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Right I will get straight to the point the game is starting to intrigue me but I totally hate Lord of the Rings.....I find the lore boring, I hate the fact I was made to go to the hobbiton while in NZ and well I just don't like the films or the books.

Can a anti- Tolkein guy get into this game. Is it worth my money? Discuss.

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@forkboy: dude where do you live im a northerner and its only 2 hours on the train for me and if you use mega you can get trains for like a tenner on weekdays.

If I can get to.e off work count me in.

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@salvationtwist: Me and you are on the same wavelength bro. The Vinny/Jeff banter is why I am a subscriber with that gone I am really hesitant to re-up. Here's hoping it all works out for the best.

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Just Jeff Green WOW I can not wait for the Royal Rumble now

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Earlier this year I spent just short of a month in New Zealand. I loved it and hope to go back some time in my life. Its just a hell of a big trip. I currently live in and was born and bread in England.

New Zealand is a beautiful country. I went in July so it was their winter and the snow capped mountains and lakes were breath taking. Absolutely beautiful. So yeah if I had the chance I would move to New Zealand in a heartbeat.

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I work in retail. We took 1 pre order and have 20 or so we are good to go launch day. The question is do I pick on e up or wait till there are actually games (I have an Xbox One)

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How about just calling it GiantBombs 2011 game of 2013

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The suggested retail price for games in the UK is actually £50 most shops just tend to generally sell them for £40 unless it's a fifa or call of duty which they know they can charge more for.

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Mass Effect trilogy, I guess?

Here's a better question directed towards the OP; why?

I also wish to know the answer to the previous question.

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I use the bus to get to work and back and well people who wear over ear headphones look like pricks...there I said it all of you that go out in public with your bright red beats on look like utter twats....why show off. Fuck you.

Anyway rant over, I used to buy a new pair of ear bud's it seemed on a monthly basis. Just cheap ass £20 pairs. Recently I decided fuck it lets pick up a pair of in ear beats and see if they last any longer. Dropped down £90. The cable looks better (that seems to be the thing that breaks) and they do sound better. They have some pretty decent base for earbuds.

So yeah at the moment I am very happy with my purchase.