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It has now become part of my Halloween tradition that I go back each year and watch all of the Fear Gauntlet. Man I miss this.

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Nintendo, seriously guys, its time for your intervention. There are so many things, simple things, cheap things, you could do to get yourself back in the game (I even wrote a blog on it for crying out loud) and your plan is to make an ugly version of the one thing you're doing well? Are you even trying at this point?

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3 ways a Wiiu can make a comeback is cut the price by 100, release those games shown at the direct as SOON as possible and release past Nintendo games in particular GameCube. That would jump start the sales and make everyone happy.

Good points. In fact I'd be amazed if the price didn't drop at least $50 bucks this year by the holidays.

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Hey there, this isn't really a bug problem but it is a question I've had about the site use. How do I keep a video from picking up where it left off? I've had the problem where if I've fully watched a video and I want to come back a few days later and watch it again, it starts at the last second of the video and then ends, not allowing me to rewind and see it again.

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Hey guys, I'm sure this is a really stupid question, but I just got this game for the PS3 and it said it came with a downloadable version for the Vita, and normally that means there is a code I need to punch in, but I can't find a code in there anywhere. I opened the box and there was just the game inside, then when I popped that in I didn't notice anything that said "redeem code." So anyone know what I need to do? I'm sure it's something obvious I just haven't noticed but if you guys could help me out that would be great. Thanks.

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Hey folks, just a quick question about the new site. I'm sure this has already been addressed so sorry if people have already asked this a dozen times already but I'm curious about what happened to the achievements. I don't mean the points and quest, I mean the actual XBox Achievements and PS3 Trophies. I really enjoyed coming on the site and seeing how many people won what and what was rare, etc, so I was wondering if they were now gone from the site or if they were just being added later. Thanks.

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Rec 2... no that's not actually based on any game whatsoever, but when they decide to relaunch the Resident Evil movie franchise, that's the film they should take notes from.

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I like a lot about it but the white background is a tad more bland than the black background. Also, what happened to the achievements on the game pages? I'm sure this has already been addressed several times but I haven't found an answer yet so if someone can help me out and tell me what's up I'd appreciate it, thanks.

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Have the SyFy channel do a Persona TV series. Not an adaptation of Persona 4, 3, or any of them, just take the concept of the Persona series (new person in a town, social links, I am though, etc) and adapt it into a whole new setting with whole new characters. Only character from the games who will show up is Igor in the first episode, he pops up, goes "Hey, Social Links, 0, Infinite, Contract, Persona, enjoy" and then a whole new adventure begins.

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As a representative of the former sister site Screened, let me just say that I thought this year was a tad lacking for films... that is until I started gathering films together for my Top Ten of 2012 list and realized "Holy crap... there were tons of amazing movies this year!" This really was a very strong year for films when you sit down and actually look at what came out.