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for giantbombsquad it would let me join code "319036" came up. so I just joined squad 2. anybody down to play hit me up. ocdog45

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Any chance you just make separate platoons for PC/360&XBONE/PS3&4

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He you guy got around to doing anything else in the future?

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ocdog45 in DC

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set that shit up dawg! I'm down to clown some bros!

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@christopherson329 said:

@cannonballbam: i think if we go to chuck e cheese we would get put on some list and wont be aloud back

LOL. No doubt. I'm too grown for that. A hotel hall doesn't sound crazy at all. It would fit the needs of everybody. The hotels by Casino live or down by the harbor in DC maybe.

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Yeah, I live in northern VA, always wanted to know other GB community members in the area. I'm down for the cause.

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This is hotrible to hear. Guy was gold. GB Community will miss you.

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So scared of that happening to me. My email got taken from the DayZ hack, luckily I used a completely different password only for that game.

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SteamID: OCDog45

New to Dota 2. I've only played solo games, no bot matches. I think I'm getting the hand of it but still super new to how to actually play, like what to buy in the shop or what to upgrade to. those are the things i want to get better at. If I'm on and you send a game request, I'll play.