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    Are You So Blind

    Frictional Games: The last name “Grip” is strangely apt for a horror game designer.I recently wrapped up Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and, like many, I have almost exclusively good things to say about i...

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    Started recording myself playing Amnesia, somehow lost all the video feed for the finale episode. God. Dammit.
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    Baldur's Gate isn't stoking the nostalgia fire. I guess I was always putting up with these mechanics for the story's sake.
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    Baldur's Gate isn't providing the nostalgia trip I hoped for. I guess I always hated these mechanics, I just put up with them for ...
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    Everything Smooth as Ice

    Lucas Pope: who would’ve thought Naughty Dog ever employed people with original ideas?I think the most impressive achievement of Papers, Please is not the fact that it took a mind-numbingly boring tas...

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    Trying Baldur's Gate. Oh, Infinity Engine, I'm so glad you're gone.