So I did what i said i wouldn't.....I bought Blops. Its good infact its really good. I really didn't expect that at all. I played a little bit of Treyarch's last Call of Duty game, World at War and didn't like it at all. But as soon as i jumped into this game I loved it. I really haven't played much of the campaign but i am loving the cash system in the multiplayer.I started playing at 9 p.m last night and didn't look up till 4 a.m (i was shocked to see the time). Like i said i have only done the 1st mission on the campaign but that looks like the same old call of duty cinematic gameplay. Everyone knows its all about the multiplayer. 
I played a little more New Vegas also. I am still loving this game bugs and all. I think i am close to completion now. Really wanna get it done soon i have loads of games still to complete and more coming at xmas. 
I am also still playing through the Halo games from start to finish with my girlfriend because she "wants to see the story". I think she really, really wants to take an interest in my hobbies which is cute. 
Thats been about it for my week, that and work, gunna watch the new harry potter on wednesday but apart from that i expect my wek will be BLOPS!!!!!!


The Halo Challenge

Today i decided to set myelf a task. Well actually it was my girlfriends idea. Play every Halo game (by bungie) from start to finish. 
My girlfriend recently saw the Halo Reach advert and from hearing me talking about it she said " i want to know how it happened".  So here we are she wants me to play though every halo game while she watches so she can pick up the story. So everytime she is over at mine i am gunna play an hr or so (we do have other things to do ;) ) of halo with her untill each halo game is complete. So that is basically it. I will keep people posted how i am getting on. I plan on starting Combat Evolved Sunday so i will update from there onwards.
P.S I know she is amazing taking an interest in gaming for me :)


The House is Starting to Lose my Interest

So the past few days i have played allot.....correction a hell of allot of New Vegas. I have managed to get to (SPOILERS) the part where you get the platinum chip back and decide what to do with it. So yeah i decided and i thought that was the end of the game but nope. I now have to get all the clans to help me with the NCR, Legion war. So yeah more New Vegas time then. This game is a good game but it is starting to wear a little thin for me. It maybe because i have played around 10 hours of it today. I may come back to it in a day or so and be loving every second again. I really hope so because I like the game and i want to complete it.
I also got myself Alan Wake for the bargain price of £1. It was a new copy too :) The game seems good. I have only played an hour so far and I hope to invest a bit more time soon.
Thats about it for me, i decided I will but Blops soon because everyone is raving about it so I have to check it out. Apart from that i have been at work and going to the Gym. Pretty normal week. 


My Game of the Year Candidates for 2010

There has been so many great games this year and I have only been able to play a few but of the games i have picked up and played i consider many game of the year worthy so in this small blog i have decided to list those such games and give my personal reasons as to why i think they are candidates for my Game of the Year.
Mass Effect 2

UK 360 Box Front
I felt the 1st game was good, but never would i class it as a great gam but bioware really seemed to step it up with the sequal, they streamlined the needless rpg aspects of the game which turned the game into more of a shooter. The Universe was extremely fleshed out and if you so wished you could read about the World of Mass Effect for hours, its planets, ships, creatures all had their own codex's. The thing that made the whole game for me was its story, the choices you could make that would drastically change the game and its ending. I also liked the character porting from the original. 
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction 
I have never really been a Splinter Cell fan, the whole stealth gameplay leaves me bored and i tend to find it quite tedious. The newest Splinter Cell game changed all that for me, the game had a faster pace and in parts reminded me of Arkham Asylum. Picking enemies off from the dark to arouse attention of their allies and then stealthily taking those down aswell. I also loved the execution perk aswell letting you take out up to four enemies with a singal press of a button. 
Heavy Rain 
Front cover of Heavy Rain (UK) for PlayStation 3
Heavy Rain has an outstanding story, its not so much a game as an interactive story. Heavy Rain kept me entertained from start to finish with its plot twists. Its unique control system is a little strange and off putting at start but as you get used to it you become enthralled in the universe. You play as multiple characters as they try to figure out who the Oragami Killer is. You could play this game multiple times and get a different ending each time. If you die its not game over, the character you were using is no longer in the story. This is one of a few games that i have played through in one sitting and have come back too again and finished with a sperate ending. I have just started my 3rd play through of heavy rain and i am still loving this game.
Red Dead Redemption
Final Boxart
Grand Theft Auto with horses thats all i need to say. This game is amazing, made by rockstar it follows the same sandbox type world as their GTA games but is set in the wild west. You play John Marsdon an ex outlaw out to capture his old allies. The game is so much fun rising around on your horse doing the story quests or the extremely entertaining side quest or just playing poker or liers dice in the local tavern.
Halo Reach
The final Halo Game by bungie, the game follows not mastercheif but noble 6 an elite group of spartans during the last days on reach. The same halo gameplay with added customisation and great multiplayer modes whats not to love. I think i completed this in 2 days and i still play he multiplayer now. The halo games are a rare class of fps and in my opinion the best on the market at the moment
These are some of my highlights from the year so far but is still have plenty more games to play, i am just getting into Fallout New Vegas and The Sims 3. I have just today bought Alan Wake and i still have plenty more to check out.

