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@hassun: Completely agree. It's petty, ignorant and reveals a great deal about himself than it says anything about football or football players. Also, harping on the crying thing is ridiculous: these guys are shattered having all played a full season and then contesting a world cup. These players are not wimps, they're elites.

It's really sad to see this ... makes me lose a lot of respect for Dan. Not because I'm butthurt it's "my sport" he's having a go at. It's just this super narrow minded, dickishly irrational behaviour of his. So what if a lot of people care a lot about something you do not? Can't you at least respect and tolerate that? And does he really lack the empathy to be able to even remotely comprehend what it must feel like for fans and, especially, players to lose the biggest game in the entirety if this sport? One that you have to scratch and claw to reach even once in your life, getting the opportunity to do so ONCE every FOUR years?
And the whole: Grown men don't cry-schtick ... jesus christ. Can't get any more ridiculous than this.
Well, until it does: "Ha, ha, I'm just trolling you guys!"

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Oh man ... I am so happy right now ... just so happy this went well ...
It's a damn shame that in sports it always ends with one side in tears - but after 2002, 2008 and a couple of CL finals I'm sure as all hell glad to be on other right now!
Anyway, I didn't win anything: Schweinsteiger, Neuer, Mueller and Co. did. So, so proud of those guys. Thank you! And thank you Joachim Loew, although this still doesn't make you a master tactician exactly, you sure as hell have deserved your place among the very best. The German national team has come a long, long way with him as the head coach. And what a successful one it turned out to be in the end.

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In general: Men Behind the Sun, Salo and A Serbian Film
I'm not into movies like these at all; only sometimes curiosity just gets the better of me and tortures, shits on, rapes and bludgeones the cat to death. I sure could go without the memory of some scenes of these ingrained into my mind.

A much less "gross" yet very, very disturbing scene that I refuse to rewatch to this day is the climax of Fire in the Sky, when the memories of the abduction come back to Travis. Watching this rather slow moving film as a kid the sheer brutality and ugliness of those aliens totally caught me off guard at the time, I wasn't expecting there to be much more to the movie when Travis finally returned home to be welcomed back by friends and family. And then ...

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Hopefully the quality of today's officials isn't any indication for what we can expect in the final.
Thiago Silva should've been sent off, the penalty was actually a free-kick; Robben did nothing in the scene that led to his booking; second goal was off-side. Jesus ...

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Sure. I mean, they can use google, right?

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@obcdexter: I think this is different. I fear all the pressure and the problems in Brazil that were somewhat 'postponed' during the world cup are getting released tonight.

Yes, I completely blocked that out lately. Well shit ... O_o

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@mocbucket62: The riots have sadly already started :-( .

Oh man, this is so terrible. And so god damn predictable. So many fundamentalists in the ranks of football fans, sadly. Taking this shit waaaay too seriously.

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What a performance by the entire team. Immaculate defending, fantastic counter attacks, deadly finishing. 5-0 lead, Klose all-time topscorer in World Cup history. Is this a dream? Am I dead? ;D

Germany are good but Brazil have absolutely collapsed mentally and physically...enjoy it though I guess....as an England fan I can only dream. The closest I have got to this with England is the 5-1 back in 2001, but that was only a qualifier..

You're spot on, of course. Brazil should be able to play much better than this even without Silva and Neymar. The pressure just finally sunk the ship today, complete mental-breakdown.

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What a performance by the entire team. Immaculate defending, fantastic counter attacks, deadly finishing. 5-0 lead, Klose all-time topscorer in World Cup history. Is this a dream? Am I dead? ;D