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Anyone know why some of the Steam games in the Winter Sales stated to have the discount end on January 3rd are now back to regular price? i.e. Dead Rising 2 was at 66% off and stated until January 3rd and it's now back to regular price. I was waiting until the very last day to see if it would go on a Flash Sale.

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I was having problems logging in as well, with the username/password that was saved in my browser so I know it was correct.At some point it occurred to me that I was logging in using my email (which had always worked before) rather than my username.I tried username and it worked right away.

So if anyone who is having trouble is trying to log in using your email address, maybe try username instead.

That's what just happened to me but the opposite: was trying the username and never worked. Tried logging with my email instead and it worked.

Edit: Now I see why my username didn't worked: there used to be a space in it and it's now been replaced by an underscore.

And for some reason, I had to login using my old email address instead of my latest/new email that is actually shown in my account.

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Back in the old days, the ancestors used to marry women (or girls) as young as 12-14.

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@FancySoapsMan said:

I ended up buying a used one from Amazon for about $27. It's not ideal but it's the best deal I could find.

also it's a badass blue color, which is a nice bonus.

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@Stimpack said:

@FancySoapsMan: $40 is not a sale price. That's what they go for regularly. These do not retail for $60, that is ludicrous. Just a short while ago Gamestop was selling PS3 controller/game pack for $40. I've seen the wired 360 controller go for as low as $25-$30 at times, and the wireless tends to go for around $30-$35. The PS3 controller tends to stick at around $40, however. Keep up with online deals and take a look at this place over here --> http://slickdeals.net/

$40 IS a sale price (MSRP is $55):





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@FancySoapsMan said:

@Ocean_H: that's crazy D:

I suppose I shouldn't wait too long to get one then

I'm surprised you never knew...

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$40 is actually a sale price. First party PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers are actually $60 for regular price.

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@Sticky_Pennies said:

The reversed Xenoblade Chronicles cover art in the US is absolutely fantastic.

Really beautiful. Reminds me of some of the good old JRPGs' arts. At least no amateur facial collage.

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@WrenchNinja said:

Trophies haven't been syncing for months for me.

None of my PS3 Trophies nor my Xbox 360 Achievements have been synching for about a month.

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After looking at the whole thread, looks like ~ 90% here are Left-Libertarian. I'd say there are 3-4 statements in there that were incorrectly formulated.