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This would definitely get me more interested in trophies, and home for that matter. Well, at least until i realised that virtual furniture is basically the same as nothing.....
What we really need is a system like the Nintendo starts system where you can buy real games with them. Then i would be truly interested.

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AS well as the obvious fact that more people have PS2s. They dont really need a PS3 or 360 to do what they want with p4 and they already have a usable PS2 engine, so they can bring the games out much quicker too.

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If you like City building and Final Fantasy then you should love this. Just don't expect it to be Sim city or anything. The city building is simple, but there is enough there with the adventuring to keep you coming back for more. It took me about a week to complete the game first time without any DLC, then another week or 2 on hard with most of the DLC. And from playing with and without DLC, if you'r not sure about getting it all, you can still get a lot out of the game with just the base game, which for 1500 wii points is a true bargin.

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good work everyone, now lets have a quick party then get back to work. We don't want to have to start over.

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You need a good few cityies producing lots of science, around 4 or 5 should be ok, if they are good. These cityies should be placed near lots of water and have universities and courthouses and  maybe trading posts too. Also taking over a civ or too can help as you can use their cities too to gain science. Then once you have resaerched space flight you should have enough gold to rush a few of the parts. I recoment one of each part except propultion, when the more the merrier.
That probably makes to sense, but i hope it helps, and if not just keep peactising and you'lll get the hang of it soon enough ;). 

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Caml down now
anyway, it has a nice story, its not very complicated, but it gives you a reason to play the game If you liked the building and story of dark cloud then you will probably like this and for only 1500 Wii points its a bargain, whatever people say about the DLC, which you don't need if you can't afford it and if you can is soo worth the price.

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Its just the town building part that is similar. In this game you never personally go into a dungeon, you let your cronies do that for you ;). It sounds boring, but its more fun than you think!

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Toad sits right next to my bed. So the game i most like him from is real life :p
but he's also good in Mario Kart games. Also those Mechanic Toads from Mario Galaxy where funny.

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I didn't see any point so i didn't. If it was free i might have used it, but im not paying for something that doesn't actually add anything .

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My strategy (not that its perfect) usually involves:

  • 2 Warriors - research bronze working
  • Settler - and hopefully 100 gold for another settler
  • Galley
  • 2 Barracks
  • Archers for defensive cities
  • research mathematics for catapults
  • research navigation for galleons

This works fine up till King difficulty, but i'm still refining it for emperor+.
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