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Rawhead Rex - it's the cinematic equivalent of someone (thing) pissing right in your face, ironically enough.

With that and Grabbers - has Danny been providing some suggestions, this year? (Halloween 3: Season of the Witch would be another "good" Oirish related suggestion; ♫Silver Shamrock♫).

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I remember when I was first getting into podcasts and was looking for a decent games related one. I subscribed to a whole bunch - 1-Up, IGN, Sarcastic Gamer and Gamespot's casts, to try and find one to stick with. But it was when I listened that episode of The Hotspot, when Ryan, Jeff and Vinny were talking about Haze, and the Korn quote about "Gaming for me is a religion, and Haze is the $%£&!" with a soundboard noise edited in over the "shit" - I remember thinking "Yes, these guys get it!".

Ryan and the Bomb Crew have been one of the few permanent fixtures in my Podcast subscriptions since then - from The Hotspot to the Bombcast. Thus Ryan has been an at least weekly feature of my life for the best part of 7 years; providing both audio relief during the drudge of the workday as well as videogame related entertainment with a feeling of genuine fun, which has been consistently better than anything else I've found on the Internet.

RIP Ryan - my thoughts are with you and your family. You will be missed and remembered fondly.

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Nice to read some more positive spin on the endings - I had no problem with the choices in principal; but it would have been nice to have a bit more of an epilogue, I thought. It was nice (if a little contrived) to be able to say "Ta ta" to all your living squad mates, past and present, before the final push - but I was left wanting to know how my other decisions through the entire series would dictate the state of play going forward.
My only problem with the Synthetic vs. Organic "inevitable genocide" argument made by The Child/Catalyst, is that while it may be true over a longer period, the examples we're given in the game are; 
- the Geth, who were attacked by the Quarians first and are only actively aggressive to organics when under Reaper influence (or through Reaper inspired "religion")
- the synthetic race mentioned by Javik at some point; who again, only turned aggressive to organics under Reaper influence
- and the Reapers themselves, who it turns out are only aggressive under the direct control of The Catalyst
As you say, EDI and Legion are just two "individuals" - but given that the Geth and Quarians were working side by side to re-build Rannoch together (in my play through anyway) - in terms of what we are presented with in the game itself, it just seems a little odd to say "this is the way IT WILL be". It just rung a little false, for me.
Thinking about ti though, I guess the crux of the argument could be; rather than "synthetics will always SEEK to destroy organics" that "synthetics will always WIN against organics". But then, with the Reapers constantly killing off all the brightest species in the galaxy in an unfair fight, this theory seems hard to prove one way or the other. The Geth uprising certainly could have wiped out the Quarians (if they'd played their advantage and destroyed the retreating Quarians during the exodus) but then they would not win in a straight fight against the rest of the Citadel powers, if they were deemed a threat to the galaxy at large. 
Personally, my favourite depiction of AI I've encountered recently was the SI, from Peter F. Hamilton's "Commonwealth Saga" - an AI that basically said "Look guys, this could end badly if I hang around, so I'm going to decamp to a planet of my own and go about my business there; bye!". It seems more reasonable that once an AI outgrows it Creators, it would have developed enough reason to think "well, these guys probably won't seek to destroy me if I'm not a threat to them, and I gain nothing from wiping them out, so why not try to make nice first of all, and see where it goes from there". 

Och, I don't know - I think it's one of those endings that will be better/worse depending what you bring to the table. reminded me of the choices at the end of

- that's just the first thing that sprang to mind though.