I cant make my mind up

So as you may have realised from a previous blog post I am currently playing Enslaved and well I just don't know what to think. As I said on twitter earlier the game seems to boil down to a loooooong escort mission and if there is one thing i hate in games its escort missions. But and this is a big but i love the combat and the platforming. I just don't know whether i love or hate this game or a little of both. I never usually write reviews of games because i feel i am not literate enough to do so but I may just attempt it with Enslaved because it seems like it would be an interesting thing to write up. 
So I am currently around half way through and if you are interested in what I thought of the whole game check back here and read my attempt at a game review in a few days.


Why is Trip so Bloody Useless

I write this blog now with Enslaved currently on pause. I Started the game yesterday and I like it...allot, but there is one thing in the game that is really, really getting on my tits. Trip, the female sidekick in the game, I don't mind that she cant do the jumps so I as monkey have to help her with the trickier platforming, i don't mind that she is useless in combat, hell I don't even mind that she is a whiney bitch who would put some of my ex's to shame. What really, really annoys me is how she keeps getting stuck on everything. Small wall stuck, brokendown car....stuck, pebble....stuck, fucking blade of grass.....you guessed it stuck. This has resulted in me having to pick her up constantly just to move the game one. Also once she seemed to get stuck on nothing and just stand there spazzing out, i try to pick her up but nope so all i could do is leave her there looking like an epeleptic at a disco. That resulted in me reloading the checkpoint. Thats about it for me so far :)


I may spend too much on games!!!!!

Looking at my games collection I came to a realisation. I buy a lot of games, too many maybe. So this year I have decided to keep track of what games I buy. I saw someone elses blog on this site (sorry cant remember who). Who had made a simple spreadsheet using google documents to keep a track on how much they spend in a year on games. Well I stole that idea, whipped up a quick spreadsheet and I will be updating that thoughout the year hopefully and I will keep posting a link on this blog so you guys can see what i have bought and when. So there you go 3 days in and 2 entries already:    https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AsTTI6tDlPnVdFFhdEFhNVFGajZLbG8teWNHWWhRU2c&hl=en&authkey=CIvahMkL 


In other news, I have just finished Medal of Honor. I played through it in 2 sittings, clocked in at about 5 or 6 hours. The game is good, not amazing but good. I do have to say that the multiplayer is fucking annoying, i seem to spawn and then get fucked in the eye hole by a sniper. Am I doing something wrong eh? Should I not spawn. What a ballache.  I would recommend a rental for that definately do not buy.

Ima Shut down them pesky racers

Well since the 25th of December I have been playing a hell of allot of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and I have to say I love it. I have been playing mainly as a cop and last night finished all of the police racers. I just love going up against 7 racers and trying to bust each one its a massive rush. The time trial type races did seem to be a little annoying replaying them over and over until i get a perfect run but in the end i managed to get through them all. Like i said i finished every cop even and with a distinction which i am quite proud about because i am never usually any good at racing games. This game has just seemed to get me hooked. Today I am gonna make proper start on the racer missions I just hope they are as fun as the police stuff. Last night i did also jump online for a race and I somehow came first by a big margin. I dunno if that was luck or me being amazing.....i hope the latter but i expect the former is more true. :)

Rebel Pack


So its post xmas which means that it sales season :). 
So i'm gunna keep this one short and give a little roundup of what I got in the sales and what stuff i got for xmas....mainly games related.
Ok first i mainly askeds for games for christmas from friends and family so most of my presents were games, bu rays or gaming related.  
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
Gran Turismo 5
Medal of Honor 
Assasins Creed: Brotherhood
and on blu ray i got 
Toy Story 3
The Expendables
and in the sales i picked myself up 
Rockband 3
I have to say i am loving all these games so far but i haven't put much time into many, I have put allot of time into Hot pursuit and NBA Jam and I love them and allot more into rockband 3 lately which is really cool. I also saw a Miley Cyrus song on the rockband network and automatically bought it......i felt bad so had to buy Woman and some bon jovi to balance out how whimpy my selection was......but i do like me some miley :)  


My Games of 2010

So another year is over, there was many good games this year and in this next few sections I will outline a few of my favourite games of the year and my reasons for liking those games of all the other I played in 2010.

Best Downloadable Game

Pacman Championship Edition DX: I was never really a big fan of the pacman games. But this game just astounded me. It has the same addictive aspects of games such as Geometry Wars. The leader board stuff adds a competitive element to the game. I just love the feeling when you see your score pass a friends even more when you speak to that person again and can rub it in.   It was a close choice between this and Limbo but Pacman just stole a hell of allot of my time.

Best Mobile Game

Infinity Blade looks beautiful, it has great RPG elements where you level your character and weapons, the game play is really loads of fun. Blocking and parrying uses the touch screen well and so does the magic spells. May I add this game looks amazing using Epics Unreal engine on the Iphone WOW!

Best Multiplayer

Call Of Duty: Black Ops: I am not really a multiplayer gamer so I never really put much time into the Online parts of a game, unless its co-op but Halo Reach and Call of Duty Black ops started to get me into multiplayer this year... With Call of Duty especially, I actually played the multiplayer before even getting into the campaign experience. Never have is spent enough time on a multiplayer game since Counter strike: Source. The level system, the currency and all the things that come of that (the guns, the perks, clan tags, gun skins) are amazing and just add to the fun of the game.

