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well the titan theoretically beats both the 290x and the 780ti by a pretty big margin in any double precision tasks, has 6gb ram and is currently known as "the" highend card.

you could argue that using other gpus that are slightly faster at games but might be worse at taks quad gpu systems are generally built for would be a pretty bad move.

also the built was likely planned months in advance and why go trough the hassle of negotiating getting 4 other cards provided last minute.

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@sathingtonwaltz said:

@o5ris: I don't know a single PC Gamer that's actually paid for Windows. Also, you can get perfectly usable mouse and keyboard set up for around 20 dollars. Current desktop I'm using was approximately $500 to build and I've had it for three years now. It runs everything I play perfectly.

(I already had a copy of windows)

well might aswell assess not paying for the games then ? also a ok cherry keyboard/logitech and mx518/g400mouse (not including gamepad) are about 50 bucks and agood ballpark number for your average non fancy input devices.

As far as your 500$ rig goes ... great for you ... i guess ...whats the point exactly ? Has as much todo with the fact that "i can EASILY built a more powerfull pc than a nextgen console for the same price" is rubbish as the fact that you can buy a 360-4gb new for 130 € ...

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depens on the number of games you buy i guess, at new releases you pay a good premium and at older games you tend to pay more since youcould just buy most at steam sales. on the other hand if you buy day one and trade it in after a few days you also end up spending 30 bucks i guess ?

There is also the thing with "everybody already has adesktop pc" simply not being true anymore. Most people can live with a tablet / subnotebook comfortable and many tend to prefer that because you can use it on the couch. Speaking of couch, just having a reasonably cheap idiot proof box that fits next to your receiver and plays games on your tv is good enough for some people and you can just as easy say "well most people that like games already have a 360/ps3 to play the exclusive games they don't want to miss".

i like my desktop, i will play multi platform stuff on my desktop (thx steam) but looking at sales numbers i know that i'm in the minority and the fact that you can do the stuff most people did with their computers 5-10 years ago on the phone will not drive people to finally get some decent pcs.

@creepingdeath0 said:
@dalai said:

PC hardware is still more expensive than console hardware, but PC gamers make that up eventually with cheaper games, generally free online play and more uses for their PC.

I could build a more powerful desktop PC for the same price as an Xbox One. I hate this idea that it's more expensive on the hardware side. A bit of experience and being willing to spend time shopping around can save you a lot.

Onto the main topic. I haven't spent more than £20 on new releases this year, buying my games within a week of release. Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3, Grid 2, and Metro Last Light are a few games that I've managed to grab this year for less than half the console alternative. "PC circlejerk" for the win?

might get tough , deduction 100 bucks for you windows copy, 50 bucks for input devices and 50 bucks for a case you that leaves you about 200$(ps4)/300$(xbone) and a 7850 level gpu and ram alone are over 250$

inb4 "but i already have windows or old parts"

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i'm myself not sure how to regulate the ability to leave a game, but there is a big diffrence in being lets say 20 kills or 20k gold/exp behind and having heros that can outcarry the enemy team later or a lineup that can teamfight and ending up in a team where you have zero stuns and 3 people with barely more than boots while half your base is down.

bottom line is its not fun to sit in base for 15-20 minutes with no possible comeback, while occasionally switching back into the game to not get banned till the other team is gracious enough to stop killing you at you own fountain and finish, especially when it would take 20s of auto attacks to finish the last towers and ancient.

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honestly, on the level brad is playing and most beginners will be playing you don't have to know 110 heroes and all items.

you have to take a minute when the game starts to read the skills of the heroes in the game and maybe vaguely judge their role. other than that simply keeping an eye on the minimap and not running into creeps all the time unless you lasthit/deny will make you better than most beginners. just like in sc2 knowing few buildorders and not letting production/expansion slide because you are trying to micro like a pro will be enough to not be placed in the bottom leagues.

i played dota the last time in ... 08/09 ? before giving dota 2 a try earlier this year, didn't read up on any item/hero changes or new heros and i was fine. did i buy wrong shit, die due to my own stupidity or got bitched at ? sure, but who cares. anybody that has played any team based multiplayer should know that people love to bitch, thats whats mute for.

imho the bigger problem to get new players is the game length. sure when playing with friends or people that are open to work together you can turn games around, but when you have clearly lost 20-25 minutes in and have to play for another 15-20 minutes because you lose all motivation.

at least regular dota gave you the options to leave a clearly lost game, forfeit or swap a player from the better team over to the loosing team to keep a game interesting.

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I can see it being a classic contender as a triple a game that comes out early in the year with a neat story and good artstyle.

But ultimately a goty should be fun to play and infinite is one horrible shooter. All headshots all the time, no need to change weapons aside from low ammo and once they throw even more uselessvgrunts at you guess what you already got mana/kill and chain stun.

Don't get me wrong usually i like shooting dudes ...but 7 hours of shooting even more dudes after realizing that the shooting has no depth ... could have lived with less.

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I liked me1 the best.

As someone that played on pc and did no optional mako mission most negative points didn't concern me.

The omission of ... essentialy .... loot and medikits and a combat system i prederred on the other hand did taint everything after me1. Add the fact that thanks to regenerating health all combat was boring as shit and the hooks that i loved (being a spectre,exploring the citadel, doing c-sec stuff) got lost to make room for a biger scale and and new misterious organisation.

To be fair i haven't played 1 or 2 since 2 came out and you tend to remeber the positives for games you liked and negatives for ones you didn't ... I can barely remember having to gel all loot over a horrible menue for example.

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Real games ? Sure Things i would ever play ? Nope They are controlled over a interface i hate for games, oversimplified and bitesized. Might be different if my phone didn't play audio, display kindle books or had a webbrowser and i had longer commute. On the other hand ... Then i would just get a vita/ds.

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Vice city was the last one i enjoyed and the one i enjoyed most (tied with london). could just not get in the san andreas setting and 4 was just a steaming pile of garbage ... how were you supposed to enjoy a game with bad driving, shoting and performance.

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