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I would say it's somewhat similar, but not even close to "identical".

I also thought all the tavern music was exceptionally well written and put music from the previous games to good use.

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Dota is a disease unlike any other. It's not all that different from how MMOs have affected me in the past.

Anyway, I'm sure Brad is fine. He's an adult, he can lose that weight or keep it if he wants to.

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You aren't really missing out on much if you didn't like her at first. I will say she has some pretty entertaining dialog later on and I found her shitty attitude toward elven history very entertaining.

Why would you reject a character? Is this your first Bioware game or something? Reload, you madman!

I think one of the great things about Bioware games is that you can usually tell party members to fuck off. Hell, in DA:O you could murder most of them.

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This makes more sense than Metal Gear Solid 2.

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I really enjoyed Inqusition from a lore and world-building perspective. Corypheus wasn't very interesting character, but what he was a pretty good twist (and it calls back to the intro of DA:O). I kind of wish they took it even further and revealed more about Andranstre and the Maker, instead of delving into the ancient elves. The ending (specifically the Corypheus fight) most certainly felt rushed compared to the rest of the game.

I enjoyed all the characters, though I didn't pick up Vivenne since I've been pretty anti-Chantry/pro-mage freedom since the first game. I didn't even know she was a party member which is nice, I guess. Dorian is my favorite newcomer. His sexuality was handled particularly well (although his dad trying to use blood magic to make him strait was incredibly silly).

Also, I was satisfied with how the previous games impacted the state of the world. Even if it's a few lines of dialog, it makes a difference for me. There are little details like Cullen recalling he had a thing for my Warden in the first game (a detail that is specific to female mages) are great. I didn't know Hawke would show up, so that was a good surprise. Apparently, Alistair or Logaine will play bigger roles depending on what you do in DA:O, which makes me want to do another playthough.

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No one has seen it outside scripted demoes so far, so this really isn't a surprise.

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The game kept crashing constantly for me and many others despite exceeding the recommended requirements and having up-to date (from yesterday) drivers. I took advantage of Origin's handy refund system for the first time. EA and Bioware's total non-response (or even acknowledgement) on the first day didn't help and I just don't have time to deal with broken releases anymore.

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I disagree about the melee. I still find it fun (and effective) to run around with just a knife. The lunge isn't there, but the boosting, sliding, and dashing make up for it. Honestly, I think it's still a little too powerful. Even in previous CoD games, if you knew your way around the maps, the tac knife was absolutely ridiculous and way more effective than any of the guns. At least in AW you can fire shotguns while sprinting, making at least a little more useful than the knife.

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I was a little disapointed that you had to "pay your respects" and their was no option to just walk away. The people attending the funeral just stood their, frozen like mannequins as I walked around. I wish Sledgehammer had taken a few notes from some of the more subtle choices you could make in Black Ops II.