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Well,  6 hours of gameplay over 23 videos later, I was wondering what thoughts/constructive criticism you folks have so far?
We've gotten settled in now, so it's unlikely we'll change how we commentate and play unless you have any thoughts! :)  One thing I wanted to make sure of now that I think about it, is that we're getting the audio levels right. I keep meaning to ask what you think about that :P Seems okay to me, but worth making sure.
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Oh man, I wish I had ranted more when I was 18. Maybe I'll just start now, while nobody's listening! :D I was also wondering has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
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"i really can't see a way that massively multiplayer games can work in the long run"

 - Dave, a year before WoW is released
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Sorry that there's been about a weeks gap in episodes! I got a bit addicted to The Witcher on our rendering machine >< 
Also........sorry for getting lost in the town all the time looking for bookstores XD

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Paying with Paypal is a great feature to add, but there's no monthly Paypal option. I can only use Paypal, but I can't afford the yearly subscription. I just want to get a month and see how it goes...but I can't :(

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Glad there's an off button, that feature is really annoying. I suggest it be turned off by default though. I was on Anime Vice the other day looking at a Persona 4 anime trailer and when it was done it shot straight to a video with no relation to the content I was viewing at all. I was really confused, I thought maybe I had clicked something by mistake so I went back, and the same thing happened again. It wasn't hard to figure out what had happened, but it's really annoying first time.
Why not just have an overlay asking the user to click to go to the next video, rather than shooting straight there?

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Dragon Age 2, although I've played Mass Effect 2 and Halo Reach way more. Those are 2010 release, though....

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I really enjoyed Guild Wars and it's expansions, and have no play experience with ToR yet. I will certainly be playing both though, most likely sticking with GW2 due to finances.
I'll tell you what I did like though. KotOR.

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I point a 7 inch diameter desk fan towards my bed and don't sleep under the covers. I also have some ear plugs and sleep in complete darkness ^_^

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Halo 3, easy.
If Mass Effect were a FPS not a TPS, it would be a different story...