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Not Perfect 0

Grand Theft Auto IV was considered one of the greatest games ever by many. Gamespot gave it a shocking 10, which was only handed out to maybe 5 other games at that time. Yes, it is a really great game, but no, it is not perfect. Just thought I'd throw that out there before continuing with my review. Anyways...The Good: Long game with a very memorable story, awesome characters- Niko is one of my favorite videogame characters ever, fantastic environment along with nice visuals, excellent missions ...

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Phantom Hourglass Review 0

The Good: Sharp touch based control, incredible use of functions on the DS, crisp and vivid visuals, decent sound, a great story with a lot of plot twists, interesting new puzzles and boss battles in dungeons, an additional multiplayer mode with online playThe Bad: Short for hard core Zelda fans (14 hours or so), frustrating and punishing locations, repetition Well 2007 has promised and still promises its great games, and among them, Phantom Hourglass was one of my particular interest. After pla...

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Guitar Hero 3 Review 0

The Good: Huge replay value- you'll be coming back to this years from now, improved visuals, excellent soundtrack (my favorite of all Guitar Heroes), an extraordinary party game, pretty fun multiplayer addition online.The Bad: Boss battles are annoying, some songs can get incredibly difficult and just plain annoying (Through the Fire and the Flames on Expert Level). --Guitar Hero is a really popular series...if you haven't heard of it, you probably live in a box that you never come out of. Even ...

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Mario Kart Wii Review 0

Mario Kart is an awesome series, being my favorite racing series. The newest installment to this long running franchise arrived on the Wii. It is a very great game, and well worth the money... especially those new to the series. For veterans such as I, this game lives up to its predecesors, but it does little to alter the experience. The Good: Addicting right from the start, pretty decent visuals, awesome music, very interesting characters (especially newcomers), and a really cool control scheme...

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God of War: Chains of Olympus Review 0

The Good: A great game from start to finish. Highly enjoyable combat. Superb graphics and sound. Fun boss battles. An interesting story.The Bad: Short. Lack of bosses throughout the game.---The God of War series was one I never had the chance to play due to not owning a PS2. Luckily, Chains of Olympus came out on the PSP so I finally had a chance to play it. After completing it, I am stunned. Chains of Olympus is simply great. It is an enyojable game from the minute your turn it on, to when the...

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Halo 3 Review 0

Halo 3, the concluding to the epic Halo franchise, is a fitting finish. It perfects everything from the initial two games to the series. Its improvements and additions make it a game that will still be looked back on years from now.The Graphics- Halo 3 is definitely one of the better looking games to be played on the Xbox 360. These games have generally always been known for their visuals. The multiple environments look great (particularly the first level which has a forest theme), the character...

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BioShock Review 0

When I thought new Sci-fi shooters began to overlap, I was contradicted after purchasing BioShock. The primary difference this game has (although it has numerous differences to today's shooters) is its emphasis on making decisions. At first when you are given the choices in this game, they don't seem so heavy, but as you play through this game you will see their significance. Despite a lack of multiplayer, BioShock is a very powerful shooter that gamers out there should not miss.The Plot- It is ...

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Super Mario Galaxy Review 0

The Good: One of the most enjoyable Mario games for a long time, superb graphics and sound, awesome creativity, somewhat long, strong replay value, surprisingly good controlsThe Bad: Not a very powerful story, very easy and not punishing remotely, occasional camera/gravity problems, no multiplayer--Before I get a bunch of crap about how lame my complaints are, remember one thing: this is more of a hardcore gamer point of view. I understand that this game was aimed for all audiences, but this is ...

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