My week in gaming...where do i start...

So I don't really write a blog at all, so i thought it was time a made a start.  In this blog i will probably just waffle on about what games i played or films i watched in the last week or so depending on how often i tend to write it.
First things first (obviously, it would be stupid if i put the first thing at the end) i have to say bloody hell games are getting released, it seems that from March to the end of September there was nothing of any importance on the market and then we hit the peak time and everything comes at once (like buses...i know bad joke).
Got a couple new games this week:
The Sims 3 for Playstation 3
 I am realy shocked at how much i am loving this game, I really liked the original on the PC but felt that number 2 wasn't really much of a move upwards and kind of left the series there. I dabbled a little with The Sims 3 on PC but it never really piqued my interest and I have played Sims games on consoles before and they have been terribly poor control and gameplay wise, so when The Sims 3 was bought for me on the Playstation 3 i was quite skeptical. But after played a good few hours on the game i am loving it, the controls are perfect and they developers have managed to fit everything that was great about the sims onto this console version. I am loving creating my guy, building my house and making him hit on every female in sight (and some males too shhhhh). Needless to say I am yet again addicted to the sims (currently trying to throw a diamond in the air whilst typing to represent).  
Fallout New Vegas For Playstation 3
Now this was the biggest hassle i have ever had trying to get a bleeding game. I preordered this game from a major retailer online for it to be delivered to my door on release day like most of the other major titles i buy.  So release day came and no game had arrived. I though oh well it must have got delayed in the post so i waited till after the weekend. Monday post came and still no game. I rang the retailer and they told me to wait till Friday so i did, frustrated that i didn't get the game on its promised date of the 22nd.  The friday came around and still no game so i rang again and was told they would send me out another copy. I waited another week and again no game arrived. So another angry phone call and finally they tell me they are unable to sned another copy out but i can go to one of their stores and pick up a copy if i am able. So i finally do that and get my game. After 2 and a half weeks wating. So anyway the game is great, hella buggy but great. I'm not too far in yet but its basically the old fallout but a new area. Love this game!!!!!
Thats about all for the games i played, I did go to the cinema to watch Paranormal activity 2, thats a pretty good film. A few jumpy moments but all in all not as good as the original which i loved. I was a little annoyed at some parts when kids would laugh at times when laughter was definately not needed. I also went to watch Saw 3d, the "final saw film". Its pretty much what you expect from a saw film these days, the storys good but nothing really excells. Its extremely gross but thats what you go to these films to soo right? The 3d in the cinema is watched it in seemed to be off because most of the film was a little blurry. But all in all 2 good films.
Thats about it for my week, i am considering buying alan wake because its on sale where i work so i can get it for like £10 and i might try and jump back into halo reach after 3 or 4 weeks without playing it. I will more than likely get my arse kicked but i'll try. I'm will probably not be getting Black Ops yet because i am not really that excited about it Treyarch don't really make great games. I'll check out reviews first. N27


1st Giant Bomb Blog i regret buying that.

So i have finally decided to post a blog post on giant bomb and i have to bring up the subject of Bioshock 2..... I loved Bioshock so much and i couldn't wait for the sequal... I put the disk in my drive and i have to say i was very disapointed by the game. By no means is it a bad game. It just doesn't live up to the greatness of the original. I played it through to completion just waiting for it to get as good as its original..... it never did. The multiplayer is ok though....kinda