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So they apparently are starting a feud between Cena and Reigns? Great. I'll surely be watching Raw for this...

So they're trying to get at least the portion of the audience that still can't stand Cena to get behind Roman? I think they're maybe underestimating just how much the smarks opinion on Cena has changed over the course of the past few years.

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I give WM32 a "C".
I liked some stuff, disliked other stuff. Baffled by some of the finishes. I was most satisfied with everything revolving around (and including) the women's triple threat. It started off a bit clunky but got progressively better and the girls delivered some great drama near the end. But the highlight of it all might have been the entrances of all three of them. Just that they gave them all that time to make those triumphant, elaborate first impressions wiped away any doubt I might have still had in the back of my mind that they could mess the women's match on the card up yet again. Good job, WWE.

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All of them? Hell no. They would not survive that. Nobody would!
One of them (preferably one of the shorter ones), maybe. Sure, why not.

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@cmblasko said:

I feel like Zayn is in a bad spot because the same fans who were hyped about him last year are now more hyped about Styles, Balor, Bullet Club and Nakamura.

Itami's sort of in the same spot now. When he comes back dude's going to be invisible.

I'm not worried about Itami precisely because other new arrivals have hogged the spotlight. That's a great incentive for the character to wreak havoc - possibly as a heel - to get back the attention of the fans. Feuds with those new guys pretty much write themselves.
With Zayn it is different, since his character hasn't been properly established on the main roster yet, where he still very much is "the new guy".

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So, just another thing that Meltzer hasn't actually said but is attributed to him?! Sure hope so.

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I don't understand what the big deal is about the Styles/Jericho match on the pre show. Haven't they wrestled a million times already for your pleasure? It's not suddenly special making them wrestle yet again at Rest Hold Mania. If they wanted AJ to get a big WM worthy moment they would have booked him in a program with someone else. Anyone else. Samoa Joe would have been my pick.

No, they haven't wrestled "a million times already". They had a best of three series while both being babyfaces for "respect and acceptance". Jericho only turned against him afterwards. This is the face/heel confrontation between the two to actually end their months long(!) feud, and it's going to happen on the pre-show ... unbelievable. If they didn't plan on giving AJ Styles an actual big Mania match, then it is all the more obvious this company is run by morons.

At least Mauro will call it, which will be interesting. Won't Vince be in his ear this time around? Or does he really not give a fuck about the pre-show (which would also speak volumes about AJ's placement there, who is facing McMahon's buddy Jericho of all people ...)?

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AJ on the preshow. Fucking hell. This company is lead by morons.

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Whew, finally.

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Since the animals always find their way back into their respective coop in the evening, I don't really see a point in fencing off the area. I go into the (closed) coops in the morning, grab all the eggs/wool/get all the milk I need, pet the little fuckers, then let them out. When I finish off the day I make sure to close the coops again before going to sleep.

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Jeez, apparently the developers just ran the entire text of the game through google translate, at least for the German version. The result is ... absolutely hilarious.