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Wow. I just bought this game, and then found out it didn't let me set the controls. That's crazy! I understand it's not the default scheme, but my first console was set up that way and I knew no different, and have always played inverted ever since. I plan to play this game in relatively short bursts, I don't have time to try to train my brain to a new system :( I've heard so many good things about it too! Crazy.

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I don't watch regular TV, instead I have XBMC on the big TV and to answer your question in two ways....Firstly I watch everything Giant Bomb produces, including all QLs, usually in the evening while having dinner or chilling out :D

Secondly, I feel that certain genres are better represented by certain peeps on the GB team, "work to your strengths" and all that, so I'm glad to see a variety of the team on different things!

That said.....if Vinny's in a Quick Look, I'm sure to enjoy it way more :P

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@RazielCuts said:

@Obinice said:

we're authorised to rent it out before release

Why would they authorise renting it out before release? That seems counter intuitive as it'd eat up day 1 sales, unless they're getting some type of hefty cut from the rentals but even then that's kind of a slap in the face to the people who actually pre ordered the game. 'Yeah you renters, you get to play before release. You pre orders, wait like everyone else.' Weird.

Apologies, let me clarify :) We (as in staff members) are authorised to rent it out (to ourselves). Not to customers! lol, that would indeed, if you'll excuse the expression, be a dick move.

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@awesomeusername: Awfully kind of you! I wouldn't say no :)

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Thanks folks, a few thoughts for, a few against, I think I'll live life on the edge and go for it :P

@TheSouthernDandy: I can only get it because I work there, we certainly wouldn't rent it or sell it to anybody until the day of release! And staff can't always get everything early, I guess it's down to company agreements.

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So here's the question! I work at a video games rental store, we've got Halo 4 in and we're authorised to rent it out before release (so that's all dandy), but I do know that a few weeks ago Microsoft were banning accounts for playing early. That was with a pirated copy though, presumably before review copies went out, and before stores started to get their stock.

So my question is, can I throw Halo 4 into my Xbox now and not have to worry about being Xbanned, or should I play offline?

Thank you good Bombardiers :D

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Coincidentally (am I living in the Truman Show?) Lifehacker wrote an article on the "five best office chairs" yesterday. They included several of the chairs you guys mentioned, as well as the one I'm gonna go look at soon cos it's a reasonable price (the Markus) and looks pretty good.

I'll let ya know what I end up with :)

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I like the bomb, it's what I imagine the GB bomb would be if it were viewed in the Fallout universe.

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@Ravenlight said:

I can't find the UK link, but this chair is highly recommended for the price. Assuming you're relatively local to an Ikea, you can skip shipping costs, too.

That chair looks pretty nice! It's £125, so well within my budget, the specs seem to give me what I want, and it's got a 10 year guarantee, so I know it will last...longer than the receipt :P I might have to take a trip down to Ikea and sit on it....there's one a nice 20 minute drive away (never been inside one, apparently it's a weird alien world in there?).

Some of the other chairs mentioned, while cool and hopefully helpful for someone else, are way out of my price range xD Maybe when I win the lottery? I totally understand the philosophy "price shouldn't matter, get the one that will be great and last the rest of your life", but for a guy in a part-time job in this economic climate, I shouldn't really be spending up to £200 on a chair at all, never mind even more than that ><. I should probably be spending this money on bills or something :P

Anyway, I'm going to take everyones advice and sit my ass on a bunch of chairs. Perhaps....ALL THE CHAIRS.

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Good evening wonderful Giant Bombardiers and Tested.comolgists!

I find myself suddenly without a chair for my PC use. Why? Because the last three chairs I've had have been utterly rubbish, and after a year or so, broken down and fallen apart in a number of ways. That's really my own fault, because at the time I never had enough free cash to invest in a quality chair, I just needed a replacement chair right there and then.

But this time I have a little money as I was saving up for something else, but having a chair has to come first.

Thing is, I don't know anything about PC chairs. So I'm asking you folks! Such dedicated gaming and tech enthusiasts must have all sorts of posterior comfort knowledge!

I have about £170 available, and I live in the UK. I don't just want the most expensive chair I can get on that budget, I want a quality chair at as reasonable a price as is uh...reasonable.

What do I need in a chair?

  • Well I need wheels, it's gotta move.
  • It needs arms, or else where would my elbows sit!
  • It needs to be able to be fixed, or lean back, because who doesn't like to lean back in their chair?!
  • Leather. I know all these chairs are leather (right?), but leather's just plain great. Easy to clean, warms up nicely, soft, attractive, yeah. Leather's great.
  • It's got to have a head-rest. I'm tired of not being able to rest my neck....ever.
  • Oh, it swivels. They all swivel, right? I need to be able to twirl to face my arch-enemy, witty one liner at the ready.

The big thing of course, besides all the basics, is comfort. The chair's gotta be comfortable, it's your throne, where you'll spend hours on end, it has to be hella comfy. And while I don't know anything about it, a chair that's good for posture would be great, because my posture is pretty bad, to the extent of having a sore back pretty regularly. I should probably do something about that, eh. Can chairs that promote good posture *be* comfy? These are the things I don't know!

Thanks in advance folks :)

Oh and for reference, here are two of the terrible chairs I've been using the past few years. They've had arms fall off, pressure vessels slowly fail, wheels fall off repeatedly, split plastic, permenantly loose almost every ailment you can imagine a chair could manifest. And I take care of my chairs! Honestly! All I do is sit on them!