Despite all that happened I loved Tunisia

From the title of this you will probably realise that I recently returned from Tunisia. Me and my girlfriend went on a week holiday. You know the stuff all inclusive relaxing in the sun. Messing around in the pool. For the most part it was exactly that and it was fun. Allot of fun.

But I am a British male and I love to moan so I thought I would take the time to have a little moan of some of the things that happened on this holiday that down right pissed me off or just annoyed me a little.

Okay well lets all start at the beginning (obviously). The plane ride was atrocious. I ended up in the middle seat on the plane because my girlfriend is an anxious flyer so wanted to be away from other people and near the window. So obviously being an amazing boyfriend that I am let her have her wish. That meant I would have to sit next to a stranger (I am not a people person, I hate people in fact. Problem). This person was rather large (he was a big fat fatty) and he took up half of my seat leading me to be uncomfortable for the whole 3 hours journey. Not only that but he bloody used my arm rest. Its a rule (Will Smith said it on tested) the middle seat has both arm rests. Its a unwritten rule people. That bloody arm rest was mine and that fat bastard stole it. Also on the same plane ride I had a teenage girl behind me who thought it was great to put her feet in my back and a ignorant twollock in front who put her seat all way back....even when I was trying to eat my in flight meal. Do you know how hard it is to eat an omelette when you don't have enough room to put that little table thingy down.

Anyway plane ride over I relax a little on the coach to the hotel. Pull up at the hotel and I have to say it is actually rather nice 4 star. Quite posh. I'm happy again. We check in and the bell boy takes our cases to our room. I see the room it is fucking tiny. Nothing like advertised. Unhappy again i payed £400 no chance am I staying in a room where I can not move. I go and complain. Simple. Bigger, better room. Happy again. Bellboy just stands there in our room until I realise oh yeah tip the poor bloke who had to go to two different rooms with our 2, 15 kilo bags. I go in my wallet asking if English money is Ok. He replies "yes". I give the fella a fiver thinking 12 dinars is a very good tip for 10 minutes of his time. At which point he sees £400 in £20 notes in my wallet and say quite rudely "NO!!!! one of those". Erm no chance buddy 44 dinar for 10 minutes fuck you. I politely replied "no 5 pound". He snatched the money out of my hand and stomped away. I think he then swore in arabic and slammed our door.

That may I add was a recurring theme throughout the holiday. If you do not tip the staff initially they are down right rude to you. I don't know how you guys feel but I think a tip should come after good service. Definitely not tip if you want good service. We ultimately found some nice polite staff and tended to sit at their tables and round the pool they worked on. So that wasn't all bad.

Around Day 3 also one of my 2 pair of swimming shorts were stolen while they were out to dry. That pissed me off a little. Also the food seemed to be the same every single day. It would have been nice to have a bit of variety.

Now I know that it sounds like I had a terrible holiday but I didn't. It was actually extremely fun. We went on nights out drinking, saw a drag show, took in a little culture at an amphitheatre relax by the pool, practised out bartering and found the best ice cream place I have ever tasted. It was fun however because we made it fun. I loved my first holiday with my girlfriend and I cant wait for the next. Although I will be taking extra swimming shorts just in case there is another thief around.