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You should look at some of the letters that IGN and other mainstream sites receive. It more than likely comes from children. At least the person commenting on Giant Bomb is sincere and imaginative!

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It actually feels a lot less responsive. When you queued up a move in DA2, it would happen almost instantly. In DA:I, it feels like there's some lag after you click an attack and sometimes your characters won't even do it if you're in the tactical view. On the bright side, you don't have to fight waves and waves of enemies.

For all the shit DA2 gets, the combat actually felt really good and you were able to execute your tactics/plans just as well as you were able to in DA1. The only problem was the encounters were poorly designed.

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We are poor students currently and elected to not resub with Prime back in November. But the moment I graduate and get a job we will get another sub with them.

If you have a college email, I believe you can get it for $49 a year (or you used to be able to). Check out Amazon Student.

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This game looks beautiful, but holy crap, I hope they improve those running animations. If they keep British accents from the previous game, I'm sold.

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Are you sure they weren't just complaining about matchmaking in general?

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Senior Reporter on one of the biggest video game sites? Not bad, Scoops. Not bad at all.

Sometimes I forget that Patrick is a grizzled veteran of this industry. I suppose the facial hair helps me remember he's like 30.

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@humanity: That's not an uncommon reaction, I guess. Personally, I enjoy listening to him because unlike a lot of reviewers, he can articulate why controls or shooting in a game are good or bad (instead of saying "it feels tight!").

@sjqpersonal: Well, I don't think Giant Bomb has ever had a female employee (or intern). I'm sure people would appreciate a little diversity.

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@humanity: Arthur is a fantastic reviews editor and a pretty funny guy, actually. That said, he is a review, not a news guy, that lives in Oakland, so obviously he's not going to join Giant Bomb anytime soon.

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Arthur is already an honorary member of the Giant Bomb Kinectimals Team.

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@rethla: Yes, I've tried it. Compared to the last two games, it controls like garbage. Of course, that could be because somethings like auto-attack, queuing commands, and controlling AI tactics are removed. The tactics view is also useless because it no longer highlights allies or enemies through the parade of spells and fireworks. In general though, it felt very sluggish compared to DA2 on PC. I guess most of these problems aren't specific to MKB controls, but they are amplified by them.