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Horrible, old bump of a thread, I know, but I would still really like a quicklook of this game.

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Maaan, I woke up today and was pumped for this, but its still not archived. Drew, Jason, somebody, please!

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I dont understand all the hate. Peace and love, friends.

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Haha, great notes!

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Not sure how i feel about this. Vinny gotsta do what Vinny gotsta do, but im worried him not being there will make some content less fun and more 'serious'. The Bombcast might take a real hit from this. No more Jeff and Vinny playing off each others nonsense every week will for sure be missed. Somebody in SF will have some huge shoes to fill.

But, GB havent disappointed me so far, so im hoping this will turn out good for everybody.

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Giantbomb should make a swoop for Danny. Cause controversy creates cash, yo.

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I fucking love Dark Souls. What an interesting universe. Praise the sun!

Dark Souls and Spelunky begin with this design premise: watch and learn. If you don't watch, you're punished. If you don't learn, you're punished. But if you do both, you're rewarded with mastery, and Dark Souls bends to mastery. Not only does it bend, it buckles and breaks, respecting the player's ability to learn its rules.

Now this is a good description of Dark Souls!

And yes, when i finished that game for the first time last weed, it felt like i achieved something. Cause i did. I fucking beat Dark Souls.

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Yeah, that would be pretty great, actually.

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