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I liked The Order.

That said, its sins are numerous, even if I could overlook many of them.

Forced slow walking

Audio diaries that have to be played from a menu

Needless QTEs

Repeated QTEs

Instant failure stealth

Useless objects to inspect that are indistinguishable from important ones

The total amount of gameplay is pretty small

The gameplay itself lacks variety

Again, I enjoyed the game, but it was about five hours, the first one or two being quite bland. The opening set the tone for me to just push through thr game as quickly as possible. It felt like the developers didn't respect my time. It's probably a hard thing to heap high praise upon if it's not doing something special or new.

Short itself isn't bad, but The Order ended suddenly. I was shocked when it ended. The final gameplay section (the shooting, not the QTEs) seemed like another of the late-game's firefights, not the epic conclusion. The game picked-up speed and just ended. It's better than overstaying its welcome, but it's still jarring. I very much enjoyed it, but it has a lot of issues.

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Yeah, I normally go with whatever a game throws at me but the opening of The Order stuck me a pretty poorly done. The first hour or two REALLY dragged for me. The game felt needlessly slow, the forced walking, the empty environments, the useless objects to pick-up, the audio diaries that require you to pause.

It felt like the game was obnoxiously in love with itself. That I should spend my time marveling at its beauty.

Anyhow, that set me in a foul mood about the game but I got to enjoying it maybe a third of the way in. Really liked it after accepting what it was and was not.

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I played a TON of Destiny before my friends and I decided to give up on it. It's just not a very good game. I spent the entire time giving it the benefit of the doubt because of Bungie. Once skulls are introduced and the challenge ramps up a bit, it gets really fun. But then you're playing the same few missions over and over before the whole thing just falls apart due to lack of content. I think I stopped around level 28 or so...I suppose Halo-quality AI would have helped with the repetition...

Seeing PT on that list is great. I tried putting it on a list here, but I couldn't find the game in the database.

The lack of Sunset Overdrive will make me shake my fist at any list. That game is bananas fun in ways that games just aren't any more.

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Nah. There are so many good games out there that delays make me feel a little relieved. It's hard to find the time to squeeze all this in. My GOG and Steam backlogs are over 100 games deep. My livingroom closet has at least a dozen wrapped games in it.

I welcome any and all delays, frankly.

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I just want to see the Xbox One get Street Fighter V Special Champion Edition and a Genesis 6-button controller a year later. I'd feel young again.

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If the game's better for it, I'm happy. I can wait. My backlog is shameful.

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My son is trying to switch Dune Bug's upgrade path. In Giants, I seem to recall doing this by pausing and going to Skylander Management. I don't see an option to switch paths there. I quick Google search lead me to people talking about switching paths from the store, but I still see no options. If anyone knows how to do this, I'd appreciate some help. Thanks!

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May be nostalgia, it's a hell of a thing.

I just remember Splinter Cell and Chaos Theory being ridiculously smooth for their time. The Prince of Persia remake from that generation feels this way, too.

Ground Zeroes feels slightly off...I last played MGS4 maybe a year ago and may have liked controlling Snake in that a bit better. Either way, it feels good enough. I played through MGS1 and 2 HATING the mechanics built around that camera (and did so happily).

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@pyromagnestir: HA-HAA!

I described the game after being spotted as a Benny Hill chase scene just missing Yakkity Sax, when talking to a friend earlier...

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I would have imported Ride of the Valkyries like I did for Steel Battalion back on the first Xbox...but Konami saved me the trouble.

Off the top of my head...

For some reason Andrew WK's Party Hard or It's Time to Party feel like they'd be hilarious - party-copter inbound...

I'm on a Gogol Bordello kick, so I might try Not a Crime, Immigraniada, or We Rise Again.

Tom Waits' Goin' out West...maybe Fish in the Jailhouse...

CCR's Fortunate Son is kinda obvious and has been brought up, but is always worth mentioning for this sort of thing.

...maybe the audio of Robert Duvall's "I just want my surfboard" message from Apocalypse Now...

EDIT: Got it for PS4 since it looked MUCH better than the X1 version...shame if I can't do least they got me my Wagner...