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I do think that the furor over hiring the GI guys was somewhat self-inflicted insofar as GB and Patrick in particular have never hesitated to get on a high horse and publicly shame others for not taking substantive steps to support diversity in the games industry. People expect you to walk the walk, and when, for whatever reason, you become the villain in Progressive Gender Politics: Videogame Social Media Edition^tm, it is very hard to change the channel.

For better or worse (probably worse), GB have firmly placed themselves in the sexist/racist/homophobic quadrant of videogame fandom and I find it unlikely that they will be able to get out so long as Rykert and the other guy are on staff.

So you suggest that Dan and Jason should be let go? Because that is the sort of thing that would be extremely damaging to GB and would make this whole situation worse.

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@zevvion: Same here. Ever since G4 went under she kinda disappeared. I think she might be an actress now but I'm not really certain. It would be nice to see her join the games world again.

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All I want is my Giant Bomb. Bats Vs Knives, not Men Vs Women.

Unfortunately, your Giant Bomb (and mine) does feature an element of Men vs. Women. Enough such that some women have gone to the length of posting in this very thread to express how uncomfortable the community makes them feel. While the core of yesterday's conflict played out on Twitter and Giant Bomb was caught in the crossfire, it also helped to expose some very unfortunate behaviors in Giant Bomb's community. Behaviors that shouldn't just be hand-waved away with a <>.

If women are uncomfortable in the community, obviously it needs to be dealt with because women should feel 100% welcome here, but hiring a woman on staff does not automatically fix anything.

I wish Carrie Gouskos was still in the games coverin' biz. She always brought a great, level-headed perspective to this stuff.

It doesn't fix anything automatically, no. But the presence of a woman or women on the staff would from the top-level demonstrate that women are welcome here. Better that than to have Giant Bomb be presented as some sort of old boy's club. And I've said it before in this thread, but people really should let go of the idea that Carrie would be some sort of saving grace. It's evident that she's not returning to the game journalism business. We need new voices.

How about Morgan Webb? I know not many people think highly of her (for whatever reason) but she could be a good fit. She knows her shit, has a very entertaining personality, and is comfortable in front of a camera.

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What I'll suggest to @rorie : when you see a poster who has said something pretty bad in this thread, look at his post history. You'll see the same kinda posts in every thread on the topic. These are the people that need to leave the community.

I won't name names as that will just start a shitstorm but it's obvious who are the worst offenders. If they are still here this kinda thing will happen again and again here

For the most part the people that are constantly posting toxic, nonconstructive, comments are new users which is why we have the whole new users can only make 5 posts for 5 days thing. Even with those restrictions it's still hard to weed the filth out.

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Alright then, screw the sarcasm. I'll try being real just this one time:

The people sending death threats to Samantha Allen are trash. They are reacting to a very reasonable irritation (that of professional shit-stirrers on twitter making snide comments every time a "white man" does something) with a very unreasonable affectation (that of piling all of their hatred on to one person, who they've made in to the harbinger of all the things they fear will happen to their hobby).

Samantha Allen and vocal feminists like her have struck the hornets nest one too many times. I'm not defending the hornets, nor am I sympathetic to their victims. This is just two equally distasteful sides of the internet that frankly I wish would just shut the hell up, though I know that's a naive sentiment.

I don't think Giant Bomb was the right choice for this particular battle: Anyone who knows Jeff and the guys knows that they are not bigots. As it just so happened, both sides converged on our silly site about video games to wage their stupid fucking war and the whole time all I can do is sit back and hope that things go back to normal.

All I want is my Giant Bomb. Bats Vs Knives, not Men Vs Women.

I couldn't agree more. She shouldn't of said what she said and the people attacking her never should of went as far as they did. I don't think any side is right in this matter and what is worse it that this whole indecent is painting our community in a very bad light. People why may not of even been part of our community are dragging us though the mud with them and it's absolutely disgusting. I've never known this site to be a place for hate and malice, for the most part we have some really cool people here that have done some ineradicable tings for both the community and the staff. Even now @rorie is doing the best he can to help get us though this shitstorm and for that I am extremely thankful. Which is why I have a hard time believing members of the GB community were the ones who were harassing Samantha Allen.

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@hailinel: That makes zero sense. If Jason and Dan were going to be hired from the start then why bother posting about the job openings at all. I see no legal reason why they had to tell us about the open positions in the first place.

*Note: I'm just posing this as a question. I am aware that this is not your belief.

I know it doesn't make sense. But there's a belief held by some that this is somehow a commonplace thing in the business world. I can say from first-hand experience working at a large company that I have never, ever seen this happen myself. Where I work, there is a referral program, so if there's an open position listed on the company's career site and I refer a candidate to HR for one of those publicly listed positions, that candidate is immediately put through the vetting process. However, that does not guarantee anything more than your resume getting a good look in HR. Depending on qualifications, you still might not get past that initial vetting stage. Even if you have twenty years of experience in your field and are the ideal candidate for the position, you still have to go through the same process as everyone else.

It just sounds like all of this is coming from community members that might of applied and were hurt that they didn't get hired. Dan and Jason have quite a lot of experience in this field and it makes sense that they got the jobs. It makes sense from a business standpoint to hire known quantities like Dan and Jason over taking a chance with hiring one of us. People just got their hopes up and couldn't take the rejection.

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@hailinel: That makes zero sense. If Jason and Dan were going to be hired from the start then why bother posting about the job openings at all. I see no legal reason why they had to tell us about the open positions in the first place.

*Note: I'm just posing this as a question. I am aware that this is not your belief.

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When I was in high school I decided that I wanted to write a book. It wasn't anything special, just some fantasy thing involving people fighting each other with magic powers (pretty lame I know.) Eventually I got to where you are know and I game up on it. I felt fine at first and I didn't give giving up on on my book a second thought. Time passed and a few years later I started thinking about that silly book of mine and I was overcome by a powerful urge to finish writing it. I had one problem, I lost the manuscript. It had been so long since I looked at it that I completely forgot where I hid it. I felt awful, I hated myself. I looked and looked but I never found that manuscript. It still bothers me today that I never had a chance to finish it, even if no one would ever read it and I kept it all to myself just knowing that I was able to complete something like writing a book would be enough to make it all worth something.

Don't give up and never give in. Keep writing, if not for others then for yourself. It doesn't matter if no one ever sees your writings, all that matters is that you keep writing about things that matter to you. You never know, one day your writings might come across the eyes of someone that becomes truly connected to your works and if this person is the right guy they might get published. You finished one book, which is more then I can say about myself, so you should deferentially finish your second one. If you ever feel like sharing I'd love to read what what you have!

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It really is that week -- I can't believe it has almost already been a year.

I just hope the whole issue on Twitter and here manages to miraculously come to some sort of resolution by Thursday, for the sake of everyone involved in this difficult time, considering the last year.

This controversy isn't something we need right now and I have a bad feeling this whole shitstorm might over shadow the one year annaveresry of Ryan's passing which would be a huge shame and shouldn't be allowed to happen.