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Oh wow. I didn't expect that at all.  
It's actually really saddening. 

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Edited with a full-sized version! Sorry I forgot to put it in!

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 So if you've been keeping up with last months GSL tournaments you'd know about "Fruit Dealer" or originally known as "Cool". Fruit dealer, as many of you know just from listening to the Bombcast left professional Starcraft to sell fruit to raise money for his (from what I've come to understand) ill father. This is all touching and nice, and to see him win the GSL's tops it all off. He took his $80,000 and supposedly gave it to his parents to pay for the medical bills. It's all cute and heart warming. In honor of Fruit Dealer blizzard did something cute.  
 Essentially the only caption I could use is a kitty face. Despite it being horrible zerg monstrosities mixed with fruit. I feel as though it's such a cute gift that I'd post something about it. 

Oh! Here's a full-sized version here.
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@Bloodgraiv3 said:

Its one of my favorite games of this year, and it actually scared me!

Very well done write up!

" @Bloodgraiv3 said:

Its one of my favorite games of this year

Agree, i finished it today. And its really well made. Everyone who is into Horror should get this game, its worth the money. And Frictional could really use the money too. "
And I really hope they get some more exposure. Especially now that Giant Bomb has a quicklook, hopefully one of them will mention it on the bombcast after playing it. Cross your fingers guys. 
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This never works. People like normal pay schemes. 

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*slow clap* 

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@Australia said:
" I think Amnesia is one of the best first-person-horror/heavily-story-driven games I have played since Cryostasis. "
It definitely has it's charm. I feel that the execution of concept is so strong in Amnesia. 
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@Karkarov said:
" Nice write up!  Like other comments I am also a bit disappointed at the sales.  Frictional games themselves made a post on their Amnesia site discussing their thoughts after the first week of the games release and this was one of the things they discussed.  They liked that it had sold well, definitely profitable, but had not sold well enough for them to "breath easy" and not worry about the next games budget. "
It's all really disappointing that this is flying under the radar. I honestly would love to see a site like say..GIANTBOMB, look into this game. Expose it for what it is. Give it the credit it deserves. 
Regardless, thank you!