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I was just thinking about Ryan on his wedding day and wishing him the best. So sad. Condolences to Ryan's friends and family. He will be missed by many.

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"Nothing concerning race occurred to me while reviewing Far Cry 3. When I tell this to Jeffrey Yohalem, his immediate response is, “That says something about you, doesn’t it?” He elaborates, “When you approach a work you approach it with an angle. All of us do. It’s human,” and Far Cry 3 aims to “show your angle. On some level you can look at it and yourself and go, ‘huh, that’s interesting that I felt this way.’” In his eyes, those who perceive elements of racism, or even race, are “interested in these issues,” and project their concerns onto the material they’re consuming."

Those who don't read Far Cry 3 as having anything to do with race are either:

1) Less than Intelligent

2) Out of touch

3) Unfamiliar with racial themes as presented by Western artists in the past (ie. lack of context)

4) Being willfully ignorant

5) Some combination of the above.

Far Cry seriously wears racism on its sleeve, in both overt presentation of the plot and small gameplay touches throughout the game. To claim that the only people who see race issues are the ones who WANT to see race issues does not line up with the actual content presented to the player, and I find this claim from the developer to be disingenuous. I'm not opposed to racial issues being a theme that a mature game covers, but Far Cry 3 further cemented my opinion that UbiSoft is comprised of aliens who do their best to emulate human behavior, but are often found lacking.

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@Tackchevy said:

I guess the more relevant question is value.... I'm sure I have some old NES games in the closet that have fewer remaining copies than some of these, but not that many people actually want them. Anyways:

Panzer Dragoon Saga

Dragon Force

Digital Devil Saga Box Set

Suikoden I / II

Valkyrie Profile



And other miscellaneous RPGs. Lots of PS1s. But no Toomba or Toomba 2. They've eluded my grasp thus far.

Yay, someone else who truly appreciates the joy that is Dragon Force! Rarest game I own, and I think I'll hold onto it until the day I die. I also have Shining Force III, Shining the Holy Ark, Mystaria for the Saturn, Lunar, Lunar 2 for the Sega CD... Funny they were bringing up Victor Ireland during Non-professional Friday, I miss the stuff that guy was doing (even if it sounds like he's just another crazy)

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Shining Force and Shining Force 2 are two of my favorite games of all time. Shining Force 2 would hold up more, I imagine. Did you ever play Gladius from the last generation? That was an evolution on the mechanics of Shining Force, and I would recommend that as a better alternative to playing a Genesis game.

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As other people mentioned, Laser weapons CAN be skipped on Easy/Normal, but playing on Classic, you'll need the additional firepower of lasers for their very affordable cost well before you're able to outfit your team with plasma. Without the additional offense, I would have lost soldiers mid-game, no doubt.

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Not sure if this belongs here or in the off topic forums, but I figured if it's about awesome video games and videos that are dumb, this post is on topic. Forgive me for not posting in MK9, there hasn't been a post in a month there.

I'm working in After Effects to make a retro Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero video that will play across 12 LCD panels in an installation. I was planning on doing the recording for this on my own over the weekend, and have everything set up, but just realized that for some crazy reason there's no exhibition mode in MK9, which is what I would need to do this solo. Anyone love a Scorpion vs. Sub Zero matchup in MK9 so much that they're willing to dedicate a few hours of time to some X-Box Live matches using Retro Fatalities + skins only? :)

This is what I do professionally, and I'm adding this to my reel. Any duder's help would be much appreciated, and they'd be credited for their assistance, and hold a place in my heart for their patience.

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To contribute to this awesome thread, I googled "GameSpot Karaoke". Results were as expected. I snuck a Giant Bomb one in here to replace Jeff's "Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun," because.... Just trust me.

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Good article Patrick. It was obvious from reading the Kotaku story why he didn't push the Kickstarter over himself. He would have been stuck with fulfilling all the rewards without the money he needed to actually finish the game.

I do think you're giving this creator too much credit - He low-balled a goal to manipulate the system in a way that was deceitful to the people backing him. People shouldn't be using "less than minimum" numbers as their minimum goals.

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Not *exactly* a developer, but...

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Panzer Dragoon Saga, one of the few Saturn greats I didn't get around to.