Am I Addicted To Buying Games? Is That Really a Bad thing?

Recently my girlfriend who I love very much (just in case she reads this) told me that I buy too many games. Even before that statement left her lips I went on the defensive. Siting multiple reasons why I buy the games and basically justifying why a big chunk of my month’s pay goes into games and gaming hardware and accessories. But does that really mean I am addicted and if so, should I really do something about it?

The following few days after my girlfriend made the comment (which may I add was just off hand not really a dig at me or a big statement, she wasn’t being a bitch or anything) I started feeling that she may be right. Even before I get paid I plan out my money. I make sure I have enough to get the games I want, they seem to take priority. My excuse has always been, “it’s my hobby”. But it seems that it is a very expensive hobby. I think I have spent nearly £200 in the last 2 days on games and pre-orders alone. So now I have finally come to the realisation that yes I am addicted to buying games, but is that really a problem.

I don’t think it is, I always budget it right so that I can afford to live throughout the month, never have a problem with money. So why should I not buy games. I love games, I love playing them and I love the way they look on my shelf. Some people are proud of their book collections, I am extremely proud of my collection of games and blu rays. They take pride of place in my room on their multiple shelving units. I do agree however that maybe I do buy too many games each month as sometimes I may not even play the game or barely play it. For example I bought Dead Island as soon as I got home from Tunisia 3 weeks ago, played the game for approximately 5 hours and then received Gears of War 3. Now I haven’t touched Dead Island since and maybe never will.

I have therefore decided that I will now only buy games that I know I will enjoy and not buy a game “just for the sake of it”. This will hopefully cut back on my spending and leave me more time to really enjoy the great games. That to me seems like a great compromise and should save me a fair bit of money (which will probably go on nights out and beer….bet you can’t wait for my am I addicted to alcohol post).