Best Single player Experience

Mass Effect 2: This game came out early in the year, it was a great game much improved on the original.   Bioware seemed to streamline the rpg aspects and make the game more of a shooter. The story continued from the original and let you import your character and story aspects from the original. The game play was great, the story was great. The game made the first quarter of the year for me.

Game of the Year

3 Halo Reach: The single player and story is the best bungie has done so far, I have always loved the Halo franchise more than any other and can’t wait to see what Bungie has in store for us next. The Multiplayer has so much variety. The new levelling system is great not quite as good as Call of Duty’s but still great. I also loved the customisation of the game being able to make your own level and also being able to create your own Noble 6 editing armour as you go.

2  Need for Speed Hot Pursuit: I am not usually a driving game fan but I love playing as a cop in this game shutting down racers and the leader board system is like crack to me seeing my friends score before each level and trying over and over trying to beat that time. The single player is great being a cop and a racer is so much fun but I also love the multiplayer 3 on 3 races cops vs. racers is so much fun and the fact that all the exp. Gained from this mode (used to unlock cars) carriers over to the single player game is amazing.

1 Call of Duty: Black Ops: The multiplayer is amazing 2 to none but Black ops also has a great single player game too. I love the story and although it was a little obvious the twist at the end was great too plus Ice Cube is in this game every one Ice Cube!!!

Game of the Decade

There have been so many great games in the years of the 2000’s but only a few stands out to me, the original Gears of War, Halo 3, Call of Duty: Modern warfare and many more but one game has struck out more than any for me one game I played more than any other. In the early part of the decade I was big into multiplayer PC gaming and I played one game more than any other, that game was Counter strike: Source. It is an extremely simple premise Terrorist versus Counter Terrorists in 2 different game types, One where the T have to plant a bomb on one of 2 bomb sites and CT have to defuse the bomb and another where the T have to protect hostages they have capture from the CT who in turn have to get those hostages to the a safe zone. Another way for both teams to win was to kill all of the members from the opposing team.   The game was amazing and totally different from other games of its time which were only interested in deathatch and team deathmatch modes. So CS:S is my game of the Decade.


WOW They Pulled a Fight Club


Nearly set for xmas

As far as Christmas is concearned I am the worst person in the world, i always put off buying prezzies till the 24th and wrap them early christmas morning. Well this year i have changed that, last month i managed to get all of my girlfriends gifts and this month i got the rest of the families so for once i am set. Now the problem is what do i want :S 
This has been a major problem this year what do i want, Kinekt? Nope, not even enough room to swing a cat around so no chance with that. Move, nah it looks terrible. so  stuck on just a few games and blu ray disks. Then when i think the problem is over my Nan decides to give me £100 to go get my self anything i want for xmas. So the problem starts again anyway here is what i ended up choosing to get.  Halo Reach controller, Enslaved, Assasins Creed Brotherhood, Gran Turismo, NBA Jam, Need for speed and Inception and Expendables on Blu Ray. My Girlfriend also got me some stuff which i have no idea about so the small amount of time i do have off for the holidays (5 days) will be filled with gaming and films...sounds great.


I lost my Game

 If you read my previous blogs you will know that I recently got really, really addicted to Call of Duty: Black ops. I also have to say that I was doing quite well until........

Until Monday, since I got the game I played well usually at the top or there abouts every game. Then Monday, I just started losing and not occasionally but quite often. I have no idea what happened to my skill but it seems to have ran out. I don’t know if I am just rushing and need to take my time more, I am using the wrong setup or something else entirely but it is really, really frustrating me.

Because I am getting frustrated by this I just seem to pay less and less attention and end up dying more. Its a bloody cycle of suckiness. So I decided to maybe take a day or twos rest from the multiplayer and make a start on the campaign mode and come back after a fresh calmer me.


Stuck from home

Ok so its been snowing....allot where i live. I went to work on tuesday and by the time 5 o clock came around i was unable to get home. No busses were running, the roads were clogged so from tuesday to saturday i was stuck. Ok so it wasn't so bad because i was stuck at my girlfriends who lives near where i work.  That meant no games......or did it?
On wednesday we decided to walk to the local town and whilst there my girlfriend commented that she had been getting into games lately and wanted an xbox so I decided to buy the new 250 gig console to play whilst we were snowed in and then take home to mine when i got back swapping it out for my elite which would go to hers.  This only left me with one problem, no games. I did have 2100 points on my account so decided to buy crazy taxi and pacman championship edition dx plus redownload so games i had purchased before on my live account.
So the 2 games i managed to play this week:
Crazy Taxi 

  This game is still great arcade fun......its also still damn hard, i cant manage any more than an a class licence. They also took out The Offspring soundtrack for the xbox live release which i think is a shame because i love that band.
Pacman Championship Edition DX
XBLA box art
I love this game i couldn't stop playing it all week, i managed to pull the whole 300 points from it and i still cant stop playing it, its extremely addictive in the same way geometry wars was.
Finally I did managed to get home Saturday night  and all i played was Call of Duty: Black Ops until 3 a.m. I just hil level 35 in around 5 hours of play time. I have never prestiged on a Call Of Duty game before because I usually get bored. I really feel that this time i will presige and hopefully more than once. I still have barely played the Singleplayer game, I think I have probably put an hour max into it. It seems good but the Multiplayer is what interests me.,

Thats about it, next week is my girlfriends birthday so i will be quite busy with that. I expect i will play a little more black ops ad try and get some more halo: combat evolved as part of my challenge to complete all of the halo games. I haven't really made much progress with that yet but i will get back on it soon. N27