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I love this website so goddamn much.

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That sounds fantastic.

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The Demon's Crest title screen is bad as shit. 
Look at it. It's fuckin' awesome. 
What's a really bad ass title screen you remember?
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@mosdl said:
" New engine = new bugs "
I hope not.
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@Mageknight said:
" I like to build around the spawn point; if I can't see my base from the spawn then there's a problem. Generally, I look for a mountain and then build on the peak; elevation is good tool against mobs. "
Yeah, but I'm so specific when it comes to actually committing to an area. I really like tree houses so I love to try and find the perfect set of trees, and it ends up me in the middle of fucking nowhere. Tree houses are great and all for elevation until creepers figure out they can climb up ladders (YEAH IT HAPPENED). 
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@Blair: @Tordah:  Both really great examples of VGM.  
I had totally forgotten about Shatter.  
@TaliciaDragonsong said:
" Hooray for Donkey Kong Country! Love the music so much <3 "
And exactly! I'm really excited for the new one coming to Wii. I really want to see if the music holds up. I don't know who the composer/producer is though.  
Also, Let us not forget Super Meat Boy's astonishing break-through with DannyB and his fantastic work. 
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My favorite piece of video game music, in concert. Here's an OCRemix of the Ye Olde classic "Aquatic Ambiance" from the SNES's Donkey Kong Country. Adaptive a jazzy smooth tone, it takes a really nice modern turn on a tune that is forever my gem. 

 And for comparison, the original in all it's glory, here:  
 I have a weird time grasping that my favorite piece of video game music, and an extremely highly regarded piece of video game music, only has about 60,000 views. It's just a little astonishing for me. I think I'm going to keep doing these music posts, just for the love of video game music I have. Why not start with my favorite?     
If any of you have any piece of video game music that you adore share it. Trust me, it'l be fun.