Disqualified for a low-speed shunt with another driver...

...it can only be Gran Turismo - welcome back to the 2001! Great driving in the game; but there is NO excuse for those trees (esp after 6 years)
Also, what's with all the man-baby appreciation for Epic Mickey - did these guys never shed their Little Mermaid romper-suits and grow-up into the adult world - in which a cartoon mouse sloshing paint around could neither be discribed as "epic" or "tragic" (as in that trailer touted as revealing "Mickey's tragic origin", oh please!)


Why have the devs tried so hard to make me hate Dead Rising 2?

If they'd spent any amount of time trying to make the game consistanly fun; it would have been top 10 of the year for sure
So, onto the true final boss... this is the kind of thing that makes me want to pack in games once and for all - sell the lot and never look at a console / gaming PC again - I hate everything about the final encounter (sorry, I haven't beaten it yet - I guess I am teh n00b):
- the run in from the save point, which includes 3 Loading screens - there's NO NEED FOR THIS
- the mechanics of the fight (the knock backs and QTE's, the lack of health, the fireworks around all the items, not being upgraded enough to hold my own)
- the control problems being exacerbated to the max (the dodge move is almost as useless as not having the dodge move from the start)
I'm so angry with myself for not being able to beat what should be a straight forward encounter; and so angry with Capcom and whatever those Canadians are called (no, I don't care) for making me hate a piece of plastic and foil so much, like an idiot
Capcom have had their heads up their collective ass for so many releases now - when are they going to catch up with 2010 game philosophy?
- the lack of checkpoints in Bionic Commando
- half the players being start-locked in the HOME RELEASE of SF4
- Lost Planet 2, DMC4 and Dark Void being so bland
The most fun I've had with a Capcom game in recent years was with Resi 5 - and that was only once I got the hang of the brain smashingly awful controls
Gah; no one reads this - but I need to vent somewhere

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