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Maybe this could be a Persona 3 anime, which would be weird considering there is already a Persona 3 movie that has come out and there is a second one on the way.

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I've only noticed this when enemies are shooting spells at me and I agree it's pretty nuts. I don't hate that it's there but I do wish it was toned down a little bit.

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I was having a real tough time with Duke's Dear Freja. I swear it probably took me around 20 tries to kill that fucking thing. I tried summoning for it but everyone I summoned either died right away or was just really bad. Finally I decided to just solo it. The fight was going well and victory was in sight; I had an almost full health bar and it was one hit away from death. I was just about to land the killing blow when it's little spider buddies get me in the webs they like to shoot. I lost my cool and started rolling and attacking wildly in a desperate effort to free myself from the webbing. Some how I manage to land the killing blow on Freja just as it kills me. Completely defeated after losing what should of been a victory I decided to take one last stab at Freja before calling it quits for the day. I make it all the way back to the fog door and before I can enter it-it vanishes and on the other side of it is the soul of that blasted spider.

I can't tell you how happy I was that the game counted my victory before I died.

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Mouse Trap is way better...just sayin'

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Happy 1 year anniversary Rorie!

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This is awesome! Great job duder.

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I put "Hurrah for treasure" by the chest in the mansion in Majula where you get the soul vessel. The last time I checked it was up to 350.

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I know nothing about web design but I will back this just to support Dave.

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@nux said:

Welcome duder, it's good to have you! I hope you enjoy all that a premium membership has to offer you. You have a lot of watching ahead of you so I suggest you sit back, relax, grab your favorite snack or drink and take in all the premium goodness you can.

Also make sure you give this a watch you won't regret it.

What are you, part of the Chicago Elite?!

Nope! I'm part of the New York Elite along with Alex.