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I like being happy. Smiles for all!

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I was really looking forward to this article. Great write up Patrick.

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Right now I'm playing WoW and Shadow Of Mordor.

WoW: I've always wanted to get into WoW but never had the money to pay for a monthly fee. Now that I am making more money at work and I am out of school I was finally able to give WoW a shot and I am loving it.

Shadow of Mordor: I started playing it because everyone on this site seems to be in love with it. I haven't played too much of it ,as most of my free time is going to WoW, but I really like what I've played of it so far. I have off from work a few days next month so I plan to spend some of that time with Shadow of Mordor.

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We need more of this. MUCH more.

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@insectecutor said:

Hi mods. Hope everyone is well rested, but you're gonna miss Doctor Who if you start posting now...

I haven't watched any of the Capaldi episodes yet anyway.

You are missing out Capaldi is a pretty good doctor so far. I didn't like him at first but he has grown on me.

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I don't know why people feel the need to be so toxic. I get people will always disagree with what other say but that is never a reason to issue death threats or release someone's personal information to the public. Thank you Jeff, Rorie, all the mods and everyone at GB for trying to quell this shit storm. It's been a rough few months for many people and for this industry as a whole. I hope as the days go by this mess can slowly start to clear up and within time we can start to normalize and focus on playing games again and remember how awesome video games are and not have to worry about shitheads doing unspeakable things to other people on the internet.

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It's sad to see him go. I'm going to miss him. Good luck at your new job, I hope it is just as awesome as GB.

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Shut down twitter already...

That won't solve the unfortunately. As long as any form of social media exists stuff like this will keep happening.

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@bhelyer said:

Talion keeps coming back, so it's only fair that the Orcs get in on the resurrection action too!

True but Talion is possessed by a scary ghost monster that keeps him alive. I don't think that is the case with the orcs.

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I was thinking about it but never got around to it.