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Maybe someone's already said this, but who the fuck cares about del Toro? Whether or not a movie he's involved in is good is a crap shoot. Pan's Labyrinth? Great. Orphanage? Kinda shit. Hellboy? OK. Mama? Pretty garbage. Don't be Afraid of the Dark?!?!? It's not like the guy *can't* make a good film, he clearly has the chops, but he's often involved in pretty lacklustre affairs. And, honestly, video games are just a completely different medium.

And let's not forget that people have kind of stopped giving a shit about Silent Hill. Shattered Memories was a legitimately great game, and it sold less than half a million copies (and only broke even because of the PS2 port), on a system, the Wii, that had a *huge* install base. Given that, what's the market these days for a great Silent Hill game?

Del Toro might not always produce greatness, but he sure as hell is at the top of his game whenever creature design is concerned. THAT's where I hope his expertise will come to fruition on this the most.
And about the series in particular: Yes, you are spot on about it having drifted kind of into obscurity since it's glory days. But that's precisely why it is such a good thing that big names like Kojima, Del Toro and even Reedus are now involved with its "reboot" or whatever this will end up being. A huge chance for the franchise to be revitalized.

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I'm pretty sure Kojima himself won't end up being involved in this game's writing or art direction at all. It'll be his studio's engine and a bunch of his employees working on the project. No MGS-silliness. I'm willing to bet on that.

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Since this is coming out within the next six months it looks like I'll be getting a PS4 sooner than anticipated.

Me too!

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Eternal Sonata indeed...

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It's about making it look good. A limited vocabulary can make a book feel incredibly repetitive.

incredibly repetitive?

Yes, incredibly repetitive.

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For your consideration:

Chet and Shao Kahn, Street Punks

Don't worry, this won't help the other guy's career either

Funnily enough, the guy on the left ended up playing Hudson in Cameron's "Aliens", while the guy on the right played said MK villain in MK Annihilation, in which Raiden was portrayed by James Remar, who was originally going to play (and actually shot a couple of scenes as) Hicks in Aliens.

Speaking of which: I do believe the first two Terminator movies have a similar relationship to each other as the first two entries in the Alien franchise. Their originals being more creppy, Horror-SciFi (and excellent at it); while the sequels pack a punch as much more action-ey Sci-Fi movies. Oddly enough I'd still pick T1 over T2 while, in my humble opinion, Aliens ranks just a tad higher than Alien.

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Perfect with a score of 0.
It got a bit tricky here and there, though.

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Welcome to my world ca. 10 years ago. Though I never liked FFX that much to begin with; so, at the time, I couldn't care less about being completely appalled by this atrocity.

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Behaving like a common internet troll? Really?

Also Dan, if you're reading this, people are not mentioning pro wrestling during your sad trolling attempts because they think wrestling is a sport. They mention it because they think pro wrestling is terrible / way worse than football.

It's not funny, it's the kind of behaviour people would be reprimanded for on Giant Bomb by the mods/staff.

You know, I completely agree. Deleted the tweets as well. I've tried to tone down the heel-y trolling stuff recently, but soccer has been one of the things I've been a bit of a dick about my whole life. That's the way my dad always talked about soccer, and I guess some of it rubbed off on me.

Gonna try to cut that stuff out, which should be way easier now with the World Cup being done. It's not necessarily funny, and I shouldn't feel the need to get on some anti-soccer soapbox whenever I see people talking about it or paying attention to it. Apologies for being a dick, and you're totally in the right to call me out on it. Thanks!

I glad to see my trust was not misplaced. I can't speak for everyone here but I think stuff like this serves to build and earn a lot of respect here especially in these early goings where staff and community and mutually feeling each other out. I'm sure this means a lot to people and I can say it does for me, especially after giving the benefit of the doubt. Welcome to Giant Bomb Dan.

Oh, almost missed that!
And just like that - with a bit of context and your reasonable attitude - I'm 100% cool with Dan again! Seriously. It would have been the only thing to nitpick about so far, anyway, since I greatly enjoyed the site's content featuring him so far. :)
All cool.