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Very predictable, i expect UC1,2,3 Collection. It's sad, the gaming industry has become the movie industry with milking game after game with higher res. Look, the game was awesome on ps3, it's not better on ps4, it came out way later. This is a $20 product, and no one should pay $60 for it. Heck I paid $40 new for the ps3 version, and it's worth it, but no replay value imo. I'll maybe wait for the 4k version in 7 years?

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If EA is the worst company in the world, then this has to be the stupidest company in the world. Give it up, you are wasting your money! It won't work. Just use your tablet, plug it to a tv, and use a controller voila. And guess what... 99% of people who use tablets won't even bother doing that.

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I designed something like this maybe 6 years ago. I knew that one day something needed to replace lousy analog sticks. For me it was oval touchscreens where you drag your thumbs, and it would be so much more accurate then analog sticks.

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Also... Are they gona fix wind Waker's left and right camera? It was inverted and nearly killed the game for me? Every game needs options to put the camera normal or inverted x and y... It sucked, but beautiful game. Sad it's the best game on wiiu and it's not even out yet lol.

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Wow Mario Bros 3 is coming later this year! Wow, Nintendo sure knows how to keep things fresh.

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This is a lie... They posted videos after July 3rd... Come on, tell me

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We the people have won?????? What!

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You guys need to Chill... EA can actually make good games. Star Wars games were terrible.

Let them do a Republic Commando 2, and Kotor 3... At least it will happen now, well 99% sure it will.

Lucas Arts was a terrible Dev.

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Video Games are made by Artists... so yeah, it's art. If movies are art... The video games are art, simple as that.

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DF is not good, I would leave too... Phychonauts... last great game... Oh wells.