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Dear Giantbomb,

The Dead Island ad is insane. It is so loud, and so long, and so repetitive that I've seriously changed my surfing habits and no longer habitually check your content.

Just a heads up.

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You can change the size of fonts (to make 1080p readable on  a tv)  if you have WIndows 7.   You can do this in vista and xp but it doesnt work nearly as well.   
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 100% run speedfan and realtemp while you play a game (or while running Prime95 as mentioned below), make sure nothing is getting too hot. 
Inside your computer case, check that the rear fan is blowing out of the case and not in. And that the front case fans blow in, not out.  
Memtest86 is fantastic take peoples advice and use it! Another great program is Prime95.   I would get both for future burn in sessions.  For Prime95, run the "memory blend test".   That will find errors pretty quick.   [but memtest86 is great so either one]. 
Then check all other drivers.   Did you do a clean install of windows 7?  
nevermind didn't notice the guy above already recommended Prime95, so I got nothing new to add. 

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Take a break, relax, and try something new.  
Or, since you know exactly what you are doing wrong, tell us what that is! 

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We must have accents. Today I called for some billing support and was run to the States, and damn do Americans have terrible accents!!!!  
And Albertans say "aboot" not "about". You know you are Canadian when you can't hear the difference. 

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Yes crappy integrated graphics cards being pushed by Dell and others has always been PC gamings most massive failure.   
along with the fact no one understanding how awesome a desktop pc is attached to a TV in your living room.  I blame Microsoft for that one though. 

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@niamahai said:

" is it viable?  i heard there is some major input lag and it might fry your GFX card.  i really want to get into PC gaming again... with the comfort of couch! "

its exactly the same as plugging a ps3 into it.  The problem is some games want you to read text, and big tv's suck for that... but for most games its awesome!  
Can get a DVI -> hdmi dongle or cable, or lots of tv's even take a VGA input but that won't do 1080p (need the dvi or hdmi connection for that). 
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Who in their right mind would admit they are American these days? I cannot imagine a more hated word! 

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@Atary77 said:
" And here's a few good reasons why   http://www.softsailor.com/news/34789-starcraft-2-a-disappointment-7-reasons-not-to-buy-it.html  now the last reason about the chat room I'm sure they're fixing. But 60 bucks and only one campaign? No LAN? No thank you.  Battle.net and DRM be damned. "
Just for the record, can you list other games you ARE willing to buy?