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Good for him. Why would I be mad? Nobody forces me to watch his stuff.

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I thought Shae's reaction was completely understandable. The last time she met Tyrion she pretty much fed him to the dogs testifying against him; then one night she wakes up in the Hand's bed only to see the very man sentenced to death (not to a small degree thanks to her) earlier, who by no means should have any business walking around freely like that. She knows him well enough to realize immediately what this additional "ultimate betrayal" meant to the already broken Tyrion. Was there a guarantee that he'd forgive her? In a dire situation like that? Well, Tyrion might be the guy willing to do just that; but he certainly wouldn't be dumb enough not to assume Shae would not go on on to call the guards the very second he had left, thus rendering his last ditch effort for survival (something the show has made clear is his biggest priority - the little guy sees absolutely zero value in biting the dust prematurely) obsolete. Grabbing the knife was quick thinking on her part and a logical decision considering the state of their relationship at that point as well as Tyrion's devastated psyche.

What happened next wasn't exactly the most "fitting" end I had in mind for good old Charles Dance. He portrayed Tywin brilliantly who quickly became one of my favorite characters on the show, apart from being an ultra-conservative, ruthless, power-hungry dick. He had to die eventually, but I kinda hoped that would happen much later.

He'll leave a big hole on the show's roster for sure.

Same goes for the Hound, I guess. Although we didn't actually see him die. Watching him fight Bryenne was heartbreaking, since I care for both these characters.

I still have a hard time giving a shit about anything related to Daenaerys, but I'm confident this will change someday. There are a couple of great, likeable actors involved in it (including Emilia Clarke herself) that definitely possess the potential to shine. Heck, back when Drogo was still alive her arc was one of the most enjoyable parts of the show.

Jon Snow has come a long way these last two episodes. I can definitely take him more seriously as a main player in the overall story now. Can't say the same about his little brother Bran, though. Even Hodor can't save his arc from being tedious 99% of the time.

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I don't know. Ref in the Spain - Holland game was good in my opinion. The sliding tackle that missed Costa was so incredibly close to him, I can't really blame the official for not noticing their feet never actually touched. This particular wrongfully awarded penalty I blame entirely on Diego Costa's shameful flapping.

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I hope nobody dies.

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Those faces ...

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I'm gonna go ahead and guess it's probably steam being weird. Sometimes I see that I've got 90 hours or so on a game I've never even played.

What game exactly?

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Uhm ... every game?!
Before the internet I was still naive and (first and foremost) young enough to maintain the belief that surely some things exist which are universally cherished. Like, no exceptions and all. That changed, obviously.

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I was pleasantly surprised by that movie. It's basically a sci-fi comedy - which I appreciate.

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@sanj said:

Fucking hell.

The man who tackled him, Jon Meis, is a hero in the truest sense of the word.

Yep, it's easy to imagine how you'd be all heroic in a situation like this; but acting accordingly when it actually happens? I bet I'd be scared shitless. And I bet he was, too. He somehow managed to keep his calm and pulled a smart maneuver during maybe the only opening he had. Ballsy, clever, heroic - just impressive. Who knows what the headlines would read had it not been for Meis? 10, 20, 30 dead?