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This looks like a budget Bayonetta. It doesn't quite nail the look of the show, but more Bayonetta gameplay is always a good thing! It even has witch time! I hope they do something interesting with the story.

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@xanadu: I think it automatically does that when you create an account. And a quick search of this guys name reveals that this may in fact be a real thing. Welcome to Giant Bomb!

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Ok fuck you dumbshits who say MGS4. you are just a bunch controller fucking dumbshits. Everyone is just paying attention on the characters. Look at the fucking background. Doom 3 has so detailed shit and sharp textures while MGS4 has only concentrated on the character design more and the background is just MEH! And to convert it into an easy argument. Doom 3 wins cause it came out on pc first. All games on pc fuck consoles games even the next gen consoles. So shut the fuck up.

I want to believe this is real. It would make me so happy.

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I totally robbed the shit out of Arvo. My biggest disappointment with this episode was that you couldn't shoot him too. I did really like Jane. It's too bad she left, but I guess that means there's less of a chance that we're going to see her die horribly. How does everyone feel about Kenny? I kept scolding him and he seems... mostly sane, but he's starting to annoy me. If it comes down to him or Luke, I might actually choose look at this point.

My favorite part of the episode:

"I'd eat the shit out of that raccoon!"

Also, was axing Sarita at the beginning of the episode a choice? Because I did it without hesitation and felt really good about it. It would be slightly disappointing if it was completely inconsequential.

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95,000 doesnt seem all too much considering the circumstances

It's almost triple what they owed him and could have been easily avoided if Harold Ryan had paid him instead of being an asshole. No matter what the cirmcumstances, I'm glad O'Donnell got paid. I hate when employers try to pull this shit.

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I wonder if he'll follow former Bungie dudes, Frank O'Connor and Joesph Staten to Microsoft.

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@mooseymcman: Well everyone is entitled to their own opinions and enjoyment obviously. I did not enjoy playing the game half as much as I enjoyed unraveling the story and I think objectively the gameplay mechanics just weren't that great. For a game of such scope it felt strange how half baked a lot of it was.

Stating that the gameplay mechanics objectively weren't that great is ridiculous.

It's only ridiculous if you're one of those people that can't understand how an objective analysis would work. But were not here to discuss the finer point of the English language obviously!

It's a shame they're not offering a discount code for original owners, but for those that haven't experienced the story yet what better way to do so than on a next gen system. There are some games I wouldn't mind buying again to play with better graphics and smaller load times, Last of Us isn't one of them but who knows what the future may hold. At the same time I hope this won't become a trend as I much rather play new games than revisit old ones.

No no no no no. You don't know what objective means.

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This is just a new character taking up the mantle. It's similar to what they did to Hawkeye and that worked out really well. Even with two Hawkeyes in the same book they made it work, so I don't see the problem here.

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This and the Walking Dead are probably the only two games where I have been comfortable playing kind of an asshole. I totally murdered the Crooked Man because I thought he would talk his way out with his silver tongue bullshit. It made the ending a little more interesting because it pretty much put Bigby and Snow on trial. I ended up calling everyone out on their hypocrisy and promised to be a little better.

I'm really looking forward to all of Telltale's upcoming games. It seems like they've totally dropped the illusion of point and click adventure. That's fine by me.