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How is this studio still in business? Nothing against Dennis Dyack or anyone at Silicon Knights. And I certainly don't want to see them close. But how can you exist for an entire console cycle, put out two duds for games, loose a lawsuit, have maybe all your projects canceled and still be going? I've seen way too many other companies shut down this console cycle over games that were good or did sell well. Granted I don't think Silicon Knights is owned by any big publisher and it's mostly big publishers that shut down the studios, but still I find it curious that they still exist. Here's hoping they can turn it around before they do go under.

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Does anyone know how this will effect the DLC that is currently available? Will it stay available? If I buy it now, does the money still go to 38 Studios, or will it go to the state of RI? I assume if they declare bankruptcy then the State of RI will get the IP and any future sales of the game and DLC? But since everyone is now laid off I guess all sales are now going straight to pay off the government loan anyway. If that is the case, I don't know if I really want the DLC. I like supporting developers, but I don't really want to support the RI government.

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Having hardware or manufacturing defects for a new system is not unusual. But this seems to be an OS problem or software issue with the device. And that is a little bit more of a big deal. You never saw the genesis or Super Nintendo ship with issues with the firmware. Maybe a video processor here or there got fried, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. Only time will tell how serious and widespread this is, and if it's fixable through a firmware update or not. So far it has not happened to me, but I've only been playing with the included software. And I did take the update.

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I have a 3DS pre-ordred. I'm sure it will be a strong system like the original DS, but the launch line-up does seem pretty weak. I've played Nintendogs, SFIV, the Sims, Monkeyball, Rayman. None of these seem very "new" or "different". Then again, not all reviews are out yet. I'll probably just pick up the Tom Clancy game because I'm a fan of turn based strategy, but I think the first game I'll be looking forward to is the new Professor Layton.

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This quest was insane. I've played a bunch of RPGs over the last 30 years, but am not too familiar with a couple of these creatures. I do have to complain that the first creature I looked up was the last creature credit I got. I swear I went to the page at least once before I got credit for it.

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I am also not too happy about it being an FPS. Even if it turns out to be an amazing FPS, it won't be what I want. However, I still have hope. The original X-COM could easily be updated and re-released on the arcade before this game is released. There is a bit of history of old popular games being re-made on XBLA before new versions are released. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed.