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    Carolyn Petit: Bayonetta 2’s Sexless Sexiness and the Fetishization of Domination Through Violence

    This article is a response to this one written by Carolyn Petit.A lot of people, including, of particular note, a lot of women, have said that Bayonetta is a feminist sort of character – an empowered,...

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    Irony: Penny Arcade on Dragon’s Crown

    There’s a difference between criticism and censorship. This is something that I did not always understand, even as it seems obvious to me now, so I fathom that it can be a confusing distinction. To b...

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    Jerry Holkins on "Final" Games

    Today’s Penny Arcade isn’t anything exceptional; Tycho’s newspost starts with a brief acknowledgement of it, and ends with an announcement RE: the PA Scholarship, but it’s the meat of the post that I ...

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    Surprised/not surprised by the general hatred of my reviews on Steam. Mostly laughing
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    Just For Avery: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

    My good buddy Avery said that he would gladly watch a stream of me playing Amnesia, and encouraged me to record myself for that reason. After the gang and I all made fun of him, 'cause none of us real...

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    Thoughts From Re-Writing Game Reviews

    Minecraft is actually a really messy game. I think I would rate it much more poorly if there were anything else worthwhile in the same gameplay genre – as it stands, the other available games are mess...

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    GamerGate, Please Stop Trying to Ruin Games

    GamerGate consumes more of my time, lately, than PLAYING GAMES does, and I find that notion almost as offensive as the movement itself. All I want is to enjoy my games in peace. But I can’t, because G...

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    Shocktober 2014

    My beloved has taken a year-long trip overseas to study at Oxford, and I’m attempting to ease the transition with a little extra distraction for the first month by participating in Patrick Klepek's “S...

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    God DAMMIT. I re-recorded the ending of Amnesia, but I can't even follow my own ramblings. Gonna have to do it again.
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    God DAMMIT. I re-recorded the ending of Amnesia, but my thoughts were so scattered that I can't even follow my own ramblings upon ...
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    Are You So Blind

    Frictional Games: The last name “Grip” is strangely apt for a horror game designer.I recently wrapped up Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and, like many, I have almost exclusively good things to say about i...

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