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@bombedyermom: Same. I'm in black tie at work today, it's all I could think of to do..... and when my colleagues ask me why, I tell them who he was and what he did for this community and industry. And nobody cares. Not many video gamers in private hospitals :/ Like, there's just me.

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Oh my god. I can't believe it. I'm just shocked. My whole family is.

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I just wanted to pop in and give a big thank you for providing and maintaining the Giant Bomb XBMC plugin, It's how I've digested all of your videos for a very long time now! I come in from work in the evening, put the TV on and watch you guys while I have my dinner.

Also, my parents who have never played a video game in their life know all of you guys really well through osmosis! They may have no interest in playing video games, but they enjoy watching you guys talk about them/play them/be idiots on camera for our entertainment :P

So yeah just, thanks. Yours is the one service I think is worth subscribing to (besides phone & home bills of course), and it's worth every penny.

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Terrible. Terrible.

Somehow, even though I live in the UK, this hits very close to home, as the saying goes. I hope they find who did this.

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@dimmuxx said:

Edit: Still seems to be some buffering problems, but at least it's better than before.

Whoop! Working great! Time to catch up :D

P.S I've never had buffering problems in HD (ISP: Virgin Media 60 meg, Location: Manchester, UK), hope yours improve :]

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+1!!!!!! I just started using XBMC and loving it. I really hope to watch giantbomb through it.

Obinice, which addon are you using? I was using one from the official repo which didn't work. Are you using a different one?

I'm also using the official repo addon, which (as of yesterday when I last checked) is completely broken at the moment. I can't wait for it to be working again, having everything in XBMC at the touch of a remote is great! (Giant Bomb, Tested iPlayer, Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Music, Photo Albums), it's the future.


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First off, I know this issue is almost certainly being worked on. Dave posted:

Getting the API up and running, this will also fix any problems you're having with your Roku / Boxee device.

today, and I know that Roku and Boxees are media center setups and probably access the API in the same manner as XBMC. I didn't see XBMC mentioned however, and XBMC is the only way I take Giant Bomb videos in (nothing better than coming home from work, sitting down with my dinner, and firing up today's Quick Looks). I even bought a subscription so I could watch all the awesome subscriber stuff, and get everything in glorious HD!

Anyway, the app still works almost fully, except that the account linking is currently broken, so no HD or premium content. I linked my account up, it threw a couple of errors, and now it seems linked, but no premium content. I'm sure it will be fixed along with the rest of the API stuff, but I just wanted to make a thread you case anybody forgot about XBMC :)

P.S Since the last big update of the app when GB was bought out, there's no "All Videos" tab any more, so I can't browse back through the archives, I have to do a manual search for anything more than a couple of months old. Kinda sucks, sometimes I want to go back and watch an old show or Quick Look, but I don't have anything particular in mind, or can't remember what I'm looking for!

P.P.S The new site is freakin' awesome :D My congratulations to the team. You deserve a year's paid holiday :P

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My body is ready, as is my browser. Sure the site's slow, it just got launched, that's cool.

FYI if you can't get at the live shows (when the aliens QL was on earlier, the /chat page told me there was no live show while there was), you can get to it through ! I think there's another show on at around 11PM GMT tonight, Breaking Brad.

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Kind of surprised they're taking it live this soon. Streaming videos don't work, looks like they just straight up removed the option (kind of a big deal on site where video content is the point and their progressive player doesn't allow skipping), and as of last Unprofessional Friday, the live chat still crashed if you breathed on it the wrong way.

I like the new site though, only thing I don't like design-wise is that reviews are now constrained to a fixed width column like news posts and can no longer resize take up the full width of the screen. IMO they're not as nice to read as a result.

I could be wrong, but I thought one of the basic differences between progressive and streaming video transfer was that, while progressive can't skip ahead like streaming can, progressive will allow the whole media file to load up front, whereas streaming will stop at the end of a limited buffer, and only begin downloading again once you move forward through the video.

Which I guess would be useful for someone with less bandwidth that still wants to watch HD video :)
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@snide Brilliant news! You guys are awesome. I have just one question. I (and by proxy my family!) watch everything Giant Bomb produces on our XBMC media center. Will the Giant Bomb plugin be affected by any of this?

P.S As a side note, since the plugin redesign last year, the ability to list more than 100 videos in any particular section has disappeared. Basically, it makes it impossible to go back and watch stuff from even a few months ago, unless you know exactly what to search for! Major bummer :(