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Well, lotsa kids play Pokemon, Final Fantasy and the likes even in this day and age. But I don't really know any kids or other young folk that play video games, so ...

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New dude looks nothing like Jon Snow. More like a less handsome Hugh Jackman.

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Most anime seems laughably terrible, but there is a lot more artistry that goes into creating anime - even if smooth animation and facial anatomy apparently elude anime creators...

There is an AWFUL lot of shit anime series - it's wall to wall shite sometimes. However, when you find the good stuff... its pretty darn good. I am a sci-fi / fantasy fan when it comes to books, and anime is the closest you can get to those kinds of stories on a screen. Also, the sheer amount of heart that goes into some shows (Hajime no Ippo is a good example) is truly impressive. As with any medium, there is a lot of crap but also a lot of gold.

Sounds like movies, tv shows, books and music to me.

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I don't know ... He wasn't bad in True Detective, but he definitely was hella Harrelson.

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I like a bit of both every now and then. Both tend to have terrible writing, though, on very different levels. I'd love to see anime writers do some storylines for the WWE, however, that could lead to some neat innovations, like mid-match promos, prerecorded inner monologues playing during the more tedious "sleeper hold"-parts of a match. Lots of genius wunderkind-like characters would pop up, deconstructing each other's psyches on a weekly basis. Uncalled for ultra-violence. Suicides. And all the divas are secretly in love with the tall, androgynous, fragile fella in the roster--which would be the Undertaker by now, I guess. :P

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I liked it. Was set to love it after the first half, even, but then the Taker-thing happened ...

The bad part is not even ending the streak itself, it's the wasted potential and the horrible timing from a fan's perspective. Lesnar is a menace, a believable threat to the streak--make no mistake about it; but even the last couple of terrific Heyman promos couldn't wipe away the feeling that the whole angle was rushed beyond belief. There never was a real buildup. I don't even want to type out the word "feud" in that regard. It was just a tough dude (with a baby's scream) challenging the Phenom and then a few lackluster mind-game-moments on far too few RAWs. Compared to what Shawn, Hunter and especially Punk did to get under Taker's skin in the last couple of years this just felt like a filler episode, really.
And then, of course, the match itself could not even live up to the already very low expectations. Lesnar can be lead to great matches. His encounter with CM Punk showed that. But Taker just isn't in the shape to be "that guy" that brings out the best in average to decent talent anymore. In the end Taker lost one of his worse WM-matches to a part-timer--who absolutely didn't need a win to further cement his status in the WWE--in a terribly disappointing feud. "Underwhelming" would be an understatement. Surprising as all living hell it was, though. I forgot how to breathe correctly for a few seconds after the finish so that I must have completely zoned out: I saw girls throwing their butts in each other's faces for at least 15 minutes afterwards. O_o
In all seriousness: The shock didn't exactly help the participants of the main event an awful lot. The crowd had barely recovered when Daniel Bryan made his way to the ring for the second time. Though the finish made the Superdome go proper nuts again. It was a good crowd all in all, could have been better during the actual matches, was amazing during entrances and high-points.

Not to be all too negative; there is another side to the whole streak-situation. Can you believe what an amazing scumbag Brock Lesnar is? I mean, oh my god ... to actually agree to this? Maybe he didn't even have a choice, quite possibly so, but I can totally picture him loving the idea. "Ending the streak? Sure I'm down for that!" I bet most every other superstar would have chickened out of that scenario in fear of forever being labeled as "the asshole that wouldn't do the job". Brock welcomes the thought, I bet. And I kind of love him for it. :P

As much as I'm tired of stars of the past taking away the spotlight from current guys on the roster--that opening segment was a proper way to begin an event like that. Hogan, Austin, Rock = the absolute elite of the business' greatest eras. I was thinking who else would have been a real fit for this "clash of the gods" and honestly couldn't think of anyone on the same level except The Undertaker himself, which would have been kind of amazing, to be honest, especially in light of the later events.

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I said "that's so ridiculous" a bunch of times until I couldn't use the word anymore because it had lost all meaning.

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1. Swiss-Army Knifenstein
2. Strongman McLow'level
3. "Magic" Debbie Imballerina

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There are some neat tricks in there, and almost sub hour and a half. However, my favorite part was the Dragonrider fight. Oh man, Dragonrider is such a punk. I'm starting to feel sorry for him. He's easier than Pinwheel.

The poor thing ... :(