The mix of so many styles of music just works perfectly. 
Anyway 3 hours later and about 1/3rd of my iPhone battery later we were in London (may I add i also played Plants vs Zombies on the train). We started in St Pancras station, a massive train station, bloody huge. It had a few shops in and resteraunts, and it had a cool toy shop with a plane that you threw and it came back to you......didn't get it though it was quite expensive (sad face) . 
We then went on an open top bus tour...It was bloody freezing, but we did get to see all of the sights, Parliament building, Tower Bridge and many others. After the tour we decided to go to Madam Tusaurds a wax works, it was bloody cool....had my photo with Russell Brand and many other Wax versions of Celebs.  
Then thats all we had time for, train home. So I expected the same journey as before in died after 10 minutes on the train. 

      Big Ben Framed by the London Eye

Lets get a little organised now shall we?

Recently I have been writing allot of random blogs about senseless subjects whenever I either get bored or just feel like spouting off, the aforementioned blogs usually have bad grammar and well rarely say much. So I decided to do a weekly blog journaling the past week of my life and topping it off on my plans for the week ahead. So let’s see how that goes.

I recently started playing Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, I am probably less than a hour into the game currently not because I can’t get into it because it seems great so far, but because the latest update is fucked. When I say fucked I don’t mean that it renders the game unplayable...noooo. The game is still very much the same.  The problem is when I start Assassins Creed: Brotherhood now I get signed out of Xbox Live. Now that has stopped me playing the game for one reason alone. I’m dumb. I thought that it was either my connection or my Xbox so I fucked about for an hour trying to sort that and still nothing. Not until I checked online did I see it was the updates fault. SO after the hour of messing around for nothing I started the game and now I really couldn’t be arsed to play much as it was late and I had work early the next morning. So there’s my excuses for not playing too much of the game. Now here is what I like so far. I love that my save file carried over and the fact I have my money and outfit from Assassins Creed 2 at the start of the game. Be it only for the first half an hour but it’s a cool addition making the story seem feasible that this game is directly after the second. As for everything else so far it seems like the same Assassins Creed Game, but i cant wait to explore further, and I will let you know what I think next week. 


 Is that a chick in the yellow and purple?...if so nice bum, if not erm I will adapt a manly strut to make up for the comment.  

What else have I done this week...honestly apart from work and sleep, not much. I watched Predator, that’s a bad film I wouldn’t recommend it at all, the nods to the original are pretty cool but that’s about all I am willing to applaud this film for. I started reading the book that accompanies Karl Pilkington’s TV Show an Idiot abroad, It is basically his diary from the TV show. Its a good read really funny.   I am also going to the cinema tonight to watch the Green Hornet film (2d, not 3d because apart from avatar all the other 3d films I have watched are shite) so yeah more on that in my next Blog.

So yeah that has been my week in a couple of paragraphs, this week I will probably be playing allot more Brotherhood and maybe a little Rockband 3 and Black Ops too. I hope this blog style is better than the previous ones, if not let me know. I will try and make it funny aswell if I can but who   knows I could just be a boring guy....ooh I have heartburn I didn’t mention that earlier. Anyway off to meet my Girlfriend from work then a meal and Green Hornet. BUYYYYYYIEEEEEEE x

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I have just watched buried with Ryan Reynolds and all I have to say is oh my gawd!!! This film is a roller coaster of emotions. The only character you ever see is Ryan's, a truck driver in Iraq who have been captured and is held in a coffin  for $5 million. The whole film  takes place in the coffin with the lead trying to figure out a way out any way he can. I have to say the film was amazing and the ending is incredible.  
I also decided to start Assassins Creed: Brotherhood just this second as i finished Need for Speed recently so thats what the next week or so of my life will be taken up with. Apart from going to see Green Hornet soon. :) 


Done and Drifted

Well I have been playing it since Xmas and I can finally say I have completed Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, every race racer and cop with golds. Which at times was frustrating but in the end was extremely enjoyable. I have to say that this is my favorite racing game released in 2010 if not my favorite overall. 
Now it is time for Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, the next game on my ever-growing backlog. I have not so much has touched the single player on this yet but i played a small amount of the single player and its good.  
I am currently watching Catfish which as far as i know is a film about deception over the internet...i am not too sure if it is actually a documentary or one of the mockumentaries. I heard about this on Kevin Smiths Podcast +1 which is also great check that out. Anyway back to the film, i might review NFS i am not sure yet.

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Another Blog post today Just because I need to rant

Well I think you get it from the title so here is my rant.
1. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, great great game but for fuck sake some of the things niggle me. First, what is with me leading all way to the end in a race and then a cop or chopper putting down a spike strip 0.1 miles before the end making me lose.....Its not like it has been a rare occasion, it must have bloody happened, what four or five times tonight alone. Also the camera cut away, yeah it looks great but i really don't wanna see another car hitting my strip. I WANT TO SEE WHERE I AM DRIVING!!!! I dont know how many times it has cut back to me from those and i am right infront of a roadblock or a truck or a dreaded spike strip.
2. 4od on PS3, ITV player seems to have the same problems but tonight mt beef is with 4od. So i wanna watch Shameless, its been on all week and I have been too busy to watch. So tonight I have chance, no work tomorrow so I can have a late night and catch up on the 5 episodes that have been aired all week. Anyway it gets to the first ad break and just cuts to a white screen, try again fastforward to where i left off gets to an ad break white screen. I will try tomorrow but f its the same I will be extremely pissed off.
aaaaaaah Rant Over


Karl Pilkington....What a legend

I have been listening to Karl Pilkington, since his days on the Xfm radio show years ago, he then went onto doing podcasts with Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant. And then the amazing Idiot abroad. I bough a few of his books lately and finally Rickys DVD science yesterday which Karl featues heavily on the extras. I just want to say he is amazing. Some people say he is a character but no one could play that one. He has to be genuine. I was jsut watching the extra where he met Dwarf Warwick Davis and it is hillarious. I just wanted to see who else has watched him and is a fan like me.


2nd game done of 2011

So as you may know a week or so ago I finished Medal of Honor. Now I have completed Enslaved another of the 8 games a recieved for xmas. I have to say I like the game....don't love it, but i like it. Its an average patform action game, it no way lives up games such as Uncharted and God of War. So yeah i have wrote a review on the game like i sai i would in my last blog which i will upload straight after this blog post if you are interested in my opinion, please excuse the bad grammer i am English but I still don't know my native toungue. I think I am gunna move onto doing the Racer missions on Need for speed (I have completed the Cop ones) and NBA JAM next so keep looking here if you wanna know how well I am getting on. 

 Those Damn Dogs!!!!!
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